Rate my first fantasy draft.....

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by CaptainMorgan, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. CaptainMorgan

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    Just drafted in an ESPN leauge and this is what I ended up with. Just curious how some of you more experienced players feel that I did.

    QB: Peyton Manning/Phillip Rivers
    RB: Reggie Bush/Julius Jones/Marion Barber
    TE: Todd Heap/Chris Cooley/Dallas Clark
    WR: Marvin Harrison/Donte Stallworth/Antonio Bryant/Chris Henry/Matt Jones/Koren Robinson
    K: Neil rackers

    Defense / Special Teams: Indianapolis Colts

    I think Im pretty stocked at TE, Im banking on Bush being spectacular, not sure Im very comfortable with my wideouts but thats what was there when I picked.
  2. jksmith269

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    Pretty good I wouldn't put much in Bush considering he's a undersized rookie... I would expect Mcallister to get most of the touches... I think your better at WR than you think Donte will have a good season with Brees at QB.
  3. jcollins28

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    Not bad. In fact I love your T/E's and QB's. I would do my best to try and trade for a R/B though. You do not want to start Jones and Barber and Bush is a question mark at this point.
  4. EastDallasCowboy

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    Very bad at RB. You missed out on the studs.

    And stud RBs are what win championships.
  5. Sarge

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    3 TE's is totally taking up roster space. Your RB's are gonna kill you. JJ/MBIII are only going to take carries from each other......as is Bush/MCallister.

    This year especially, it is of utmost importance to have your RB's among the guys NOT splitting time, if possible.
  6. cowboyskid29

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    matt jones could be the steal of the draft
  7. Smith22

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    I would trade for another RB, they are the bread and butter of FF.
  8. cowboys661

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    y u have reggie over jones?

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