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Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by ethiostar, Sep 2, 2012.

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    I'm in a 12 team, .5 ppr league. We award 6pts for all TDs, 1 pt for every 20 yards receiving or rushing, 1 pt for 50 passing yards.

    We start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, W/R, W/T, K, and DEF, and 4 on the bench.

    Here is my draft, in order (overall).

    1. (8) Arian Foster RB
    2. (17) DeMarco Murray RB
    3. (32) Wes Welker WR
    4. (41) Dez Bryant WR
    5. (56) Antonio Gates TE
    6. (65) Tony Romo QB
    7. (80) Beanie Wells RB
    8. (89) Titus Young WR
    9. (104) Robert Meachem WR
    10. (113) Lance Moore WR
    11. (128) New England DEF
    12. (137) Ryan Williams RB
    13. (152) Robbie Gould K

    I drafted Williams in part as a handcuff to Beanie and in part because there really no one left to draft. Most likely, I will drop him in a week or so and pick up someone else, perhaps a QB for week 5.

    I will also replace Gould with Hartley, who is still available.
  2. Questfor6

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    Good looking team, somebody steal Ben Tate from you? He's the best handcuff in all of fantasy football.
  3. Doomsday

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    Murray and Romo were real nice values where you got em, nice team.
  4. ethiostar

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    Tate is still available. I really don't draft handcuffs, never have. I think it's a waste of a roster spot, for the most part. The only reason I drafted Ryan Willams after Beanie is because there is concern about Beanie's health and I've read that Williams maybe a better pick between the two. After a week or two, if Beanie has a strong hold on the starting spot and he remains fairly healthy, I will drop Williams and pick up somebody else. Perhaps a one week filler at QB for week 5.
  5. ethiostar

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    Yeah, I like where I got those two. I couldn't believe Foster was available at the 8th spot either. There was a run at QBs at the start of the draft (4 QBs) and a couple of people drafted McCoy and Rice ahead of Foster.

    I may have reached on Dez a little but I like his potential this year a lot. I took him over Mike Wallace, Vincent Jackson, Antonio Brown, Percy Harvin, Steve Smith, and Demaryius Thomas. He may have been there if I waited one more round but I didn't want to take the chance, especially since I was targeting Romo a couple of rounds later. Double dipping works well when it goes right.

    I also might have pulled the trigger a bit early on Titus Young. Here are some of the WRs still available when I picked Young, Reggie Wayne, Kenny Brit, Greg Little, Meachem (my pick in the next round), Malcolm Floyd, Santana Moss, Lance Moore (my pick 2 rounds later). But then again, I think he is a sleeper this year and expect him to have a very good year.
  6. baj1dallas

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    You're a little weak at RB but if you keep your eye on the waiver wire and pick up somebody over the first month or so it's a great team.
  7. Sitting Bull

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    I think it is a very good team, maybe because it looks so similar to mine. I'm in a 12-team, all TDs 6pts, 1-PPR league where TE's are optional and counted as WR and you can play 3WR-2RB or 4WR-1RB:

    Romo/RGIII/C. Palmer
    Welker/J. Graham/Torrey Smith/Meachum/Titus/A. Jeffery/D. Baldwin
    R. Gould

    I'm with the other posters, you have to handcuff Tate to Foster. Tate has proven he can produce similarly in the event of injury. Wells is an enigma and Williams is going to be brought along slowly. You'll be guessing who to start between the two every week. I'd dump Wells for Tate and keep Williams for the upside.
  8. ethiostar

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    Well, Ben Tate is not available on the waiver. He was actually drafted in the 7th of a 13 round draft....LOL.
  9. BraveHeartFan

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    Real good team.

    Getting Romo at 65th will be the steal of the whole thing, IMO.
  10. ethiostar

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    I wish Tate was available now:mad:

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