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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ninja, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. ninja

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    Inches - 100 yard field and sometimes it comes down to the little inch or so.

    1) On the Cowboys first drive, I think it was a 3rd and 2 early on and Murray got exactly 2.01 yards. At first I didn't think he got it but he did and the drive continued and the cowboys scored an opening TD. If Murray comes up short, the Cowboys punt.
    2) IIRC, the Washington team had a similar situation in the second half before Morris' TD run. They had a 3rd and short and barely got it. A few plays later Morris gashed the cowboys for a TD. A stop there and it is a punt.
    3) Romo's INT was on a tipped ball. A couple inches here or there and the pass is most likely completed and the Cowboys probably get points on that drive. I thought that INT led the Cowboys to put the brakes on a little bit after that. The team seemed to me to play it a little more closely and carefully after that.
    4) If Romo throws the pass to Miles an inch or two further and it is a TD. The defender barely touched it. Nice to see Miles get separation even while recovering from a hamstring injury.
    5) Scandrick's INT was a matter of inches within the line.

    Beards - coincidence or not?

    1) Our best DL Hatcher has a beard. One of our best OL Frederick has a beard. I think Free has one, not sure. I think Wilber who had the sack-strip had a small beard going. So, OL and DL should be told to grow beards. Although, the beard didn't help spencer and Rat. Speaking of sacks, Wilber got his sack-strip when Hatcher was out of the game for a breather which is good to see that we can get pressure even without Hatcher (and Ware). Credit the secondary with great coverage allowing time for the Wilber sack.

    Randle steps in and steps up.

    1) It was nice to see the Cowboys throw a screen to Randle when he first got in and it went for about 10-15 yards. A screen successfully run. What a sight to see. Or was it just an out and not a screen? I don't quite remember.
    2) With the game 31-16 and about 5 min left and the Washington Team knowing the Cowboys would run, Randle rips off an 11-14 yard run on first down. That was nice. Randle hit the whole hard like he was doing the whole game. No toe tipping for him which was nice to see. The last 4 or 5 runs he was tentative, but in a good way since it was a matter of ball security at that point.

    Holloman - Good things just happen when he's out there it seems.

    1) I thought I saw lucky 57 out there blocking on Harris' punt return and long kickoff return. Good position on special teams most of the time. Would like to see him on the field more. I also wouldn't mind giving him a try at DE on occasion in place of Wilber on passing situations. He just seems to have a knack for making things happen.
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    good observations except i find the beard thing a little weird, if you're serious.
  3. speedkilz88

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    1) It was the first drive but it was 3rd and 1 for 1 yard. 13:14 in the 1st
    2) Redskins only had 3 plays for the td. Incomplete to Garcon on slant, RG3 run and 2nd penalty @ Church, Morris 45td
    5) Scandrick's butt was the first thing to hit and it had plenty of room in bounds. Any question would have been is if the ball moved.
  4. sbark

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    beards..........might as well jump on the Duck Dynasty bandwagon,
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  5. speedkilz88

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    Rule on catches/interceptions:

    Article 3 Completed or Intercepted Pass. A player who makes a catch may advance the ball. A forward
    pass is complete (by the offense) or intercepted (by the defense) if a player, who is inbounds:
    (a) secures control of the ball in his hands or arms prior to the ball touching the ground; and
    (b) touches the ground inbounds with both feet or with any part of his body other than his hands; and
    (c) maintains control of the ball long enough, after (a) and (b) have been fulfilled, to enable him to
    perform any act common to the game (i.e., maintaining control long enough to pitch it, pass it,
    advance with it, or avoid or ward off an opponent, etc.).

  6. Supercowboy1986

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    just curious did you mean to say washington team cause you're being PC?
  7. dcstands4

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  8. dallasdave

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    We kicked the deadskins butt, and I loved it, only hope we beat them twice as bad the next game, on their own home field.
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  9. ninja

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    Yeah, I try not to use that name anymore. It sounds better that way. Rub salt into the wound. Couldn't happen to a better team. And the best part is that I really can't think of a better name for them. It's like all the good names have already been taken. Ravens, Titans, and Jaguars just lack that something special in my opinion.
  10. nake

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    Hope Randle can grow a beard before Sunday. :D
  11. DrunkWithPower

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    In my opinion most of the pressure we brought last Sunday was due to tight coverage and not due to any particularly skillful line play. On the sack/strip play RGIII had all day and thank goodness took a day and one minute before the sack. If our DL wasn't so depleted and Washington's OL had played just a bit worse, I think we would have been in RGIII's face all day.
  12. lurkercowboy

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    So does subsection B means that Dez Bryant's no-catch against the Giants last year should count because hands don't count?
  13. speedkilz88

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    No, that just means hands don't count as possession and in Dez's case the hand hit first and supposedly hit the white before any part of his body touched for possession.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Our best DL, Hatcher, has a beard. Unfortunately, the beard was so itchy that it actually forced Hatcher to the sidelines so that he could grab an extra pair of cleats and used those to scratch his beard. While he was out, Nevis came in and sure enough, the Skins were able to pick up a critical 1st down on a run right up the middle.

    Unfortunately, FredBeard's long and luxuries beard has grown so long that in the third Quarter, FredBeard went back to pass protect and he accidentally stepped on his own beard, which forced him to miss his punch, which allowed the defender to get penetration, which forced Romo to hurry his pass and throw flatfooted, which caused the pass to be just a little short to Miles, which allowed the CB to just get a piece of it, which broke Austin's concentration, which resulted in an incomplete pass instead of a TD.

    Free had one last year. He shaved it off in Training Camp because it was just too dang hot. Free is currently the #1 ranked RT in the History of the World.....................

    Wilber is starting a beard and it looks so nice that he was admiring his new beard in the gleem of one of the Redskins Helmets and he totally missed the snap. That was the play he got the sack-strip on but imagine if he had not been distracted by the Beard. He probably would have beaten the snap to RG3, intercepted the snap, snapped RG3's other leg, on the way to a TD and OH Snap!, been sitting pretty as the new Starter and extended contract holder in waiting.

    Perhaps we should hold off on all of this beard sensationalism stuff until we know more about the phenomenon.

    Again, appearances can be deceiving. Spencer is walking out of town with 11 million in his pocket, one full year of rest and a brand new opportunity for a big contract. Rat is walking away with a pocket full of money as well. Maybe beards aren't so bad?

    No word on Wilber and the secondary and their plans to grow beards or play clean shaven.............

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  15. Corso

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    Love every reply. I laughed so loud, my dog had to run up to me to check if I was OK.
  16. Rainy

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    we definitely need to get devonte "hands" holloman more snaps. he completely trucks the opposing return man every single time
  17. jobberone

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    The Red Sox have beards, too. Beard Power. It's unstoppable. Buy some today before supplies run out.

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