Rate the best All Time DBs for the Cowboys

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. mmillman

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    There is Sanders and then everyone else.

    Best Safeties were:

  2. Risen Star

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    Darren Woodson is the only safety that ever played for this team that was capable of lining up in the slot and covering the best wideouts in football while also being an elite in the box safety.

    I think he was the best by a lot. He could have played way back then and now and still been a great player.
  3. KJJ

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    I don't like ranking players but Mel Renfro would clearly be the best DB to ever play for the Cowboys. One DB I don't think has been mentioned is Herb Adderley. Although he played most of his career in GB he did play his final 3 seasons with the Cowboys and added 9 int's. He was far past his prime when he came to Dallas but would have to be added to this list because he was a HOF player and did contribute to the Cowboys first 2 SB seasons in 70 and 71. A list like this comes down to the criteria you have and how many years a player spent with the Cowboys.
  4. Tex

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    I am shocked so many are leaving off Cliff Harris! Check his stats and he goes above Woodson. He surprised an d retired early at the age of 31.

    5 super bowls 6 pro bowls 3 all-pro and in the ring of honor (expected HOF also) and you have Everson Walls and Friggin Keven Smith on and no Cliff Harris? Come on guys.

    ESPN had him at number 15 on the list of 50 greatest Cowboys of all times, think about that for a second and everyone on that list.

    I mean I liked Walls he had a couple really good years. But Cliff Harris needs to be in the discussion for top three anyway and for sure in any top 5 list for DB's on the Cowboys no doubt.

  5. Plankton

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    1. Mel Renfro - a great player as both a corner and a safety
    2. Darren Woodson - a freak of nature who not only could support like a linebacker in the running game, but could cover in the slot like a corner. As underrated a player as anyone who ever suited up as a Cowboy.
    3. Cliff Harris - Captain Crash was a thrill a minute player who hit like a truck. An All-Decade player who deserves HOF consideration.
    4. Cornell Green - like Renfro, a terrific player as both a corner and as a safety.
    5. Everson Walls - the best ball athlete to play in Dallas (excluding Deion Sanders).
    6. Charlie Waters - once he was moved to strong safety, he blossomed into a terrific player.
    7. Kevin Smith - for three years, he was the best corner in Dallas since Renfro. After the Achilles injury, he became too much of a clutch and grab player.
    8. Terence Newman - as maligned as he has been, Newman was a very solid player for many years. A little too injury prone.
    9. Roy Williams - for two years, he looked like a future candidate for the HOF. Then, he lost his discipline, got fat, and couldn't play anymore.
    10. Dennis Thurman - one of the smartest players to ever play for the Cowboys, he had a nose for the football.

    Top Corners

    1. Mel Renfro
    2. Everson Walls
    3. Kevin Smith
    4. Terence Newman
    5. Ron Fellows

    Top Safeties

    1. Darren Woodson
    2. Cliff Harris
    3. Cornell Green
    4. Charlie Waters
    5. Roy Williams
  6. xwalker

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    Yes, Woodson might be the most underrated player to ever play for the Cowboys.

    Very few Safeties in the NFL have ever been as good at covering slot receivers as Woodson.
  7. McLovin

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    spot on
  8. Manster68

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    If you spent three years or more with this team, then you are eligible.

    1. Deion Sanders*
    2. Mel Renfro*

    3. Everson Walls
    4. Herb Adderly*
    5. Cornell Green*
    6. Dennis Thurman
    7. Kevin Smith*
    8. Terrance Newman
    9. Benny Barnes*
    10. Larry Brown*
    11. Isaac Holt
    12. Ron Fellows
    13. Mike Jenkins
    14. Mark Washington*
    15. Aaron Kyle*

    * - has a Super Bowl ring from the Cowboys
    Bold - Hall of Fame (to include selectee)

    Psst, 5 minutes after I originally posted this, I realized I left someone out. It is corrected now.
  9. Pokes12

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    What about Obert Logan?
  10. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    Don't know a ton of those guys but I was a big fan of

    Kevin Smith

    Thruman, not sure if he was a safety.
    Loved Michael Downs

    I liked Kenny Gant too, not because he was good, but because of the shark dance.
  11. jobberone

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    Renfro, Green, Adderley, Walls, Smith, Newman, Thurman

    Woodson, Harris, Waters, Green, Williams, Renfro
  12. CooterBrown

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    Renfro has to top the list. In my opinion, better than Deion. Renfro played CB and then Safety and didn't make "business decisions" to avoid hitting someone.
    Cliff Harris, the victim of the biggest HOF snub EVER.
    Charlie Waters, Cornell Green, and Darren Woodson are all neck and neck in my book, but probably in reverse order. Waters was a bad CB, but a great safety. Green was great at both, and Woodson was great at both. (even though he was always listed as a Safety, he was also a slot corner.)
    Everson Walls was an interception machine, but he guessed wrong a lot. Kevin Smith was great before his injury. George Teague could have been, maybe should have been, a Superbowl MVP. The rest of them are JAGs to me.
  13. joseephuss

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    Are you thinking James Washington?
  14. joseephuss

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    Good list although I think 3 years is hardly anything. I think 5 should be the minimum consideration.
  15. CooterBrown

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    Oops. Yep.
  16. jterrell

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    charlie waters
    cliff harris
    mel renfro
    everson walls
    darren woodson
  17. muck4doo

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    Anyone mention Deion yet?
  18. mmillman

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    you forgot that Harris made the all 70's team too
  19. KJJ

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    Yes he's thinking about James Washington Teague never made a play in a SB that would have earned him SB MVP consideration.
  20. Tex

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    Are ya kidding me??

    We have long lists here with the likes of Issac Holt, BENNY FRIGGIN BARNES ?? Aaron Kyle and RON FELLOWs and leave off Cliff Harris?? lmao ??? lmao

    I would never even of remembered those scrubs names. Cliff harris HAS to make the top 5 lists of Cowboys DB's. You can remember renfro and forgot Harris?

    I mean come on here BENNY BARNES AND AARON KYLE dont make any team in this leagues top 15 of anything good. Ya gotta be kidding me??? They were basically scrubs. JAG Someone we had to chunk out there for a few years until we found someone better. Guys waiting to be bumped from the roster by the nest UDFA.

    You cant even dirty the list of top cowboys DB's of all time with those guys. I had to spit twice to clear my mouth after just reading their names.

    Thats like saying Adam Sandler or Steven Segal is one of the top 5 actors of all times.


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