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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by fgoodwin, Jun 5, 2008.

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    Anybody ever bought from these guys?


    I just bought a 1960 Dallas Cowboys hi-lite film (DVD) and I thought the quality was very good, considering the age of the film (I'm guessing the original was shot on film rather than video).

    Anyway, they have several complete games and hi-lites for football (including AFL), baseball, and basketball.
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    No I haven't. What kind of information do they ask you over the phone?

    I would love to get this, since I was at the Oct. 30, 1960 game against the Baltimore Colts and at the first regular season win in 1961.
  3. fgoodwin

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    They ask the usual stuff: shipping address, credit card #, etc. They also wanted to know how I found them (googling for something else).

    For some reason, they won't accept email orders, and they won't provide any info via email, but they did send me several pages of their catalog of other films.

    Like I said, the quality of the 60-61 DVD was very good. This was pre-NFL Films, but pretty good nonetheless.
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    I have never heard of them.

    Thank you for posting a link to them. I will have to check them out later.
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    thanks for posting this....saw a couple i gotta have !!

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    Hey guys:

    Could someone send me a copy? I will rip, convert, and upload it to Cowboys Media. Then everyone could have it for free.

    Send me a PM if you would like to play Santa. There are so many children who would like a new toy. :)

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