Rams RB Jackson accused of beating girlfriend

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by ConcordCowboy, Jan 29, 2010.

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    Rams RB Jackson accused of beating girlfriend

    ST. LOUIS - Media reports say St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson has been accused of beating a girlfriend who was nine months pregnant with the couple's child at his Las Vegas home last year.

    Supriya Harris of Mableton, Ga., filed a complaint with Las Vegas police this week saying the two-time Pro Bowl running back repeatedly pushed her to the ground in March 2009 and bloodied her hip. Copies of the report were posted online by CBS Sports.

    Las Vegas police spokeswoman Barbara Morgan said authorities have not been in contact with Jackson, nor is an active investigation under way. She said the police report made in LaPlace, La., had not yet been provided to Las Vegas police.

    In the report, Harris said Jackson "flung" her against a door until Jackson's nephew interceded. She told police Jackson later urged her to say she was injured during a fall in the shower.

    Jackson called the accusations "untrue" and "hurtful" in a statement issued by one of his agents, Tom Savage of U.S. Sports Advisors.

    The Rams said the team was aware of the situation. "We are always concerned with issues involving our players," coach Steve Spagnuolo said.

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    She waited a long time to make the accusation, so if Jackson did do this he probably won't be convicted of anything.
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    No kidding. He beat me up last year?

    Doubt you see anything come of it.
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    The dumb ***** is all of the sudden concerned now?
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    This happened in March of 2009 and she is just now reporting it???

    Sorry, I dont buy it. Sounds like a gold-digger out to get some cash. Besides, after this long a period of time, there would be no physical evidence (like scratches or brusies) that the prosecutors could use. It is simply "he said/she said" at this point.

    Going to be almost impossible for the prosecution to get a conviction without any physical evidence at all, in fact I hardly doubt this even gets past a grand jury for an inditment.
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    More dumb *****es digging for money

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