Random Feats of Strength

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    Alright, so this thread is not about weight lifting or actual sporting events, but rather random acts or events that you've witnessed, which displayed impressive strength by an individual. I witnessed such an event this morning and wanted to see what other interesting or amusing stories are out there:

    So I'm in the process of upgrading my home's heating system, which currently uses oil, and radiators heated by hot water. The entire system is being ripped out and replaced. Yesterday this included removing the radiators, pipes, boiler, etc. So going into this we knew that this ancient boiler in my basement was going to be the biggest pain to deal with. It ends up taking 4 grown men (all of which should be considered strong/athletic individuals) just to move the boiler from where it sits and onto a dolly (that supposedly has a 1,000lb capacity). Needless to say the dolly collapses as soon as the boiler is on it. So we move to plan B which is deconstructing this thing as much as possible to reduce the weight. We get it to a point where the 4 of us are able to muscle this thing to the steps of my exterior entrance, up the steps, and out to the edge of my driveway. Saying that this was a difficult task would be a huge understatement. This old boiler is a frickin monster (very awkward, and we're thinking in the neighborhood of 500lbs in the state that it was in). So at this point the truck we're using is completely full of scrap, so my plan is to deal with the boiler next weekend, unless someone stops and takes it before then (my neighborhood is full of scavengers that take almost anything).

    So this morning at about 730am my doorbell rings, and a dude I've never met is on my porch asking me what I'm doing with the boiler. I say, if you can move it you can have it. He says he'll be back. But before leaving, he makes a little sign and puts it on the boiler.

    It reads: scrappers- do not touch this boiler. It's already spoken for.

    LOL. Clearly this is an experienced scavenger I'm dealing with here. I laughed at the choice of words - already spoken for - as if he were procuring a mate, and not some old piece of metal, haha. So about 2 hours later this dude rolls up in a pickup truck, by himself. I'm of course watching from the comfort of my home (there's no way I'm touching this boiler again). And it's apparent that this guy intends on somehow getting it onto this pickup truck on his own. He gave a valiant effort, and was able to move it 4 or 5 feet, from my driveway to the back of his truck. Dude tries lifting it, I'm like no way, and he can't quite get it on the truck. Pretty nuts that he was even close. He calls for backup, and scavenger #2 arrives and they heave this beast onto the truck. I thought it was going to break the door of the truck's bed when it was lifted onto it. It was quite the scene.

    Must be "scrapper strength", LOL. It was as though just the sight of a free boiler produced such an adrenaline rush that near super human strength was achieved for a brief period, haha. Dude wanted that boiler.

    So, that's my amusing story for the day. What do you got??
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    When I was very young, my uncle (who weighed maybe 210lbs) lifted himself up with one arm on the back of a dining chair and balance himself there.
    That seemed pretty amazing to me.
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    That sounds pretty random and impressive. Was your uncle like really fit/in good shape?
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    As a young Marine living in the barracks, we had a guy that had pyramids under his rack and mumbled nonsense at night in front of 3 small mirrors with a candle in front. All this was tolerated until he turned in a log book detailing all the infractions by the rest of us while living in said barracks. The first night after he ratted, a guy from upstate New York goes outside and single handedly turned the rat's car upside down on it's roof. He was real lucky because this was 1976 right after Viet Nam and lots worse was done to folks like that back in those days.
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    Yeah, he had a lot of natural strength and balance his whole life, according to my father.
    He told tales of him trimming tree branches in the forest and actually riding his bicycle from tree to tree...lol.
    While my father and his other bother played and excelled in almost all sports, the uncle I speak of was more into cars, hunting and fishing....yet he was probably the best athlete of the bunch.

    My brother Jay, named after that uncle, walked into was a commercial fisherman. When I was in college he walked into the football weight room and benched 350. he was not a weight lifter at all. he also stood only 5'10 and could stand flat-footed, jump up and dunk the heck out of a basketball.
    Guess he took after his namesake.
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    Ha, impressive stuff. It's interesting to wonder sometimes how many random farmers or laborers missed the boat on sports due to circumstance (or interest) but maybe could've been incredible athletes otherwise.
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    You guys will like this story because it is about a friend of mine that was a big Cowboys fan. His nickname was "Husky".
    Every time I would see him we talked Cowboys. He love Tom Landry.
    If he is still alive, he is in his 90's, .. I saw him when he was in his 80's and he still looked good.

