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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Chief, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. Chief

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    -- How does Charlie Casserly still have a job? He took over an expansion franchise and turned them into ... an expansion franchise in five years. They're right back where they started. Passing on a special talent like Reggie Bush is inexcusable, IMO.

    -- Speaking of GMs, Marv Levy's performance this weekend was nothing short of stunning. That franchise is swirling around the toilet as we speak. Bledsoe got out just in time. IMO, it'll be between the Carr-led Texans, the Favre-led Packers and the Losman-led Bills for the rights to pick Brady Quinn No. 1 next year.

    -- For the most part, I liked Dallas' draft. Carpenter and Fasano are so similar in that they're very solid, consistent, tough players who will get the job done. Can't fault that. I liked the Green pick and loved the Watkins pick. Both players will get on the field, if nothing else, then on special teams. Stanley also looks like a good fit.

    -- Jerry said two things that are related and it bears watching in the future when Parcells steps down (which many believe will be a year from now). Jerry said he is out of the fullback business and embraces the two tight-end offense. Also, he said Dallas is sticking with the 3-4 for the long run. OK, it will be interesting then, when Dallas begins shopping for a new head coach. Does Jerry tell the candidates that the offense and defense are set? Does he try to find a coach to fit these schemes? Apparently so.

    -- The DMN draft blog was a joke. Take a look at this line from Matt Mosely: "I'll be providing you with much more information on this pick when someone from Cowboys P.R. brings over the information." :lol: While he sits on his rear end, posting about Suzy Kolber's hair, how you never see people walking in Dallas, and waiting for a PR person to bring him some info on the most recent pick, everyone on this board has already posted and read 10 scouting reports on the guy. Hey Matt, just relax. We got it covered. Don't worry about doing your job.

    -- The draft is always a lot of fun, and this one seemed especially entertaining. I enjoy all the strong opinions.
  2. Eddie

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    Jerry Jones has actually done a worse job than Casserly. We haven't won squat without Jimmy's players.

    Misery loves company. Don't worry about the Texans. Let's make our own bed first.
  3. Cowboy from New York

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    Anyone here that can think of a big name or up and coming OC who runs his team's offense with a majority of 2 TE sets?
  4. tomson75

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    Jerry Jones has actually done a worse job than Casserly. We haven't won squat without Jimmy's players.

    Misery loves company. Don't worry about the Texans. Let's make our own bed first.

    didn't jerrry bring on jimmy?
  5. zrinkill

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    The :tantrum: continues.

  6. Vintage

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    Mid 90's, yes. Since 2002, no.

    Bradie James, Roy Williams, Terence Newman, Jason Witten, Chris Canty, Marcus Spears, Demarcus Ware, Jay Ratliff, Rob Pettiti, Julius Jones, Marion Barber III, Patrick Crayton, Jacques Reeves, etc.... Just to name a few.
  7. zrinkill

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    Jerry Jones has won 3 superbowls in the 16 years he has been owner ......

    How many owners would kill for that ............
  8. Cowboy Junkie

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    I think the next Cowboys head coach is already with the team...
  9. Cowboy Junkie

    Cowboy Junkie leonargized

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    What proof do you have that Jerry has done a worse job than Casserly because from where I am sitting Cowboys were 9-7 last year and not botching the number one pick in the draft...
  10. braw

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    Hey Eddie,

    I get it you don't like the draft or the direction of the team. But unfortunately no one on the board owns the team. The owner would be found at Valley Ranch. You are going to get an aneurysm trying to complain all the time. Why complain about things you can't control.

    If your a fan, like you say you are sit back and enjoy the ride(because realistically we can't change what we don't like)
  11. big dog cowboy

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    Says the man who believes in the power of positive thinking.
  12. Eddie

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    You're right. I just love those 9 straight seaons without a playoff win.

    I loved those drafts where we basically threw away every single pick we had.

    I loved how Seattle went to the Super Bowl on the backs of the picks WE gave them for Joey Gagoway and James McKnight.

    Yep ... let's NEVER question Cowboy management. They're the experts.

    Instead, let's point fingers at other teams and laugh at their misfortunes.

    Hey, at least we're not the Bengals. What's the battle cry now? At least we're not the Texans???

    Sorry, Jerry Jones has done a sorry job since Jimmy left. He's NOT an NFL maverick, and he's basically ruined this franchise.

    Oh yeah, I forget. If I don't like it, I can choose another team. Typical reply.

    If you guys enjoy losing ... go celebrate, cuz Jerry Jones is really good at that.
  13. zrinkill

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    I'll bet you were just as angry after the draft last year too huh?
  14. MichaelWinicki

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    Eddie in a lot of ways I agree with you.

    The last 10 years have sucked for the most part and Jones has committed huge errors in judgement.

    But that being said...

    I think our overall talent level right now is better than what it's been in a long time.
  15. bh32

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    how in the hell is jerry gonna tell a new coach what system to run?
  16. ejthedj

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    We've had pretty good drafts since Parcells, and even did alright with Roy the year before.

