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Rams Picks...#15, #46, #68, #77, #93, #113,#144,#221,#242,#243

Discussion in 'Draft Day Zone' started by Hostile, Apr 18, 2006.

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    [IMG] Selections [IMG]

    #15 (Denver traded #15 and #68 To the Rams for Rams #11)

    Tye Hill DB Clemson


    Position: CB
    Class: Sr
    School: Clemson
    Conference: Atlantic Coast
    Ht., Wt.: 5-9.5, 185
    40 Time: 4.38

    Grading System

    BIO: Former running back who switched to cornerback as a sophomore and has started ever since. All-Conference selection as a senior after totaling 43/3/4. Junior numbers included 52/21.

    POSITIVES: Terrific shutdown cornerback coming off an outstanding senior season. Quick-footed in reverse, fluid flipping his hips and loses nothing transitioning with opponents. Easily stays downfield with receivers, reading their eyes then getting his head back around to locate the ball. Quick planting to the throw and adjusts in midair to make the interception. Physical and supports the run.

    NEGATIVES: Marginal size and loses out in battles. Has average hands.

    ANALYSIS: A track sprinter who translates his speed onto the football field, Hill has been on a straight shot up draft boards the past six months. Performed well last season then had an outstanding Senior Bowl. First-round selection who should quickly break into a starting role at the next level.



    Joe Klopfenstein TE Colorada


    Position: TE
    Class: Sr
    School: Colorado
    Conference: Big Twelve
    Ht., Wt.: 6-6, 255
    40 Time: 4.66
    Selected by: St. Louis Rams
    Round 2, pick 14 (46 overall)
    Grading System

    BIO: Three-year starter and All-Conference selection since his sophomore campaign. Senior totals included 32/463/4 after 33/418/5 as a junior.

    POSITIVES: Athletic tight end consistently making plays in the defensive secondary. Quick into routes, displays outstanding focus and consistently makes the difficult reception with defenders draped on him. Will extend for the difficult catch or easily adjusts to the errant throw. Uses his frame to shield away opponents and plays heads up football. Adequate route-runner who gets separation from opponents.

    NEGATIVES: Marginal playing strength and has trouble finishing off opposing linebackers.

    ANALYSIS: A playmaking tight end with outstanding work habits, Klopfenstein learns quickly and has been reliable at Colorado. Offers the tools to develop into a productive starter at the next level and should see significant action as a rookie.



    Claude Wroten DT LSU


    Position: DT
    Class: Sr
    School: Louisiana State
    Conference: Southeastern
    Ht., Wt.: 6-2, 302
    40 Time: 5.09
    Selected by: St. Louis Rams
    Round 3, pick 4 (68 overall)
    Grading System

    BIO: Two-year starter after transferring from junior college. All-Conference selection as a senior, totaling 49/10.5/6 after 44/12/6 the prior year.

    POSITIVES: Explosive one-gap defensive tackle with potential as a three-technique lineman. Gets off the ball with a great first step, is forceful up the field and pushes defenders off the line. Defeats one-on-one blocking, plays with good pad level and makes plays laterally. Fast off the edge when placed at end and stays within his angle of attack.

    NEGATIVES: Must improve his hand technique and learn to protect himself. Shunned the combine workout, then was injured during Pro Day.

    ANALYSIS: A developing lineman who has displayed consistent progress the past two years, Wroten must improve the details of his game but offers starting potential.



    Jon Alston OLB Standford


    Position: OLB
    Class: Sr
    School: Stanford
    Conference: Pacific-10
    Ht., Wt.: 6-1, 223
    40 Time: 4.52

    Grading System

    BIO: Two-year starter who totaled 52/9.5/6.5 as a senior. Junior numbers included 62/14/10 when he was an All-Conference selection.

    POSITIVES: Explosive linebacker outstanding in pursuit. Fast in every direction, quickly closes on the play and flashes on the scene. Holds his ground against blocks, can pedal in reverse and gets depth on drops.

    NEGATIVES: Not an instinctive or decisive defender. Takes a lot of missteps or incorrect angles to the action. Does not always play under control.

    ANALYSIS: A hard-working defender constantly flying around the action, Alston is a one-gap linebacker who should be an asset on special-teams.


    Rams trade picks # and # for Packers #93

    TE Dominque Byrd USC


    Position: TE
    Class: Sr
    School: USC
    Conference: Pacific-10
    Ht., Wt.: 6-2.5, 255
    40 Time: 4.82
    Selected by: St. Louis Rams
    Round 3, pick 29 (93 overall)
    Grading System

    BIO: Three-year starter who totaled 25/274 last season after winning All Conference honors as a junior with 37/384/3.

    POSITIVES: Natural pass-catching tight end with reliable hands. Quick to top speed, runs well laterally and makes the reception in stride. Has strong hands, snatching the ball from the air. Sharp route-runner who gets separation from defenders then displays shiftiness transitioning upfield after the reception. Good eye/hand coordination and adjustment to the errant throw.

    NEGATIVES: Marginal blocker who does not get results at the line of scrimmage or downfield. Has been plagued with durability issues the past two years.

