Rams or Jags to LA?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by KoRnyBrad, Sep 29, 2013.

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    Mexico City is safer than cities like Detroit, St. Louis and Oakland.
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    I beg to differ. Twenty years ago, it was fine but now you have to deal with the drug cartels(who are 10 times worse today). There have been many kidnappings of Americans, some tortured and beheaded. Some are only robbed. The police are very corrupt as well. It gets worse if someone(fans and/or players) venture outside the city to sight-see.

    I realize there are dangerous cities in the U.S., but Mexico is not a place to go unless you have have too. Too much of a risk IMO.
  3. tecolote

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    You shouldn't go to Juarez, but Mexico is a big country and Mexico City is not particularly dangerous, you should read this if you have the time,


    Here's a quote:

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    L.A will never get another NFL team, and if they do. They will go as quick as they came. A great deal of the people there have no allegiance to that area what's so ever.
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    Well, I had a friend from High School abducted near Matamoros. His name was Mark Kilroy. He was beheaded and had his spine ripped out. This was in 1989. It is not Mexico City, but those are happening now all around that region.

    Link to his story.....http://www.redstate.com/heartlander...ars-later-this-former-texan-is-still-haunted/

    I am not anti-Mexico. I Go to Cozumel or Cabo San Lucas twice a year to dive. However, I will not venture out of those areas anymore, it is very dangerous. I think I would take my chances in Detroit over Mexico City :)
  6. tecolote

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    Wow, that's awful what happened to your friend, I'm very sorry about that. Matamoros is one of the more dangerous places in Mexico, I definitely not advise anyone to go there.

    I live in Mexico City so I can get worked up about stuff like this but I get where you are coming from. There are definitely dangerous places in the city people should shy away from, but if you avoid those you should be pretty safe.

    If you like diving you should go to Holbox, a little island near Cozumel where you can dive with whale sharks. I don't dive myself but a friend just went there and loved it.
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    i agree. it makes sense to me, and i remember when the raiders played in los angeles. i think they had a lot of success there, right?
  8. dexternjack

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    Been there and loved it. It is closer to Cancun than Cozumel and the fishing is top-notch.
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    The reason the league wants a team in LA is that it gives them the #2 market to really discuss in TV negotiations the next time they are up. But it really comes down to can the coliseum committee be convinced to allow another stadium to be built. IIRC that committee really controls whether or not a stadium can be built inside LA proper. And no committee is ever going to vote to make itself somewhat irrelevant. It really does make sense to move Jacksonville to LA. Jacksonville just isn't a big enough market to support a NFL team unless its a top of the league team every year. I also don't think putting an NFL team in OKC, Austin, or SA would actually work. I just don't think you'd find enough fan base to be made there.
  10. HeavyBarrel

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    Holy crap, I remember that story, to this day when I hear "Matamoros" I think of that.....sorry
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    In the 70s we would drive across the border for lunch or dinner at a place called the Drive Inn. Now I wouldn't even care to go to Brownsville much less across to any of those border towns.
  12. RonSpringsdaman20

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    jags 2 la please
  13. sacase

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    Security issues. Can you imagine having young millionaires running around mexico city? That is just begging for cartel involvement. I can see players getting killed not do to games but due to their partying.....but into the wrong cartel member in the disco or take his GF....yeah.....problems. Game security, player drug issues, police issues, corruption...nah. Mexico city, while a huge market would be a security nightmare.
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    I think the jags will be moving to London inside of 5 years. They will be re-branded into something distinctly British. there is a reason the NFL is playing these games in London, I guarentee they are testing the players to see how they feel before during and after games. I think teams who play in London will probably fly over right after a game take a day off and spend a week in London practicing. I don't think LA will get a team. Maybe StL if they decide to move, but no way the Raiders move again, Can't see the Bills moving
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    There are currently 3 proffessional soccer teams in Mexico City, and there are plenty of young millionaires on those teams and never has a player been killed because he got involved with a cartels GF in a "disco". I have lived here for 40 years and have never run into a cartel or a capo or whatever you want to call it.