    I like this draft and I see it as a move in the right direction
  17. Eddie

    Eddie Well-Known Member

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    Nope ... but I was a Merriman supporter. I was also hoping Mike Williams would fall to us.

    I was confused at the Burnett pick cuz he wasn't even on our radar.

    I loved the Spears pick.

    Last year was a good draft.

    This year's is questionable at best.
  18. LaTunaNostra

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    Agreed on all counts, Chief.

    If Casserly wasn't already a lame duck, this one would have made him one. Sure, top pass rushers are worth their weight in gold, but the feeling is Bush is the talent not just of this year, but of a generation.

    I kept hearing today criticism from analysts saying "You can't pass on a guy who can fill seats". Well, the Texans already fill seats...a high revenue team. Maybe that gave Casserly the idea he could reject the sexy pick...but maybe Bush's contract demands screwed it all up and Charley's not at fault at all. Lucky for CC there were five guys this year who probably would have gone before Alex Smith last.

    Are you saying that was a reach at #8? Funny what a drop in defensive statistics will do to you...

    Have you followed the Ravens move up thing to get Ngata?
    A move made possible by no less than arch rival Cleveland's Phil Savage, the Ravens recent draft genius? A Baltimore columnist had a funny (unintentionally) article today claiming the Ravens got stiffed by Savage and that he 'knew' something about Ngata Ozzie and Brian didn't.

    I think it's more likely fear of what Ray Lewis would do (or not do) that made them jump up that one. After Ray's recent refusal to endorse BB and all. That's all Billick needs...to lose the lockerroom in the final year of his Kyle Boller angst..with Fassell and BB, they can't get that O right?

    Mosley had one good column this spring. I wish I could remmber the date of it..I'd link to it for ya. :) But remember, he's gone on record saying we fans don't want to hear techncal stuff like "jammin". That scientific mumbo jumbo must extend to draft analysis.

    But I've noticed JT's work has improved since he started trying to impress WG.

    PS Another lame duck GM wasn't afraid to saturate the DE and WO positions...props to Accorsi for not sealing his legacy on 'need'. He wanted Holmes tho..had to settle for Mini Moss, but Jints fans are calling it a pure value draft.

    And I don't know if you get NFL network, but was it any surprise Mike Mayock pounced on Denver last night for evidencing the best Day One drafting?

    That's because Shanny took Mike's boy Cutler..and Mayock has had his nose up the Vanderbilt QB's butt like no analyst I can remember with no player I can remember, ever. Since early January he's made Cutler sound like the best QB prospect since Carson Palmer. Nors' Ty Law fetish pales in comparison.

    Pen the Broncos in for the Lombardi. No contest.

    And the Pats not getting much attention this year. That's good. :)
  19. Bizwah

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    My random thought.

    Pat McQuistan is the love child of Carrot-Top and Zap from American Gladiators.

  20. Dale

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    You're fiesty, Eddie. :laugh2: But hey, all that shows is your passion for the team, and no one can fault that.

    I agree that 1996-present has not been the shining era of Dallas Cowboys Football, but I don't really see much semblence between what happened, say this season in the draft, and what happened from 1995-2001 or so.

    We're not trading away quality picks for poor veteran players. We're not consistently overpaying mediocre talent (see Quinton Coryatt). We're not drafting players no one has heard of, or drafting players people have heard of but only two or three rounds too high.

    No matter who we drafted, everyone here knew there would be a HUGE argument afterward. This board was split on players like Carpenter, Wimbley and Lawson. There was no way to please everyone. And from there, some wanted to address receiver later picks, while others wanted to target the offensive line.

    Again, we knew everyone's wish lists were not going to get checked.

    To me, though, even though we didn't address a need along the line in the second round, instead getting Fasano, two things come to mind:

    1) At least there's a plan. A plan that actually makes sense, lining up two tight ends to better take advantage of other team's weaknesses and to make our offense more explosive.

    2) Hey, Fasano's not a bad player whatsoever, being called by many as the most "complete" tight end. Witten was considered the same thing, I recall, the year Dallas Clark went in the first round. We're not plucking some sixth-round safety from Alabama and paying him second-round money.

    The Jason Hatcher pick was probably the most controversial, as it wasn't a need pick and he's a small-school guy that very few of us had heard of -- and even fewer of us had seen. But even this pick isn't some shot in the dark, as a number of analysts have talked about his immense upside and how he was worth the pick despite the lack of hype (like Goose's prospects board).

    The pick isn't a need by any means, but it gives us versatility and options with guys like Ellis. And if he's some small-school guy we envision has having big-time talent, maybe we just hit on someone that will give our d-line tremendous, young depth for years to come. His upside that all the analysts have referred to certainly make this sound like a possibilty. And, hey, it may not be the offensive line, but defensive line depth is just as important.

    Last season, some were freaking out when we took so many defensive ends (3, officially). Yet those three now look to provide the cornerstone of this 3-4 defense, with a bookend outside pass-rushing linebacker and our two ends.

    Anyway, that's why I'm not freaking out right now. We didn't address every need, but we filled many and I feel like we walked away this weekend with a handful of quality players and quality people. I just can't really single any pick as a "***?" selection.

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