News: Randy Galloway: An independent voice weighs in on Tony Romo's play

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Gemini Dolly, Oct 31, 2012.

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    FORT WORTH, Texas -- You are coming in loud and clear, via either the written word on e-mail, text and the comments section, or the booming voices of disgust on sports talk radio.

    You are sick and tired of being sick and tired of a sinister, elaborate media plot that continually "protects" Tony Romo, even when he does something real stupid, and the other team either ends up with the football or, in a far too common occurrence this season, ends up with a pick six.
    Personally, I stand accused of being involved in this Romo protection scheme, but it goes much higher, reaching all the way to Babe on radio and Troy on TV.

    "It's always the fault of somebody else, not Romo," that's your scream.
    No, not always. But sometimes.The bottom line for this season on Tony is he had a great game to open the season in the Meadowlands, and since then he's been mediocre to awful. Obviously way too many turnovers have been involved.

    Is it all his fault? No. But does the turnover column change? No.
    The boiling point, of course, was reached last weekend at The Big Yard. For all you "sick and tired" people, let us quickly review that turnover-fest.
    The Giants won by scoring 29 points. Twenty-three of those points came on Cow turnovers. Seventeen of those points can be traced directly to three of the four interceptions thrown by Romo and the fourth one ended the most critical and disappointing drive of the game.

    For guidance here, I turned to The Man Who Watches Film.
    A brief background explanation on The Man Who Watches Film: He once was an assistant coach for the Cowboys and also a scout in the organization, but that was in the '90s. He has no ties to Romo. And since the '90s, no ties to Jason Garrett, nor to the organization.
    He is The Man Who Watches Film. And then says what he sees.
    Here's what he saw against the Giants:

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    Great article - the film guy's observations of Tony's pics and the o tree throw.
  3. T-RO

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    There are the objective facts...

    Again, Romo haters are ground into a fine powder and thrown into one of three receptacles...Each well labelled, "Ignorant" "Prejudiced" "Haters."

    Deion Sanders is all three: Ignorant. Prejudiced. Hater. He wins the ignominious triple crown of buffoonery.
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    I really don't get your point here...the expert just said Romo was at fault for the pick-six and that dumb throw on 3rd and 1 and you think it proves what exactly? Guess your pleased with mediocrity at the QB position.
  5. T-RO

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    Mediocrity? All the elite scouts put Romo in the top 10. ALL. OF. THEM. The elite analysts of the sport know that Romo is cast into a situation with all three:
    - Below average line play
    - Ridiculous receivers (Miles is fine when his wheels are good, but when is that ever the case?) Dez and Ogletree wouldn't even be playing on most teams.
    - Below average running backs (with Murray now hurt)

    I challenge you to find elite analysts to say otherwise.

    Romo is perhaps the best player on this offense...and is the least of our problems. In fact...he is the only thing keeping the ship from utterly sinking to the bottom of the ocean.
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    That pick 6 was not on romo. Felix was open, yes. but not WIDE OPEN. If he'd lofted it the defener in the vicinity would have closed on him by the time he got there. not to mention Romo would be expecting JPP to stay on his pass rush, not give up and drift off to cover Felix. Also, look at the angle he threw it, Tyron is directly between Romo and JPP. couldn't even see him.

    And that 3rd and 1 play? The guy who watches the film said it was the right read. OTree just couldn't beat his man (as usual).

    Romo's worst pass of the day was that miss to Hanna at the back of the endzone (they still scored a TD on the play), not any of the ints.
  7. Idgit

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    That was barely readable, but it ended up being a pretty good article anyway if you just read the quotes. Pretty much says what we all though about the first pick and the pick six. Interesting that he puts pick number 2 on Miles, because that one sure looked like Tony's ball placement problem to me.
  8. couchscout

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    Seems like someone else who also watches film for a living was trying to tell you guys a few days ago that Dez ran a post instead of a dig...
  9. Idgit

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    Most of us never doubted it :). Then again, some people don't like Tony Romo as much as we do.
  10. couchscout

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    You know, we keep hearing all these fans talk about how Romo needs to throw the ball up in one on one situations and let his WRs make a play. Well, he did. That is the result. I personally put it on Romo because I think at this point he should know better about trusting this corp of WRs, but I could easily see where Miles would be at fault as well.

    There is a saying in football, QB coaches and OCs tell their QBs this all the time. "If he's even, he's leaving" It basically means, in one on one situations if the WR gets even with the defender, throw it because they are gonna blow past them. Miles was even when that ball was released, he then proceeded to play the ball in the air about as badly as you can short of just standing there and watching it.

    Still, if I'm Romo, I don't throw that ball.
  11. Picksix

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    There was another throw, later in the game, down the left sidelines, where it looked like Romo put it where it needed to be, but Miles slowed up on his route, then sped back up. By then it was too late, and the ball was overthrown. Seemed like Miles misjudged how deep the ball was going to go. Also seems like Romo and Miles are having difficulty hooking up on deep throws. Perhaps they should use Miles more as a possession receiver, despite his speed.

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    Terrific post! Well said and accurate, which is why nobody has challenger it - because they can't. Kudos!!!
  13. CowboyFan74

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    I agree with everything in this article except this part:

    "People say there are trust issues with this offense. Heck, yes, there are. Any quarterback would have trust issues with those receivers."

    I hate to say it but it should be the reverse. I don't believe the receivers trust Romo.. How many times has he thrown such a poor pass that the receivers have had to dive, jump very high, and even worse stretch themselves out exposing their ribs, spleen, etc?RW was never the same once Romo got his ribs busted up but that's just filler for the discussion.

    TO (Yes he's a tool,) used to complain all the time about having to run routes, being wide open, and then either A. not getting the ball or B. it being a bad pass.

    I see the same frustration in Austin's face every game. He just shakes it off. Dez is doing well all things considering, there's a learning curve there and he's still young. What's Oh no's excuse? Turnover Tony is a seasoned Vet but he is actually getting worse every game...

    Romo needs to be benched, even if its just ONE freaken game, he needs to be benched already.. Where's the accountability?? :banghead::banghead::banghead:
  14. btcutter

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    Not only was the scout correct. Tony even throw it to the right spot....outside and away from S and potential double coverage. It was WR's JOB to get outside so he has one on one with no safety help.

    If you watch the replay, you can see the safety inside Austin and would easily make a play if the ball was throw to the inside.
  15. tecolote

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    I will never understand why Dez and Otree continue to run option routes when they clearly struggle doing that. Dez is a monster, Garrett should use him to his strengths or trade him.
  16. Numbers921

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    Adjusting to his personnel has always been too much to ask for Garrett.
  17. KB1122

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    The bad news is that we have a quarterback on pace for 30 interceptions. The good news is that it's never his fault.
  18. diehard2294

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    I think Romo carries to much burden, he has to make up for flaws in other parts of this team. He then has to face the media outlash whenever he can't pull this team out of a bad situation. I don't feel we will win a SB with him because I see a lot of work left to be done with this team moving forward. I mean we don't have a WR you can count on, one minute they make an amazing catch and the other they can't adjust a route.

    He doesn't always make the best plays but ask yourself how many times he keeps drives alive with his feet. I don't love him or hate him I just feel he is in a tough spot
  19. Outlaw Heroes

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    If they didn't take Aikman's word for it perhaps it's not surprising that they didn't take yours.
  20. Yakuza Rich

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    That and they are not facts. They are opinion based on the 'expert.' I can't agree with him on the 2nd pick. Inside leverage and it's throw to the outside. Yeah, would have been nice for Miles to make a better play at the ball, but that's a bad throw.


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