    I honestly laughed when I read your "Players getting killed" remark. Mexico City is not Kabul, as a matter of fact, it is less dangerous than some NFL cities.

    Now, there may be other reasons as to why the NFL may not work here such as ticket prices or other economic reasons, but players getting killed is not one of them. One thing is fore sure, if the Cowboys ever played a regular season game in Azteca Stadium, they would finally have that home field advantage fans have always wanted. People love the Cowboys here.
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  16. sacase

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    Are you serious?
    How many of those players are american? I will answer that question, 1. That one player looks like be of Latin decent and probably speaks the language. Any other foreign player is from a Latin country.

    Look, I have done force protection work. I have evaluated cities where we were bringing US soldiers over. Mexico City would be a nightmare. Now obviously I don't have all the information I would normally have to make an assessment but can you imagine the trouble a typical NFL player would get into there?

    I see what happened to Malcolm X's son happening to NFL players.

    Let's be real about this. You are looking at so much bad stuff that potentially could happen. I mean like Sam Hurd times 10. Just a quick google of Mexico city produces articles like this

    Omar Ortiz: Mexican Soccer Goalie Arrested For Alleged Role In Kidnapping Of Pop Star Gloria Trevi's Husband


    Gang violence shows Mexico City no oasis
    Since when do we have incidents of 12 young people kidnapped from clubs and beheaded and put into a mass grave in the US?

    Dude, Mexico city has a murder rate of 22/100,000. That's three times higher than LA 7/100,000 and almost seven times higher than NYC 3.8/100,000.

    Look I am the first one to want to go party in TJ. I have a blast there, but I also keep a low profile, I don't dress flashy and I get in and get out. I don't hang around. I laugh aat my friends for not wanting to go down there because it is a lot of fun. But yeah,its not a good look for the NFL and a nightmare for NFL security.

    or and here is some stuff about violence against players.



    Again, this is me using Google for 1 minute. Not even doing the in depth research and having connections through the US embassy with the local police and federales, and spending time on the ground. Not that I would trust the local police information much and the federal police might not be much better.
  17. tecolote

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    Please read this article, http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/sma...ty-and-washington-d-c-are-about-equally-safe/

    You really have no idea what you are talking about. Again, I live here, I don't need "contacts" to tell you that you are wrong, Mexico City is not a dangerous place for americans. It has never been. Those googled articles were of people who were directly tied to the drug trade/gangs.

    There are thousands of rich americans living in Mexico City right now, and trust me, they are all fine.
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  18. sacase

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    And you don't think NFL players or their "crews" have connections to drugs? ****. LOL

    There is a reason the US Military has travel bans or restrictions with mexico.

    Look, I have no problem taking myself to mexico. But I also know how to handle myself in a foreign country

    You live there, I get it, but you also A) Know the language, B) know how to fit it without drawing attention to yourself, C) Know the local customs, D) know what to watch out for prior to something popping off, and E) know what areas are safe and what areas are not safe. You are over 40, so you are most likely not into the nightclub scene. You pretty much have nothing in common with the average NFL player. I seriously doubt you walk around with 25k of Jewlery or more.

    Here is a quick article about the 2005 game there and let's be honest crime has got a lot worse since 2005

    You are really fooling yourself if you think that there would not be a security nightmare in Mexico City.
  19. Texan_Eph89

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    If they're moving the Jags, I can see OKC as a viable option.
    - It is within the same geographical area as Indy, Nashville, and Houston.
    - It would also develop a rivalry with Houston, Kansas City, and Dallas.
    - The NBA Thunder experiment has shown that OKC is a viable sports city.
    - They could use OU facilities until their stadium is built.
    - Their fan base would be regional (OK, AR, KS).
    - OKC would probably be willing to have 2 home games in London to get the team moved to OK.
    - OKC residents would probably be willing to help cover part of the construction of the stadium with tax funds.
    - Land is cheap, contract to buy the land would be a non-issue.

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