News: Rabid Reaction: Cowboys doomed vs. Jets

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Arch Stanton, Sep 8, 2011.

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    Rabid Reaction: Cowboys doomed vs. Jets

    By Ben Rogers
    Rabid Reaction: Our series of knee-jerk-styled, emotional overreactions from Ben Rogers of 103.3 FM ESPN's Ben and Skin Show. He's known to get way too excited over even the slightest of developments with the teams he grew up with in the DFW. Proceed with caution ...

    Cowboys optimism has been in short supply around the Metroplex of late. It’s been easier to find a cool breeze inside the swirling volcanic winds of an August Rangers game than it has been to find a teaspoon of belief in America’s Team. This brave column has served as one of the last remaining beacons of Jerry Jones sunshine.

    But dark storm clouds are now threatening to choke out even the last glimmers of hope for Cowboys fans as a knee injury outbreak is suddenly ravaging the thinnest positions at Valley Ranch. As fallout from Wednesday’s injury explosion transforms into a giant mushroom cloud of concern, the prospect of a Week 1 win against the New York Jets is slipping away faster than you can say Jermey Parnell.

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    This feels exactly like it did before the Saints game in 2009. I firmly believe we're gonna come out swinging and shock everyone.
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    was thinking the same thing . and mark sanchez is no drew brees, Demarcus will be chasing him down all game and making the "veteran" jet o-line look silly .

    there's my tough guy talk of the day :p:

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    [listen all you jackwagon writers...if smith plays we have a good chance of winning, if could be suspect...we will see
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    Frankly, I love the media negativity. None of the mediots, locally or nationally, are giving the Cowboys a prayer of a chance. Hell, Mac Engel even seriously suggested that Romo sit this one out for safety's sake. I just hope the team is listening. Moreso, I hope the Jets are listening. The Cowboys may lose this game, but I guarantee that it will not be for lack of effort, planning, or organization. The team will show up, and I think they're going to validate just how idiotic the mediots are.

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