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    The few hours after watching the movie the more I did not like it. I'm referring to the story itself. Action was solid. Special effects were good. I do not want to give away spoilers but a few things did not settle well with me.
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    Olympus Has Fallen 8/10
    Identity Thief 4.5/10
    Jack the Giant Slayer 7/10
    Safe Haven 5.5/10
    Warm Bodies 9/10

    I'm a huge Star Trek fan, but I was so disgusted by Star Trek 2009 I may not even see the latest Trek movie. I don't consider anything directed by JJ Abrams to even be a Star Trek movie. His '09 movie was by far the worst Trek movie ever made, even worse than Star Trek V. If you want to know why I hated the '09 movie so much, you can read about it in the following link. These reviewers nailed it:
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    Star Trek into the Darkness 7 out of 10
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    I was an original Trek fan who happened to have loved the first of the reboots. The second is more of the same, though they did make an obvious effort to make the plot more cerebral and to give proper homage to the series.

    I hesitate to recommend it if you hated the first one, though, but I thought it was a pretty good movie. I still have a hard time accepting the casting of young Spock, but, other than that, I think they've done a really nice job rebooting a movie franchise that had gotten pretty stale.
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    Into the Darkness. Not sure if cheesy or not. On one hand going back to II was lame. On the other it's not a bad plot. They just didn't do a very good job with the plot. I wonder if there is so much emphasis on effects/CGI they just don't care that much anymore; speaking in general.

    Very entertaining but not so artistic.
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    I think it's his voice. Nimoy's was so distinctive.
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    Les Miserables: 9/10

    This from someone who is not a fan of musicals and turned it on only because I was on a plane with very limited options
    Great movie that teaches you about humanity and character

    Jack Reacher: 4/10
    Fairly mindless flick
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    Good movie
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    Really? Wow. I thought that dude that played Sylar in Heroes is a really good casting of Spock.
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    Star Trek Into Darkness - I'll go 7.325 out of 10

    I'm so happy I didn't hear anything about what the film was about before going in...not knowing who the "bad guy" is made this a little better for me. The big reveal was there for me. Had I seen comments in this thread, it would not have been.

    Since when did he pick up the "Nunian Sing" (sp?) part of the name though? That was Data's "dad"'s name, wasn't it? I guess that means no Commander Data in these stories going forward lol.

    I've always loved Peter Weller, and was pleased that he was in this film.
  12. BrAinPaiNt

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    Cold Fish...Really weird and unsettling japanese movie.

    In Enemy Hands...Pretty decent WWII Uboat movie that I had never seen. Maybe I liked it because it was something I had not seen or heard of prior to watching it. If you like WWII Sub movies you might like this one.
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    Noonian Soong was Data's "father".

    Khan Nunian Sing was the character's name in TOS, Wrath of Khan, and Into Darkness.


    I went to ST: Into Darkness Saturday. I give it an 8 out of 10 because of the role reversal for Kirk and Spock. I think I may have been the only one in the theater that actually laughed out loud when Spock yelled "Khhhhhhaaaaaaan!!!"

    Yes, the plot was entirely too easy to figure out, but it was fine because it is after all an alternate reality from TOS. I liked the subtle differences in the story lines from the original. It sets up well for a new movie involving some of the technology and tactics Khan helped create. I would really have enjoyed a more in depth look at the "Dark Ship", but other than that, a really good movie.
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    Oooooh, thanks! THAT is why my mind kept wondering if it was Soong or Sing I heard? ha ha :laugh2:
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    Star Trek - Very good visuals and screen sets.
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    I too consider myself somewhat of a Trekkie, but those reviews crack me up. No offense, but those 'reviewers' talk like the Federation and Romulan empire actually existed and the movies flaunt historical fact. Like the one guy saying the interior of a 24th century starship did not look like that. I guess he came back from the future to enlighten us. But I guess it goes to show you're not going to please everyone.
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    That is pretty picky. Nimoy does indeed have a great, distinctive voice and few out there have that trait. He and James Earl Jones top the unique voice category. I think it would be difficult to find a new actor that could provide that one specific element along with all the other things that make up the character Spock. I think he does a fine job of nailing down all the other parts, so not having the voice is okay.

    Those reviews were quite entertaining to read.

    That had me rolling. There were no great thespians in the original Star Trek series, so why expect anything different at this point.

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    You would think though that a 24th century starship would have mastered antigravity by then, instead of still using rocket propelled engines. To me that is funny.
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    I agree. It was one of the reasons I enjoyed the new Trek movies. Some of it was just as campy and cheesy as TOS. Chris Pine used a lot of William Shatner's quirks in the first movie, which I got a kick out of.
  20. Phoenix

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    I like your viewpoint on this. Peter Weller came out with what I thought a well thought out and voiced "defense" of this new Abrams universe of Trek. It's out there, you can google it up if you want.

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