R.A.G.E. fired?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Rackat, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Rackat

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    Yea, I just heard this morning that Ben and Skin will be the afternoon show starting today. I haven't really listened to them a lot in the past, so I am looking forward to seeing what they bring.
  2. funkytown

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    Ben and Skin taking over for RAGE was the least kept secret ever. Good luck to those guys.
  3. slotshot

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    Hmmm... I would certainly listen to RAGE as I channel hopped through the sports stations in a constant search for Cowboys tidbits. I admit though, they were my least favorite option in that timeslot.

    I actually like BaD Radio (on 12-3) the best of the local shows. Bob Sturm is terrific. The only show I really like on 105.3 is the G-Bag Nation... which probably reveals a lack of character on my part, but oh well.

    I am surprised the Hardline is so dominant. Corby is pretty funny, but they talk so little sports. I guess it is a low bar to step over competing with a jackwagon like Randy Galloway.
  4. Thatkidbob

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    Best show on the station.

    Everything else is pretty subpar.
  5. Heisenberg

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    They've had their chances at other stations in the past and never brought a whole lot. They're good guys though and hopefully it works out better for them this time.
  6. jterrell

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    Ben and Skin will be fine. They are very young compared to the grisled competition. But they work hard to promote the show and have a Rolodex of great guests who will hop on with them.

    I am not sure how anyone listens to anything except BaDD radio on the Ticket. I guess its for nostalgia's sake but that crap is flat terrible most days. I am looking for sports talk radio not nonsense. I do a lot of channel surfing trying to find local sports talk radio and it is sad how often I am on my third option within 10 minutes.

    BaDD radio is easily the best local show. They have enough filler with tv shows and assorted stuff without forgetting to hit sports hard and with a more thorough approach.

    B&S should follow that BaDD radio model and forget about emulating the Hardline and their crotchety plus yuck monkey style that speaks in goofy fan-talk about all sports except baseball or golf.
  7. Heisenberg

    Heisenberg That gum you like.

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    I still love the little Ticket. I think their formula is just fine. :)

    I also like some of the younger guys on The Ticket as well. I enjoy "The Shake Joint" on the weekends more than I ever did "Ben & Skin".
  8. dogberry

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    Would it make business sense for one of the many lower rated stations in DFW to program Williams and Whitt?
  9. funkytown

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    It will never happen, but The Ticket should bring Greggo back to the Ticket and back to the Hardline.

    Give the guy a chance. Him and Rhyner are radio gold. Talk about completely taking over DFW sports radio. The Ticket already owns the airwaves, but believe it or not Greggo has a pretty large following and would bring so much back to that station. Lots of P1s such as myself who left would come back.

    I just think he burned to many bridges over there.

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