    Anyway, when he was in his mid 70's, he still lifted 3 days a week. He was just built physically stronger than most.
    He would put the back of his head on one chair, and his heels on the edge of another chair, and curl 50 lbs with each arm. (original planking, LOL)

    There is a story when he was younger, working at a local factory that some guy bet him that he couldn't lift this 500 lb counter balance weight for a huge scale at the factory.
    Husky kept telling him, no problem, I can lift that.

    So finally he accepted the bet, and when the day came for him to lift it, ... everyone was gathered around at quitting time to see if he could.
    So Husky tells the guy that he had the bet with to stand up on the weight, .. and then he lifted the weight and the guy on it!!

    He was a boxer in his 20's and I guess he had a "hammer" for a right hand.

    He was just physically stronger than most people his size. Maybe 5'11" ... 200 lbs.
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    Follow me around for a week.
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    You gotta watch those upstate NY guys. ;)
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    He was a good dude. Big guy, quiet, but always had your back. After he got out of the Marines, he became a cop up there. Don't remember what town he was from.
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    This morning at 5:00.am I was getting out of bed when out of the blue.........I did it. ;)
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    I had an old friend, Chip, he passed away last summer, and he was just naturally strong. He was a big guy, about 6'3", 240lbs, but didn't lift weights or work out but I saw him do a few amazing things. We had gone fishing at Choke Canyon on a February day in Chip's boat. He had some work done to the boat, some motor work as well as installing a deck for fishing. It turned out to be an ugly day, the front we were hoping to fish just before arrival blew in early and hard. We were in some heavy brush and decided to call it a day, weather was getting nasty, when the engine will not turn over. The engine will not start and we were hoping to get a tow to the ramp, but because of the dense brush, we couldn't see other boats. Finally, a boat gets close enough to see us and we flag him down to tow us in. The waves were getting bigger and we noticed some water in the boat, but with the new deck couldn't tell just how much water is accumulating in the boat.

    As we get closer to the boat ramp, you could see everyone else was getting off the water as well. In the open water it was near impossible to swing the boat against the building gusts and to make matters worse, even though people could see we were in tow, they won't let us near the ramp. Chip finally says, to heck with this, if I block the ramp they have to let us in. Chip dives in the water and swims to the dock at the boat ramp and pulls the truck and trailer onto the ramp, giving everyone no choice but to let us in. I stayed in Chip's boat while it was getting towed in and the guy doing the towing was doing his darndest, against the gusting wind, to get it to the ramp.

    Well apparently with the building waves and what we found out later, there were small cracks in the fiberglass due to the deck installation, the boat had taken on a lot more water than was visible. The guy towing us, turned back at looked at me and his eyes get real big and he yells "Turn around and grab your stuff!" I turn around just in time to see the outboard and rear of the boat sink completely. I managed to just grab the fishing rods before the entire boat had sank. At this point, our boat is pulling the tow boat down, threatening to capsize his boat. While treading water, I throw the rods into his boat and grabbing whatever else is floating around me and tossing it into his boat. The guy in the tow boat is yelling that he has to cut it loose, but he has the presence of mind to tie a rope and marker he uses for trotlines to the line before he cuts it loose. While this is going on Chip gets a guy to drive his boat over to us. When the guy cuts our boat loose, I feel something around my leg and apparently one of the tie-off ropes from Chip's boat is wrapped around my leg. The boat drags me about 10' under before I manage to get my leg free. At this point, I'm getting exhausted, air temp is dropping quickly with the front moving through, water temp is in the low 50's, and like a fool I am not wearing a life vest, but I do have a couple layers of shirts, jeans, coat and it starts to weigh a ton.

    Chip arrives in the 3rd boat just in time, but with the exhaustion, water logged clothes and high sides of the boat, I just cannot lift myself into the boat. At the time I was 6'1" about 240lbs, not counting the waterlogged clothes and Chip with one arm, clasps my forearm and pulls me completely out of the water onto the boat. He didn't just pull me onto the side of the boat, he pulled me completely out of the water and onto the boat and landed on my feet standing straight up. He pulled me out like I was a child. I still remember standing on the deck of the boat, in awe never realizing exactly how strong Chip was, until that moment.

    It took awhile for me to stop shivering and about an hour before I started to get feeling back in my feet and toes. We actually went back that next week, found the marker and pulled Chip's boat out of 60' of water and he got it running again, but that's a whole other adventure. Needless to say, I never stepped foot in Chip's boat ever again.
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    Yea, they're all terrible

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