Randy Moss:Wish we had him

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by texan by birth, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Doomsday101

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    BS Irvin did not take plays and there are many players who do not take plays off, you like Moss fine myself I'm damn glad we don't have the jerk he is not worth the trouble and his presence on a team does not equate into victory he is 1 part of an entire team not the team itself maybe if he ever figures that out and grows up teammates may learn to respect him until then he is nothing more than a punk!!!
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    The reason I think Moss is a cancer is because he wants to win and win his way, by catching the football, scoring touchdowns and showing off his cockyness. The thing is in Minn they never drafted Defense in the 1st round
    until 2003. This was a team built around outscoring opponents which didnt get them anywhere. Moss was a cancer because he hating losing and complained/whined when they did.
  3. Mash

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    whatever....Irvin....I love him man....but every player takes plays off.....even the greats like our own almighty Larry Allen.....to say certain players never do...well thats just insane.

    So...Aikman changing plays to stroke his ego over Chan Gailey....wasn't disruptive?....Irvin shouting on the sidelines...give me the damn ball....remember that?....all the greats have ego's....they want to win....Moss is no different.

    Yet we can forgive Irvin and his nose candy.....his lack of loyalty to his wife.....his influence on the other players who were invited to the "white house"....because "he never ever took a play off"......ok
  4. Doomsday101

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    Did not approve at all of Irvin action off the field but on the field Mike was a complete team player, Moss is not in Minn and there is a reason why Minn got feed up with him and why SF got feed up with TO, yes they are great players but they don't give a shat about the team only themselves, they cause problems with other players on the team and those action will get your ars shipped out quickly because no coach in his right mind will sacrifice 53 other players for 1. I can see we will not change each others minds on this issue so love Moss all you want I’m glad he is not here.
  5. silver

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    winning is.... the only thing?
    winning is.... why we play the game?
    winning is.... the ultimate?
    winning is.... what I got? (i was thinking about the song: love is... what i got)
    winning is.... where we belong?
    winning is.... the other side of losing?
    winning is.... the essence of competition (man that was deep)
  6. wileedog

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    Moss took 3 Quarters of an NFC Championship Game off. He completely gave up in the first half, stopped running routes, stopped blocking, made half-hearted attempts at passes so he didn't get hurt.

    That was a complete embarassment, and I can't imagine being a Vikings fan and having to try to justify that shat on my team.
  7. k19

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    Don't forget the moto...................

  8. Mash

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    np....ok.....I just think he is a great player.....and u don't pass on him.....Just like we didn't pass on Haley when the same things were said in SF about him. Thats what I liked about Jimmy Johnson....if he knew u could be a difference maker....he made exceptions....because it all comes down to wins.....I don't want to be a bunch of choir boys and consistently finishing 8-8........once again Jerry Jones was one step behind....that year...he had evey shrink...working with the Cowboys to select players with great character....and we passed on a player that comes by once a decade

    oh well....
  9. lspain1

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    hmmmmm....Randy Moss. Didn't his team lose last night? Madden called him the most dangerous WR in football, but didn't his team lose last night?
  10. Mash

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    BTW....its ok to quit on Dave"the poodle" Campo......Chan "I think I'm a man" Gailey....but its just rude to quit or Question Mike " the price is right (SB tickets)" Tice
  11. Mash

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    Oh now I see....because....Minny never won the big one.....that oh my god the Raiders lost last nite.....its all Randy Mosses fault......well considering how our record has been pathetic now for how long.....we should just get rid of say....hmmmm....Newman....Williams.....etc......pretty pathetic attempt to debate.....IMHO
  12. Kangaroo

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    Well Mash Randy has caused issues in the Minny locker room and has caused team chemistry issues (so they have said for years)

    Funny how Moss has despaired in playoff games when they would get real physical with him hummmm

  13. Mash

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    the key is...."they have said".....who is they?....the media that runs wild to sell papers...Norv recently stated that Moss is not the player he is protrayed in the media....great team player and has a tremedous work ethic.

