Random fan writer say we need to trade Ware?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Arkyvarminter, Feb 8, 2013.

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    The thing people are not considering is leadership. Whitten and Ware should retire with stars on their helmets. Both are leaders of this team . Both have allot of good football in them. You can actually draft their heir aparent so you have a natural progression at the positions vs hoping draft picks or first year guys can replace them. Both are hall of fame players for petesake. How would you like to see Ware break the sack record in a philly uniform and go into the hall of fame as a eagle? That is exactly what the eagles did with Reggie White. They let him walk, he went to the packers got a ring , the sack record and went into the hall of fame as a packer not a eagle. The eagles have zero respect for history of their team. Emmitt broke the rushing record with a star on his helmet. Jerry did that for the history of the cowboys and the fans. Whitten is the modern day Mr Cowboy and will go into the hall of fame as "our guy", as will Ware. Some things are more important than future draft picks.
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    You are right. It's very missleading.

    Anyway... I would trade him for a 1st and a 2nd round pick. High ones of course. Say the first between 4-7 and the 2nd between 35 - 40.
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    First, the Herschel Walker trade was a once in a lifetime thing. It's not happening again. This writer assumes we'll find another team willing to give us a bunch of draft picks for Ware. That's not a given. He's 30. The best offer we get might be a second rounder and maybe a depth player thrown in. If you can get a first and second rounder, maybe. A first and a first, then yeah, go for it. But it's not a given that you can convince another team to do either of those. By hanging onto their draft picks, they could try to find a quality linebacker.

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