News: "Team America" Dallas continues expansion drive

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Arch Stanton, Aug 25, 2010.

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    "Team America" Dallas continues expansion drive

    By Gerard Wright – Wed Aug 25, 2:32 am ET

    OXNARD, CALIFORNIA (Reuters) – A few hectares of dirt on a vacant block near the 101 freeway have been transformed by American sporting mega-brand the Dallas Cowboys.
    The Cowboys are in the Californian town of Oxnard for pre-season training, bringing celebrity to a place where the glamour of the NFL is normally only seen on TV.
    Posing for photo ops in between running through their complex play-book, the Cowboys are eager to build on their huge commercial success by further broadening their fan base.
    Linebacker Victor Burns works the fenceline, wrapping his chunky arms around anyone who wants a photo with him as Cowboys fever hits the town of 180,000 just north of Los Angeles.

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    He had me until he said Victor Burns wa signing autographs. Victor Butler maybe?:laugh2:
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    lol, when did we sign that guy! :lmao2:
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    Hello Arch! Good to see ya. And good to hear that our plans to take over the world are in full swing. One country at a time.
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    Both Tex and Jerry were/are the best in the NFL at marketing.
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    I like your insights all ready...and for most of their times drawing out their guns and shooting from the hip, they have been target deadly by record.

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