    ANALYSIS: A reliable pass-catcher, Byrd nicely fits in as a move tight end at the next level. Must improve his blocking to complete his game yet offers starting potential.


    #113 (traded a TE, did not catch name, to Chargers for pick #113)

    DE Victor Adeyanju Indiana

    Position: DE
    Class: Sr
    School: Indiana
    Conference: Big Ten
    Ht., Wt.: 6-4.5, 274
    40 Time: 4.9

    Grading System

    BIO: Moved into the starting lineup as a freshman. All-Conference selection last season after 47/12/6.5. Junior totals included 40/9.5/4.

    POSITIVES: Athletic defensive lineman with tremendous upside potential. Fast off the edge, quickly changes direction and makes plays to the flanks. Holds his ground against blocks and gets push up the field. Plays with good pad level, flashes explosion and nicely redirects to the action. Fights hard to make positive plays.

    NEGATIVES: Lacks great first-step quickness. Must develop more moves as he gets wired in blocks with marginal opponents. Slow locating the ball and lacks top instincts.

    ANALYSIS: A high-motor defender consistent the past four seasons, Adeyanju is a naturally gifted prospect who could be starting in the NFL by his second season.



    WR Marques Haggans Virginia

    Position: WR
    Class: Sr
    School: Virginia
    Conference: Atlantic Coast
    Ht., Wt.: 5-9, 215
    40 Time: 4.8
    Selected by: St. Louis Rams
    Round 5, pick 11 (144 overall)
    Grading System

    BIO: Two-year starter who posted career-best numbers of 62.1%/2,492/14/12 through the air last season. Played receiver as a sophomore posting 28/262.

    POSITIVES: Athletic college quarterback who projects to slot receiver. Possesses a strong arm throwing the ball, loses nothing passing on the run and gets the ball through the tight creases of the defense. Elusive carrying the ball and picks up positive yardage with his legs. Turned in a tremendous pass-catching workout at the combine.

    NEGATIVES: Lacks pocket stature and throwing accuracy at quarterback. Marginal size/speed numbers for the receiver position.

    ANALYSIS: A multi-purpose player, Hagans can be used at several different ball-handling roles. Special-teams contributions this summer further his cause of making a roster.



    Tim McGarigle Northwestern ILB

    Position: ILB
    Class: Sr
    School: Northwestern
    Conference: Big Ten
    Ht., Wt.: 6-0.5, 242
    40 Time: 4.79

    Grading System

    BIO: Three-year starter awarded all-conference honors since his sophomore campaign. Led the team in tackles as a senior with 156/7/2. Junior totals included 151 tackles after 140 the prior year.

    POSITIVES: Active run-defender best in the box. Immediately diagnoses the action and flies around the football, sacrificing his body in order to make the tackle. Intelligent yet tough. Fires up the field and displays excellent tackling technique. Flashes skill in zone coverage.

    NEGATIVES: Lacks top sideline-to-sideline range as well as speed in pursuit. Swallowed up at the point or taken from the action by opposing fullbacks.

    ANALYSIS: A two-down defender with a great head for the ball, McGarigle has starting potential at inside linebacker for a 34 defense.


    #242 (Compensatory pick)

    OG Mark Setterstom Minnesota

    Position: OG
    Class: 4Sr
    School: Minnesota
    Conference: Big Ten
    Ht., Wt.: 6-3.5, 314
    40 Time: 5.43

    Grading System

    BIO: Fifty-game starter awarded varying degrees of All-Conference honors since his freshman season.

    POSITIVES: Durable, blue-collar lineman best in confined quarters. Quick off the snap and anchors at the point. Explosive, stays square and controls opponents once engaged in a block. Gets leverage on opponents and seals them from the action. Nasty and works hard until the whistle blows.

    NEGATIVES: Lacks adjustment, balance and is not a true finisher. Marginal athlete not effective in motion.

    ANALYSIS: A coachable player with a strong work ethic, Setterstrom is a competitive lineman with enough ability to stick as a backup on an NFL roster.


    #243 (Compensatory pick)

    OG Tony Palmer Missouri

    Position: OG
    Class: 5Sr
    School: Missouri
    Conference: Big Twelve
    Ht., Wt.: 6-2, 330
    40 Time: 5.51
    Selected by: St. Louis Rams
    Round 7, pick 35 (243 overall)
    Grading System

    BIO: Four-year starter who moved in with the first team midway through his freshman campaign. All-Conference selection the past three seasons.

    POSITIVES: Competitive, hard-working blocker who plays with a good degree of explosion. Quick off the snap, stays square and walls defenders from the action. Patient, recognizes blocking assignments and works well with teammates. Slides laterally and displays range in space.

    NEGATIVES: Marginally effective in motion. Rarely finishes blocks.

    ANALYSIS: Palmer is a competitive lineman who.s been durable on the college level. Possesses marginal upside yet could stick as an inexpensive backup.
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    reminds me of Darrell Green...small, fast CB. New CB rules probably helped his stock a ton.

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