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Raiders Picks...#7, #37, #69, #101,#176,#214,#255

Discussion in 'Draft Day Zone' started by Hostile, Apr 18, 2006.

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    [IMG] Selections [IMG]


    Michael Huff DB Texas


    Position: S
    Class: Sr
    School: Texas
    Conference: Big Twelve
    Ht., Wt.: 6-0, 204
    40 Time: 4.36

    Grading System

    BIO: Broke into the starting lineup as a freshman. Two-time All-Conference selection who won the Thorpe Award as the nation's top defensive back last year. Senior totals included 109/1/14 after junior numbers of 73/2/14.

    POSITIVES: Versatile defender effective at several spots in the secondary. Smart cover man who jams opponents at the line of scrimmage, loses nothing transitioning off the snap and runs anywhere on the field with wideouts. Stays with receivers laterally and does an outstanding job diagnosing the action. Displays a decisive move to the throw and takes good angles to the action. Plays with a nasty attitude as well as a good degree of intelligence.

    NEGATIVES: Slowed by blocks and does a bit of grab-tackling.

    ANALYSIS: Considered a hard-working, self-motivated prospect by scouts, Huff has outstanding skill in coverage and run defense. An early first-round pick with the ability to impact a team at any number of spots in the defensive secondary.



    Thomas Howard LB UTEP


    Position: OLB
    Class: Sr
    School: UTEP
    Conference: Conference USA
    Ht., Wt.: 6-3.5, 239
    40 Time: 4.49
    Selected by: Oakland Raiders
    Round 2, pick 6 (38 overall)
    Grading System

    BIO: Three-year starter and All-Conference selection the past two years. Totaled 85/7.5/3 as a senior after 62/8/14 the prior year.

    POSITIVES: Athletic linebacker with outstanding size/speed numbers. Breaks down well, quick to the sidelines and is effective in space. Plays with good degree of suddenness, flashing on the scene and offers terrific skills in pursuit. Quickly locates the ball and works to make plays. Easily runs downfield with backs or tight ends in coverage.

    NEGATIVES: Undersized, easily blocked from the action and not a strong tackler. Inefficient and does not consistently take proper angles to the play.

    ANALYSIS: An exceptional athlete, Howard offers plenty of upside for the next level. Has starting potential once he improves his playing strength.



    Paul McQuistan OT Weber State

    Position: T
    Class: 4Sr
    School: Weber State
    Conference: Big Sky
    Ht., Wt.: 6-6, 312
    40 Time: 5.13

    Grading System

    BIO: Four-year starter at left tackle, awarded All-Conference honors every season since his sophomore campaign.

    POSITIVES: Solid position blocker who stands out in pass protection. Blocks with good lean and jolts opponents at the point of attack. Works to play with leverage, displays good awareness on the field and works well with teammates. Has a nasty streak and gives effort finishing blocks.

    NEGATIVES: Lacks adjustment, flexibility and not explosive off the line. Rarely gets movement from run blocks.

    ANALYSIS: A blocker with growth potential, McQuistan has backup potential at either tackle spots. Solid long-term developmental prospect whose game will improve as he physically matures.



    DB Darnell Bing USC


    Position: S
    Class: Jr
    School: USC
    Conference: Pacific-10
    Ht., Wt.: 6-2, 227
    40 Time: 4.58

    Grading System

    BIO: Three-year starter awarded varying degrees of All-Conference honors since his freshman campaign and also gained All-America notice last season. Posted 41/4/6 last year after 63/2/7 as a sophomore.

    POSITIVES: Forceful safety developing a complete game. Has a burst of closing speed, is fluid changing direction and is fast to the flanks. Shows a decisive move to the ball and flashes on the scene. Disciplined in centerfield and keeps the action in front of him.

    NEGATIVES: Likes to go for the knockout blow and does not wrap up tackling. Late in transition and slow locating the ball in man coverage situations.

    ANALYSIS: Sporting outstanding size, Bing should be a very productive as either a traditional strong safety or in a two-deep system at the next level.



    OG Kevin Boothe Cornell

    Position: OG
    Class: 5Sr
    School: Cornell
    Conference: Ivy League
    Ht., Wt.: 6-4.5, 316
    40 Time: 5.41
    Selected by: Oakland Raiders
    Round 6, pick 7 (176 overall)
    Grading System

    BIO: Three-year starter who's been used at both guard and blind-side tackle. All-League performer who also received All-America mention as a senior.

    POSITIVES: Nasty, dominant blocker best in a small area. Works to play with good pad level, fights throughout the action and controls opponents once engaged at the point of attack. Quick into blocks, makes effective use of angles and consistently keeps defenders in front of him. Easily rides oncoming rushers from their angle of attack and fights with his hands throughout the action.

    NEGATIVES: Lumbers about the field, lacks footwork protecting the edge and bends at the waist. Lacks ability on the second level.

    ANALYSIS: An intelligent yet nasty blocker who understands the game, Boothe has been productive in college and has the skills to play at the next level. Best in a system that reduces his area assignments, yet could develop into a starter at the next level.



    Center Chris Morris Michigan State

    Position: C
    Class: 5Sr
    School: Michigan State
    Conference: Big Ten
    Ht., Wt.: 6-3.5, 299
    40 Time: 5.32
    Selected by: Oakland Raiders
    Round 7, pick 6 (214 overall)
    Grading System

    BIO: Three-year starter previously awarded All-Conference and All-Academic honors.

    POSITIVES: Hard-working, dependable blocker with marginal upside for the next level. Explodes into blocks and walls defenders from the action. Plays with a nasty attitude, yet at the same time is an intelligent center. Effective in space, understands blocking angles and always looks for someone to hit.

    NEGATIVES: Must improve his shotgun snaps. Struggles to finish blocks and is not dominant.

    ANALYSIS: An overachiever on the college level, Morris.s quickness and ability to get leverage on opponents gives him a decided advantage. Potential as a long snapper give him an outside chance.


    #255 (Compensatory pick)

    WR Kevin McMahan Maine

    Position: WR
    Class: Sr
    School: Maine
    Conference: Atlantic Ten
    Ht., Wt.: 6-2, 196
    40 Time: 4.6
    Selected by: Oakland Raiders
    Round 7, pick 47 (255 overall)
    Grading System

    BIO: Two-year starter awarded All-Conference honors as a senior after posting 59/893/13. Primarily used as a return specialist early in college.

    POSITIVES: Sure-handed wideout who took his game to another level as a senior. Quick-footed, sells routes and displays sharpness into breaks. Throws double moves on defenders and gets separation from opponents. Shields opponents away with his frame and effectively uses the sidelines.

    NEGATIVES: Benefits from a three-receiver set offense. Consistently lets the pass get inside him and body-catches. Struggles in battles or finishes plays running out of bounds.

    ANALYSIS: A nice-sized wideout, McMahan could fit as a fifth receiver if he produces on special teams this summer.
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    Congrats Michael!
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    Very good pick for them. They could really use somebody like this on their defense.

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