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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CowboyHawg2012, Feb 9, 2012.

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    Im new on here and will probably be crucified for this but here me out. .. Ive had this reoccuring dream for the last 2 months and it involves this trade, complete longshot, no WAY it happens, i just want to know if the logic works for yall as much as it does for me...again keep in mind just my fantasy. would yall be happy with it?

    1. Cowboys trade Dez Bryant and 2013 2nd rounder to Patriots for 2 1st rounders this year and 2 rounder this year

    - its was painfully obvious the pats dont have a deep threat, this gives them one that is young, cost controlled and has immense talent but needs to get his head right. What better organizaton to send him to than the pats, plus this is why the pats stockpile picks, they wont find a better reciever with any of the picks they give up, plus they still have 2 2nd rounders and 2 3rd's.

    2. Cowboys trade patriots 2 1st rounders, 2013 1st rounder and OT Doug Free to the St Louis rams for their 1st rounder, 2nd overall

    -this is where it gets interesting. i think the rams are need more help than just 1 player so lets give them a left tackle(which they are thinking of taking there anyway) plus 3 1st rounders. this blows any other deal they are fielding out of the water and gives protection for bradford while letting them improve with quality and quantity later in the draft.

    3. Cowboys trade 2nd overall pick and 3rd rounder to browns for 4th overall and 23rd overall, 2nd rounder, and 3rd rounder.

    -they want robert griffin bottom line, I am totally fine taking Kalil here. but trading down with the browns brings are 1st rounders to 3 as well as 3 in the second..... minnesota will take claiborne or kalil... we take whatever they dont. hopefully kalil....

    And here's how that all plays out.
    -Vikes take Claiborne, so we take Matt Kalil with 4th overall and team him up with T. Smith like back at usc and have the top pair of young stud tackles in the league
    -with 14th overall we take David decastro. giving us a Oline to drool over, especially with Oline guru Bill Callahan couching them up.... Kalil: 22 yo, Decastro: 23 yo, Smith: 22 yo.......plus they exemplify what we need, big and athletic. Red J can run draws till his heart burst because we finally have the athleticism we need.
    -23 overall, we take Dont'a Hightower.... exactly the type of versatility we need at LB, can rush at OLB and play middle with Sean lee, move him all over the field as a wild card.

    I wont go into 2nd rounders, but we have 3.
    Plus we just saved a TON of caproom bc of the rookie signing limits and jettisoning Free's crappy contract and the big one Dez signed leaving us room to sign Brandon Flowers or maybe another pass rusher......any1 wanna see mario williams and DWare lining up together???

    Crazy I know. but would yall be happy with this?
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    Put down the madden sticks....clearly took a lot of effort and thought and all but its just too much.
  3. CowboyHawg2012

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    Haha, i dont play madden, but the pats have proved you can be aggressive in the draft, Im just asking if you would be happy with the end result?
  4. TheCount

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    Did you not read the title of the thread? :laugh2:

    The whole point is that it's got the crazy trades in it. That's like walking into a bakery and complaining that the place smells like cakes.
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    Replace the word radical with delusional and you are all set.
  6. CowboyHawg2012

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    And why is it delusional? maybe we need to change what we do.... F@#k the status quo, giants have 2 super bowls in last 5 years... we have one playoff win in the last decade....We dont just need to change personnel to make this team compete. we need to change the CULTURE. right now when you think of steelers, you think defense/lunchpail attitude, same with ravens, pats you think creativity, cowboys you think underachievers/chokers/overpaid/headcases. jettisoning dez and upgrading oline with tough lunch pail guys can help change the culture.....
  7. CowboyHawg2012

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    Im sorry, but look at what the rangers are doing next door, theyve been rumored with every free agent=smokescreens, to keep everyone guessing, they are young, creative, innovative, have a organizational mindset and clearly stated goal of how they want to win and how to do it All of this= 2 time defending AL Champions with a really good chance to make it 3 times
  8. RS12

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    Only way there will be a cultural change is when Jerry steps down from football ops or passes away. This has already been discussed ad nauseum.
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    So are you asking "who would you rather have Dez or Kalil+DeCastro+Smith"?

    If that's what you are asking, then hypothetically, I'll take the linemen. Yeah, that would be nice. But there is no way we are trading Dez and getting up to where we can draft Kalil while also keeping our 14. It is simply kooky-talk; it cannot be seriously discussed.

    Yes, I'm all for drafting DeCastro. And yes, I'm all for giving Dez one more season to turn it around. And yes, going forward, I would like a greater emphasis on hard worker/motivated/high motor and technically proficient players. But we can talk about working to change the culture in ways that make sense and not by proposing some insane trade proposal.
  10. BraveHeartFan

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    I think I could be pleased with the results. Seems like a whole lot of crazy work to make it happen though.
  11. CowboyHawg2012

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    The difference between changing the culture with insane trade proposal and doing it slowly is the key. With the trade, it announces to the league that we mean business, and that we are creative and flexible enough to get what we want, when we want....
    IMO, and again, just my opinion, this trade is not completely out of the realm of possibility, with hard work and successful negotiating, i believe this COULD be done, it IS completely impossible under the mindset the cowboys are working under currently. but, as its been discussed we know that this is impossible with what we are working with now
    Personally, i think if we do this trade, the league steps back and says "WOW" and it changes our perception around the league immediately. The new guys (if i were running it haha) would be made to know being a cowboy is a privelage not a right even if you are drafted. Even before this trade, i would be talking to every single free agent out there, EVERY Single one, throw up a smokescreeen( a la Rangers) i want to be able to call every team and have them guessing our motives, We need to walk into a room and it goes silent, bc nobody knows what we are up to. We are the Dallas f$%king Cowboys, the evil empire, and everyone should be afraid..... again just my opinion
  12. M'Kevon

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    Stopped reading right there.
  13. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    this made my head hurt
  14. rkell87

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    here is the problem, you have to pull all of this off in the first 5 minutes of the draft, colts are going to sprint to the podium and take luck which means you have to pull off two block buster trades while the rams are on the clock. also the pats aren't going to start trading until they see a little of the way the draft is falling, and on top of that you are smoking crack if you think the pats would trade two firsts and a second for dez and next years second and later you trade away our first for next year which we already know how that cripples a draft and hurts a team down the line
  15. burmafrd

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    yep. This is madden; not reality.
  16. robert70x7

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    We should pass every pick until we get in a reasonable salary cap level for the draft pick and take....

    Ross Verba.
  17. neosapien23

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    I could see the patriots trading one of the their first round picks and Dallas using the pick to take someone like Konz or Gordy Glenn. I am actually happy with Byrant's production this year and do not view him as a problem or liability at all. However, being stacked at WR does you no good if the Oline cannot give your QB time to throw. I don't know about you guys but I think Robinson and Miles Austin would be okay at WR with an Oline of Smith, DeCastro, Glenn/Konz, and Free.
  18. CowboyHawg2012

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    Sorry, but yes im an arky homer, but regardless i really really want joe adams but am afraid we wont get him based on where he will likely get picked. he steps in and becomes a monster contributor on special teams, a serious weakness last year. he'll return punts, kicks, be on punt coverage, kick coverage, and play a healthy amount of slot reciever. Ive watched him for 4 years and he is an awesome reciever. quick, elusive, tough as nails, creates space. i would love him in sub packages where he can motion to backfield/ out of it and get him iso'd on linebackers. see tennessee 2011 game where joe lines up at running back on sweep....and takes in 92 yds

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