News: Randy Galloway: An independent voice weighs in on Tony Romo's play

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    I don't know that it's that we don't believe that both players have issues with routes. I think it's just that we don't always see this as one or the other. At times, it can be both QB and WRs. Sometimes, it can be more then that and that often happens as well.
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    I agree with some of the article. But my question is why exactly does romo continue going to these guys in critical situations if he can't trust them? THere has to be blame put on romo as well.

    Look at peyton and the broncos. They were out of sync for the first couple weeks. Now they look like they have been playing together for years.

    Romo has been in this same offense with mostly the same skill players for a long time now. They should be getting better and more comfortable with time. The exact opposite is happening though.

    The offense looks out of sync. A lot of that goes on the quarterback. He is the man in charge when this offense is on the field. There is no reason for him to not be on the same page as the wr's. If it's the wr's problem, he needs to go to garret and make garret understand it is not working and they need to be benched. Or at least call more plays for the guys who are where they are supposed to be.
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    yes you did.

    I just mentioned in another thread that the Cowboys staf went through each turover this year and found Romo's decsion-making at fault just three times.
    Things have unfolded ina very fluky manner so far though.

    I do think he could have lofted the ball higher on the JPP pick 6. But 9-10 QBs wouold not few football players to ever play have that guy's combined size/athletic ability. he sniffed it out and make a freak play. Sux for us.
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    With all due respect, 28, your pet cat was as responsible for the loss as anyone. That fumble (owing to nothing more than careless handling of the rock) was a back-breaker. It gave momentum back to NY at a time when they were reeling. Any perceived mistake Garrett may have made in play-calling pales by comparison.
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    Then the only receiver he would throw to would be Witten and we'd hear everyone complaining that he doesn't involve any of the WRs or round 2 of the "Romo and Witten are making secret plays" BS.
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    Just think about how frustrating it must be if you (being Romo) gets pretty much all the blame for picks--and really gets clobbered nationally--when time and time again you actually made the right play.

    He has screwed up plenty. No denying some of those blunders.
    But this is not high school or college, where you throw the ball when the guy is open.
    In the NFL, you throw the ball with anticipation or you never make it past one season. If you can't rely on somene to to be where they should be, or almost as bad, you can't rely on someone to fight their tail off for every ball in air, you are in trouble.
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    He should be throwing more to witten and miles. Miles usually makes good things happen.

    Never should he throw to ogletree in that situation like he did last week. Take the short throw for the first down to a reliable receiver instead of going for it all with someone who will probably drop it if he gets his hands on it.
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    I agree.
    On paper it was the right call, but it was higher risk anyway given the player involved.

    These guys have split seconds to make the calls, so it make be tought to not go to the guy who was actually the desgned option for the given situation.
    In any case, I wish he would have gone for Miles there.
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    Im a huge Romo critic. I think his carelessness at times isunreal. Fumble and INTs. Howeverthis pattern with Otree and Dez should be fixed by Garrett. If they cant learn then replace them with someone who runs the correct route.
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    We thought you were on the fence.
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    At what point are we going to quit blaming Dez Bryant is the real question...not, whether or not Romo should be blamed.

    Dez is what he is. I remember Aikman's comments about Harper getting inside the safety on the big play in the '92 NFCC game, how he knew Irvin would, but wasn't sure about Harper.

    That's where Bryant is. Or worse, Romo almost has to expect Dez not to do what he should. The scout in Galloway's article has it right with respect to that play, it's on Romo. Not for a poor read or poor throw, but for trusting Dez Bryant. Or, more appropriately, the real blame is on the guy who made the ultimate decision to burn a 1st rounder on Bryant.

    Another wasted pick. Another bad decision. And proving each every week, in spades, why such a physically gifted player dropped so far in the draft.
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    Emmitt was on the NFLNW talking about some of these plays and how dez just flat out misses his reads.

    They showed the Bears pick six and the Giants game as examples.
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    Yeah, it's a stretch to say Dez would have prevented a pick had he attempted the correct route.

    If the safety is in good position and Dez is the guy you're counting on to be in exactly the right place at the time...please don't throw that ball.

    There's never been any question Dez that screwed up.
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    That part :)

    The saftey was right where he was expected to be.
    Dez was to cut the route shorter and cut across and in front of the safety for a very easy reception. Instead, he kept going downfield.
    You have know choice but assume your recievers will run the right route.
    Otherwise, just run the ball every down.
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    I pretty much agree with what he said. I understand blaming Romo on the JPP pick, but man was that a great play by the defender.

    So I guess you blame the QB but far less than you usually would.

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    Dez absolutely ran the wrong route. That's the one thing that I think everybody can agree on.

    However, I honestly believe that the Giants new what was coming. The Cowboys had run 20 play action passes on the season, up to that point. On almost half of them, the play was to Dez on that pattern. I think the Giants new this through film study and they sent the strong safety on a blitz to bait Romo. If you watch the play, the Free Safety slides to the side of the field that Dez is on before the ball is ever in the air. Once the ball is thrown, the Safety breaks on it before Dez does. I think they new that was coming and they jumped that route.
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    This right here!

    Look you have to face the fact that Dez is just incapable of learning. He has a limited number of pass routes that he can run and it is risky to have him run option routes based on reading the defense.

    Dez would be deadly and probably the best WR in the NFL if only he could learn complex plays like going in motion, and running routes from the slot, ala TO. It is just impossible to do with Dez. I am sure that Garrett wishes he could run a similar offense as when TO was here, vertical seam routes and crossing patterns from Dez. As much as I dislike Garrett as the HC, I don't think he has forgotten that offense that was so successful with TO. He just doesn't have the player to run that offense. And it is sad, because Dez is every bit as talented, if not much more talented than TO.
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    If the giants knew what was coming, they would have been in position to defend the route Dez was supposed to run, not the route he actually ran.

    Unless they also knew he was gonna run the wrong route, and what wrong route he would run.
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    Interesting post. Im sure all the Romo apologists will either just ignore or lash out.

    The issue that is clearly evident is that Romo and these receivers have all been playing together for a while. None of these guys are new. No matter who deserves the majority of the blame, this stuff should not be happening with as long as these guys have played together.
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    So it's Romo not making the right reads?

    Or is it WR's not running the right routes?

    Go ahead, make your claim.

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