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    I'm a newbie so I have to post this here. I get a wild hair to write some thoughts down from time to time.

    Disclaimer: I don’t have any inside knowledge or journalistic insight. All I have is more than 30 years of experience watching football at various levels – as a player, briefly as a coach, as a journalist and as a fan. These are simply my thoughts:

    1. There is all this talk about whether it’s the Packers or the Giants or the Falcons being the teams Dallas should be afraid of in this postseason. It’s the Cowboys who should be feared.

    Yes, Aaron Rodgers is playing his best ball of the season, but the fact remains they have a converted WR at running back and the Packers defense is not good. Rodgers can’t throw 5 TDs if he isn’t on the field.

    The Giants have beaten Dallas twice in a pair of razor-thin-margin games. It’s hard to beat a team three times in one season, much less a team that you aren’t appreciably better than. Dallas is due against them.

    The Falcons have an explosive offense, but Dallas can play ball control better than anyone and that defense is so good at bend but don’t break that the Cowboys can trade touchdowns for ATL field goals all day.

    Besides, I’m not so sure Atlanta gets by Seattle.

    2. Randy Gregory hasn’t contributed a thing to Dallas’ season this year. Losing him isn’t going to hurt them. It’s a sad situation for him, but the team is prepared to play without him.

    3. Rested Zeke will get the ball 30-35 times unless Dallas gets a big lead and they don’t need him that much. That’s a good thing. He’s feeling fresh and spry, too, judging by reports.

    4. Dak has been better than great. Looks like a franchise QB. Plus the vibe he and Zeke bring to the team should not be underestimated. But I can’t help but feel like this season’s version of the Cowboys has a higher ceiling with Romo at QB. Romo is simply the better passer. And the more experienced signal-caller. He’s also the healthiest he’s been in probably 5-6 years. I don’t think Romo can last a full 16-game season any longer, but in a 3-game stretch I’d take him against anybody. Even Rodgers. Even Brady.

    If Dallas is struggling offensively in the second half of a game and is down by 10 points or so, Garrett shouldn’t hesitate when going to Romo. Tony said it best. Football is a meritocracy. It’s not about being fair. You only get so many shots at making a championship run (just ask Cleveland Browns fans).

    5. Speaking of Romo, this may be crazy talk but Jerry Jones doesn’t have to trade or release him this offseason. Unless Dallas wins the Super Bowl with Dak. Or, at least, Dak looks spectacular in defeat.

    If Dak struggles and Dallas loses – my guess is you won’t have one without the other – then Jerry can keep Romo and have an open competition in camp. It’s contrary to everything already assumes in the media, but Dallas isn’t going to get much for a 37-year-old QB with a history of injury problems who hasn’t played a meaningful snap in almost two years. There are worse things than going into a season with two Pro Bowl quarterbacks.

    6. That said, I love Dak. I’m entirely comfortable hitching our wagon to this guy for the next 10+ years. His attitude and work ethic are exactly what you want in a franchise QB. His ability is already better than I ever expected after watching him in college.

    7. Nobody in the media is talking about the Dallas defense. Yes, I think the rushing yards ranking is a little inflated (ball control offense and playing with leads will do that). But it’s still a high quality rush defense. This is also a good group in the red zone. Teams struggle scoring touchdowns against these Cowboys. With less room to maneuver, the dime is so tough to pass against. Especially the way Dallas plays it.

    8. Jaylon Smith could be a great addition to this defense. I was pessimistic until recent comments. I’m not a doctor but I do like to hear about the recent nerve regeneration. To borrow a phrase from Bill Parcells, I’m not gonna put him in Canton yet, but this guy is a special talent. I hope we get to see him on the field. This could be a Kuechly-type of addition in 2017.
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