    I wouldn't turn down a young Irvin and his wild parties....I wouldn't turn down Charles Haley and his temper and I sure wouldn't turn down Moss and his ego

    Our teams in the past quit on our coaches.....we've seen it......we even wonder how that could happen....yet we never question it.......Aikman and how he undermind Gailey and his offence.....we never question Larry Allen and his feable attempt to block in a new scheme which the OL players didn't like...damn zone blocking. :)

    But we question Randy Moss and his actions towards the HOF....legendary coach in Mike Tice....Moss didn't kill anyone....didn't get busted or suspended for drugs....all he has done is put up numbers we could only dream of from our recent WR's.....questioned his head coach and admitted that he takes plays off when they are not going his way......a decoy.

    Yet he is a bum....and no good for nothing....ok enough of my rant.....too much coffee....need to get back to work

    later gents
  14. burmafrd

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    Moss is a headcase that will poison your team- it took Minn a long time to admit it. Wonder how long before Norv will realize the mess that he has gotten.
    The turd has no rings- and he deserves none.
  15. GTaylor

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    Had we drafted him Moss would never have been taken under Carter's wing and gone to camp.

    Let's not forget Moss' main motivation was being passed over not just by Dallas, but almost 18 teams including one who drafted a receiver and another who passed over him TWICE.

    It's amazing to think that Moss would have had that rookie motivation had he landed #8 and ended up with the wild undiscliplined/motivated group of teammates who didn't hesitate to go over the coach's head.
  16. Thunderstruck

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    People who call Moss the best in the game see only his highlights, and don't see the other 60 plays a game where he does nothing--including things like blocking. He has his weaknesses, and you saw some of them last night. When the Raiders really needed a first down, Collins looked towards Moss repeatedly, but didn't find him open. When they needed a 2-point conversion, Moss decided to play DB on a ball instead of fighting for it, a stupid, stupid decision since the DB intercepting a conversion try is no different than if it was merely incomplete.

    Moss is a tremendous deep threat. To be honest, he would actually be ideal as a #2 receiver, but he won't accept that role, and pouts if he isn't "the man." He can take over a game when he wants to, and the mere fact that he doesn't always want to, and that coaches never know from one play to the next if he wants to, is all the reason you need to know why the Vikings got tired of his act.
  17. 5 Super Bowls

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    Moss has been on a good team virtually every year. They were below 500 while he was in Minny. Winning is important, that is why Minny got rid of him.
  18. Mash

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    One thing....its a team sport....Moss can't make a poor defensive team a SB contender....second....if u watched lasts nite game.....NE was all over Moss with safety help and LB's in front......I was more surprised that Porter didn't have a huge game but they did mentioned he played hurt last nite.

    Moss motivation is to be the best player in the league....it didn't matter where he was drafted or who passed him by.....thats the media talking....and the fact Moss has destroyed us every time we played him....doesn't mean he played harder against us because we passed him by.

    Moss would be Moss....drafted 1st overall.....or drafted in the 7th round.....he knows what he can do....he knows defenses double and triple team him.....He is a player DC game plan against....u could see it all nite last nite.....u didn't see 8 man fronts last nite.

    Okay....Ive seen it all......did I just read...that Moss would be a ideal 2nd WR?..... :lmao2:

    I give up........some people just can't appreciate a talented football player like Moss....just look at the numbers he is putting up.
  19. GTaylor

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    Sooo it's the media talking eh? Why not - they're an easy target.

    So let me get this straight - Moss wants to be the best player in the game yet takes plays off, gives half effort when the ball isn't going to him, gave up in a NFC Championship game and told the media he'll "Play when he feels like it" Sounds like a winner to me, which explains why few in Minny shed a tear when he was traded.

    But we all know, it's the medias fault :rolleyes:
  20. Doomsday101

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    As I said I'll never argue his talent. The guy has multi-million dollar talent but it is attached to a 10 cent head and as long as that is the case some of us will not want to touch that fool with a 10 foot poll. He is not worth the trouble and distraction he can cause on a team.

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