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"The Quincy Carter Call-in Show"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by SuspectCorner, Aug 14, 2004.

  1. SuspectCorner

    SuspectCorner Bromo Zone Supporter

    8,329 Messages
    627 Likes Received
    "Hiya Quincy... Bill on a mobile... how ya doin', buddy? Look, I need a QB..."
  2. jimmy40

    jimmy40 Well-Known Member

    16,140 Messages
    902 Likes Received
    so Quincy, you know one that's not a no talent dope head?
  3. Cheap Shot Artist

    Cheap Shot Artist Benched

    981 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    "we need you as our 3rd string QB behind Henson and Vinny"
  4. hogwild

    hogwild Member

    261 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    your boy Q is finished in the NFL ......get over it already

    we need a QB ...why would we want that asswipe :eek:
  5. TLW47

    TLW47 New Member

    603 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    I'm thinking Bill can afford caller ID and wouldn't even answer the phone.
  6. dbair1967

    dbair1967 Arch Defender

    30,783 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    its mroe like this:

    "hi ya Quincy, did you see Tony Romo out there tonight?"..."he looks just like you"

  7. EveryoneElse

    EveryoneElse Active Member

    3,877 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    QC: I knew you'd come around Coach, when should I head back to Oxnard?

    Bill: Not you.....I was gunna ask if you had Chads cell number.
  8. SuspectCorner

    SuspectCorner Bromo Zone Supporter

    8,329 Messages
    627 Likes Received
    uh... if bill were answering the phones - wouldn't it be the "bill parcells call-in show"?
  9. OldMan

    OldMan New Member

    74 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Hey Q, did you see Drew play Saturday. Now that's the way a QB should play.
    Why don't you watch his films this year and maybe you will learn how to be a QB.
  10. Tricked

    Tricked Fascinated

    660 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    yup, throw a INT when we get to the redzone! :rolleyes:

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