Rapper Tells '60 MINUTES': Wouldn't Help Police Catch Even a Serial Killer

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    Thu Apr 19 2007 12:47:1 ET

    Rap star Cam'ron says there's no situation -- including a serial killer living next door -- that would cause him to help police in any way, because to do so would hurt his music sales and violate his "code of ethics." Cam'ron, whose real name is Cameron Giles, talks to Anderson Cooper for a report on how the hip-hop culture's message to shun the police has undermined efforts to solve murders across the country. Cooper's report will be broadcast on 60 MINUTES Sunday, April 22 (7:00-8:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

    "If I knew the serial killer was living next door to me?" Giles responds to a hypothetical question posed by Cooper. "I wouldn't call and tell anybody on him -- but I'd probably move," says Giles. "But I'm not going to call and be like, "The serial killer's in 4E."

    Giles' "code of ethics" also extends to crimes committed against him. After being shot and wounded by gunmen, Giles refused to cooperate with police. Why? "Because...it would definitely hurt my business, and the way I was raised, I just don't do that," says Giles. Pressed by Cooper, who says had he been the victim, he would want his attacker to be caught, Giles explains further: "But then again, you're not going to be on the stage tonight in the middle of, say, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, with people with gold and platinum teeth and dreadlocks jumping up and down singing your songs, either," says Giles. "We're in two different lines of business."

    "So for you, it's really about business?" Cooper asks.

    "It's about business," Giles says, "but it's still also a code of ethics."

    Rappers appear to be concerned about damaging what's known as their "street credibility," says Geoffrey Canada, an anti-violence advocate and educator from New York City's Harlem neighborhood. "It's one of those things that sells music and no one really quite understands why," says Canada. Their fans look up to artists if they come from the "meanest streets of the urban ghetto," he tells Cooper. For that reason, Canada says, they do not cooperate with the police.

    Canada says in the poor New York City neighborhood he grew up in, only the criminals didn't talk to the police, but within today's hip-hop culture, that's changed. "It is now a cultural norm that is being preached in poor communities.... It's like you can't be a black person if you have a set of values that say "I will not watch a crime happen in my community without getting involved to stop it," Canada tells Cooper.

    Young people from some of New York's toughest neighborhoods echo Canada's assessment, calling the message not to help police "the rules" and helping the police "a crime" in their neighborhoods. These "rules" are contributing to a much lower percentage of arrests in homicide cases -- a statistic known as the "clearance rate" -- in largely poor, minority neighborhoods throughout the country, according to Prof. David Kennedy of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. "I work in communities where the clearance rate for homicides has gone into the single digits," says Kennedy. The national rate for homicide clearance is 60 percent. "In these neighborhoods, we are on the verge of -- or maybe we have already lost -- the rule of law," he tells Cooper.

    Says Canada, "It's like we're saying to the criminals, "You can have our community....Do anything you want and we will either deal with it ourselves or we'll simply ignore it." ​
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    I heard about that on the radio. He's an idiot.
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    Cam'ron was an idiot prior to the interview, he just let the folks outside of hip-hop know he's an idiot.

    Someone should tell him sharing is not always a good thing.
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    Yeah, not all hip-hop artist are as ignorant as him.

    Too bad the ones that have a good message don't get segments on mainstream television.
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    When did Cooper join 60 Minutes? I missed the news on that one.

    The guy is a jerk, loser.
  6. Meat-O-Rama

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    Why would they want to put a positive message on TV? How would they package it into 5 second sound bites to lure people to watch? How would they sensationalize it?
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    Sadly...well put.
  8. burmafrd

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    Love how 60 minutes does these things with criminals like that, tyrants like Castro, and never ask the tough questions. Or in cases like this, let them spout garbage like that and never challenge them.
    Where is Al sharpton and Jesse Jackson- oh, forgot, they are getting thereselves on TV working over Imus. While this garbage spreads.
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    Sometimes is better for people to think you are a fool before you open your mouth and remove all doubt. He accomplish that.
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    Here's my dream scenario for Mr Cam'ron...

    911 Operator- "911, what is your emergency?"

    Cam'ron- "Help, help, I'm being eaten alive by my next door neighbor, a deranged serial killer wearing a cape made of human skin, who's holding me captive in his basement!!"

    911 Operator- "Ok sir, calm down, we'll have officers on the way, just give me your name and the address your being held at?"

    Cam'ron- "My name is Cam'ron, and the address is....(click, dial tone) hello, hello!!??"

  11. BrAinPaiNt

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    Sometimes you just don't have to challenge them or ask the tough questions.

    Sometimes these nipple heads open their mouths and make themselves look foolish.

    Sometimes it is one of those things that is real but so unbelievable that if you saw it on a movie you would say it was too exaggerated and would never happen in real life.

    Sad...but true. And as the other poster eluded (hostile will appreciate that I am a awake on that one) to, this type of thing generates much more interest than most feel good stories.
  12. Maikeru-sama

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    Is it always neccessary for you to play the "race angle" and don't try to deny it, that is exactly what you are doing?

    Oh I forgot, you wouldnt have anything else to talk about...well except for talking about overrated Notre Dame :rolleyes: .

    - Mike G.
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    good post.
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    Seems like Cameron's "I Won't Help the Cops" thing is fairly recent, as he was the complainant in a 1999 assault:

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    camron sucks! HOVA!
  16. trickblue

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    Rapper Backs Off "Snitching" Comments

    Cam'ron is apologizing for his comments on Sunday's "60 Minutes," where he told Anderson Cooper that he wouldn't turn in a serial killer if he were living next door to one. Good thing he doesn't host a radio show.

    As part of a story about snitching, Cam'ron said, "If I knew the serial killer was living next door to me? I wouldn't call and tell anybody on him -- but I'd probably move. But I'm not going to call and be like, 'The serial killer's in 4E.'" Word?

    In a statement, Cam'ron tried to explain what he said, "Where I come from, once word gets out that you've cooperated with the police that only makes you a bigger target of criminal violence. That is a dark reality in so many neighborhoods like mine across America. I'm not saying it's right, but it's reality."

    Cam'ron went on -- "Looking back now, I can see how those comments could be viewed as offensive, especially to those who have suffered their own personal tragedies or to those who put their lives on the line to protect our citizens from crime," the rap star said in a statement issued today. "Please understand that I was expressing my own personal frustration at my own personal circumstances. I in no way was intending to be malicious or harmful. I apologize deeply for this error in judgment."

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