News: "Tuna Lays Down Law with T.O." T.O Runs a 4.48 40 On Wed. Player Quote

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    Now I ask myself how much of this is true and how much is made up?

    Laying down the law
    T.O. practices, proving Parcells is still in total control
    Posted: Thursday August 17, 2006 12:40AM; Updated: Thursday August 17, 2006 1:27AM

    Despite having consistently complained of hamstring pain, Terrell Owens was rumored to have run a 4.48 40-yard dash on Tuesday.

    OXNARD, Calif. -- If you're wondering why Terrell Owens chose Wednesday to make his sudden return to the practice field after having skipped the 14 previous sessions, the answer is rather simple: The Dallas Cowboys' mercurial receiver apparently decided he'd rather deal with a twinge in his left hamstring than with his sore head coach. has learned that the previous afternoon, during the team's training-camp practice in Oxnard, Calif., Cowboys coach Bill Parcells approached trainer Jim Maurer and pointedly said, "Look, you tell Terrell that tomorrow I want him out here for practice. Tomorrow's the day. I don't care. Tomorrow's the day."

    Apparently, Owens got the message, rejoining his teammates on the field Wednesday afternoon for the first time since Aug. 2. And, equally important, Parcells sent a message to his players that he remains firmly in charge of his team.

    "Before T.O. got back out there, a lot of people were starting to second-guess Bill," one Cowboys player says. "For the first time ever, he'd shown a little weakness, like he might not be totally in control, and like he didn't know how to handle this situation. Because, let's face it, it's been a total spectacle so far."

    Don't think that the "Tour de Terrell" stunt Owens pulled last week -- wearing the Discovery Channel pro cycling team's silver and blue jersey and a racing helmet while riding his stationary bike on the sideline during practice -- didn't irk Parcells, who reacted disgustedly. "As soon as he saw T.O. in the jersey, and saw all the TV cameras heading over, Parcells got up and walked to the other end of the field," says the same Cowboys player. "It's like he was saying, 'There's no way you're gonna get a shot of me in the same frame as that crap.'"

    Dallas players are well aware that owner Jerry Jones was a driving force behind the courtship of Owens, who replaced reasonably popular wideout Keyshawn Johnson following the team's near-playoff 2005 campaign. They also know that Parcells absolutely loathes it when a player misses practice with a vague ailment -- and it was natural to question just how injured Owens was. Despite having consistently complained of hamstring pain, the wideout was rumored to have run a 4.48 40-yard dash on Tuesday. An MRI exam on Aug. 5, three days after he said he first injured the hamstring, reportedly came up clear.

    If the surest way to rile Andy Reid, Owens' former coach in Philadelphia, was to undermine his authority and publicly embarrass his starting quarterback, the quickest way into Parcells' doghouse surely is to do exactly what Owens had been doing for the better part of two weeks.

    Remember the brouhaha that occurred a decade ago when Parcells, then the Patriots' coach, referred to wideout Terry Glenn as "she"? The infamous jab came because Glenn -- now, incidentally, Dallas's other starting wideout -- had missed a series of practices with a hamstring injury.

    From the other Cowboys' perspective, it was hard not to imagine that the coach had developed similar feelings about Owens. But until Parcells' ultimatum to Maurer, they weren't sure if the Tuna had the juice or gumption to take on Jones' prized free-agent signee.

    "We all just sat and wondered, 'Who's gonna win this battle?'" says the Cowboys player. "As a player, you can't help but get distracted when something like that is going on. The guy comes out last every single practice, has somebody carrying his helmet and is always putting on his uniform at the last minute, and then he's out there riding the bike and drawing attention to himself. Even if he's not trying to be a deterrent -- and he clearly is -- it's obvious that the coach isn't happy.

    "The bottom line is, he appeared to be healthy and wasn't practicing. So we'd sit and wonder, Who's gonna win? How's it gonna go down?'

    Give this round to the Tuna -- and stay tuned.
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    Where is this from?

    EDIT: NM seen the has learned part lol
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    Wouldn't surprise me a bit if its true. I said last night that this has become like a child testing his parents to see what he can get away with, and he wasn't going to get on the field until Parcells put his boot up TO's rear. Like Parcells said about Lawrence Taylor ... he didn't respect you if you didn't confront him. He took it as a sign of weakness. It was time that Parcells took charge ... these shannigans had gone on long enough. You could clearly tell by the tone of his voice in his press conferences this week that he had just about had it.

    And I don't doubt for a second that the other players were resentfull watching him skip practice with a mystery injury as they all had to suffer through their bumps and bruises. Especially after he got special treatment over the offseason by getting to skip the workouts in Dallas.
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    I'm sure those comments were from Drew Pearson and the author conveniently left out "former" in front of "Cowboys player".
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    That ''cowboys player'' dont exist..:rolleyes:
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    Well, this is about to get real interesting.

    Front page of and all.
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    Was there ever a doubt who'd win?
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    Sumtimes I hate the Media..:rolleyes:
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    Say what you will about the media (and I know how they stir things up), but I had my first "uh oh" about T.O. when I saw the Discover cycling jersey and all the attention that brought.

    You had to know Parcells didn't find that humorous as he's dead serious about putting this team together for the season.
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    High five to Parcells for putting his foot down, if this is the case. Plenty of players will test you as a coach, but you as a coach have to lay down the law when it's necessary.
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    It had to be either Drew or Terry, with the outside possibility of Greg Ellis. And I seriously doubt it was Drew for some reason.

    Obviously this is all Peter King, And Pete wouldn't know Roy or TNew, that well. No one else would have the guts to talk like this, and be comfortable with Pete King to say so.

    The more I read the quotes, if they are indeed real I'm really thinking its Greg Ellis.
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    if it was Ellis, we need a ''Cortez-attack'' on him..:D (wheres larry? haha)
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    A great point. If this story is true, and I think that we can all agree SI is not exactly PFT, the media is hardly to blame. TO has to be a little bit more sensitive to the situation, respect his coach and suck it up.

    This is clearly only the beginning. If he's going to play by his own rules in camp, think about how over the top the first TD celebration might be.
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    That is EXACTLY what I was thinking.
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    Wow.. I don't even know what to think right now.. I'm starting to believe this could have a bad ending. :(
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    You got to be joking.

    EVERYONE, from the biggest TO supporter to the biggest TO hater, has to know that there is a chance of something very bad happening with TO here. You're completely naive if you don't.
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    My guess is the Philly Inquirer. The same one's that predicted Philly is an serious SB contender this year :laugh2:
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    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ..Parcells could care less about TO's antics. I'm sure he was frustrated about TO not practicing but I'm sure TO was equally frustrated about his hamstring. A hamstring injury could sideline him for the entire year and TO and Parcells know that better than anyone else.
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    Welcome back T.O.~

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