Rangers Acquire Prince Fielder

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by TheCowboy, Nov 20, 2013.

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    Perfect move to solidify the infield, wow!
  3. jimmy40

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    dude is going to lose some weight or die next summer.
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  4. danielofthesaints

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    It looks like the Rangers will also get $30 mil coming this way as well. Good trade for both teams! Thanks Kins for your service!
  5. TheCowboy

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    Fielder at DH with Mitch at 1B? Or vise-versa?
  6. Christiann

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    Pretty good trade on both sides, makes sense looking at all the logistics now. Would've liked to see the Dodgers move one of our Outfielders for Kinsler, but oh well
  7. dogberry

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    Does Michigan have a state income tax?
  8. RamziD

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    This could be a great trade...a power hitting lefty bat in the middle of the lineup plus Profar finds a permanent home at 2B. No more terrible base running from Kins. Lots of options out there for another big bat including Cruz, McCann, Napoli, Morales. What happens now to Moreland? This is going to be an entertaining offseason...
  9. Derinyar

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    My best guess is Mitch to the bench, traded or released.
  10. Kristen82

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    Moreland will probably be packaged in a deal. We should be motivated to deal him because his trade value will never be higher, and we can take advantage of the fact that there are a few smaller-market teams looking for a relatively proven youngish 1B'man with power who's also budget-friendly - PIT, MIL, and TB if they don't re-sign Loney for example. Maybe Moreland is included in a deal for Price, or goes to MIL for Gallardo.

    Beltre is going to eventually have to move to 1B or DH to preserve his health and bat. Fielder is going to eventually have to move to DH to preserve his health and bat. It'll be easy to shift them around once they start losing their defensive skills.

    Profar and his plate discipline make an ideal fit at leadoff with Andrus staying in the 2nd spot or maybe Martin moving up to the 2nd spot.

    In terms of dramatics, JD has already made up for last year's meh offseason.
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  11. RamziD

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    Man, what I would give to be a fly on the wall in the Rangers organization...

    There are truly so many options that you can't help but stay on the edge of your seat. I can see, now, signing someone like Kendrys Morales who can share DH/1B duties with Fielder. That would mean Cruz likely signs elsewhere and we are even as far as first round picks. That would leave us with needs at C and LF, which we could possibly acquire one of via a trade including Moreland. I don't see us getting Price without including Perez in the deal, which would suck. Plus, he was just signed to a team-friendly contract, whereas Price would not be. I'm sure they are looking into this option, though. Maybe even Ogando and another player not named Perez would be included. But, what do I know, I'm just purely speculating lol.

    ESPN, of course, immediately blogged about the Rangers being a sleeper candidate for Cano. Now, while this is probably just sensationalism to get hits, I'm sure that's an option they are at least prepared to entertain if Cano would sign a 6-8 year contract worth no more than $25M per year. They are going to get an influx of money from TV deals in the next couple of years, so it wouldn't completely shock me if another extremely bold move like this happens. Of course, that would mean Profar would be traded, and it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense given that the organization is very high on Profar and traded Kinsler seemingly to make room for him. I agree with you that Profar has the ability to be an ideal leadoff hitter. Another potentially good leadoff hitter is Gentry, but I have doubts about him playing full-time.

    It's fun, indeed, to be a Rangers fan...
  12. BoysFan4ever

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    I've seen plenty online that this is a very good move for the Rangers. Certainly hope so.
  13. jterrell

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    My ideal off-season had us trading Kinsler to free up those dollars and 2B.
    But this move is why JD won out over Nolan.
    This is a steal for Texas.

    Yes, Fielder gets paid a fortune but for the first 4 years of this deal the 30m makes this basically even and we get a guy that is an elite level power hitter.
    Kins isn't a dog but his previous two seasons avg about .269, 18 stolen bases, 16 HR. That's pretty mediocre 'star' production and well below where Profar projects in each area in his prime.

    Fielder is a beast, literally and at the plate.
    His 2 year average is 27 HRs, .296 with over 100 RBIs.

    And moving to the ballpark is a sweet fit for a guy who had us targeted heavily in free agency.

    Saw an updated fantasy baseball list that accounted for the move to this left handed hitters paradise and Fielder was ranked 13th overall.

    Will be interesting to see what happens now but McCann, Shoo, Price, resigned Cruz should all remain in play . --not all of them to Texas but some combination.. possibly 3 of them.
    McCann to Texas.
    Trade for Price -- prospects Luke Jackson, Jorge Alfaro, Joey Gallo. 3 top 100 prospects in all of baseball imho.
    Resign Cruz for small hometown discount after money dries up a bit.

    Rotation would be as good as anyone in baseball. Bullpen would miss Nathan a lot obviously but have a few options.
    1. Profar 2B
    2. Andrus SS
    3. Rios OF
    4. Beltre 3B
    5. Fielder 1B/DH
    6. Cruz OF
    7. McCann C (wow, this low in order)
    8. ?? DH/1B spot and Wash lineup flex role.
    9. Martin OF

    That's a pennant contender for sure.
  14. RamziD

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    McCann signed with the Yankees for 5/85M. Kind of a bummer, but I wonder if this affects them trying to re-sign Cano. I still think we are in play for him. Choo, Beltran, and Cruz are still out there as well.
  15. RamziD

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    Also, mods, can we make this a Texas Rangers Offseason thread?
  16. jimmy40

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    am I the only one that saw Fielder choke on his own fat in the postseason? Damn, I hope he's just half as good as you guys are propping him up to be.
  17. TheCowboy

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    It's more of a relief to unclog the middle infield. Plus there's more possibilities to come for the Rangers. Fun off-season.
  18. dexternjack

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  19. Derinyar

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    The Rangers just took a big contract to get out of a middle infield log jam. They are very unlikely to spend the better part of 300 million to get themselves back into one.
  20. RamziD

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    No one is going to give Cano $300M or close to it (low 200s at most). The scenario includes trading Andrus and moving Profar to SS (his natural position). If they can trade Andrus (which JD has said they are listening to offers on all their infelders) that creates a spot for Cano and frees up $15M per year to spend on him. A lot has to work for that to happen, but I guarantee you this is a plausible scenario for JD and they'll try hard to make it work.

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