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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Feb 19, 2012.

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    I liked it some, and disliked parts too. I had no idea it was a musical...or at least that half of it was, going in. I didn't see anything in the trailers to indicate it was, so I was a little disappointed when there was so much singing. But then the 2nd half of the movie really didn't have much at all, and I thought it got much better. But it was a little uneven with that.
  2. Phoenix

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    Cloud Atlas

    2012, Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, Hugo Weaving, Keith David, Susan Sarandon

    This is a really long (almost 3 hrs) and very complicated film. All of the actors portray multiple characters each, over, what? 200 or more years of a story? Fascinating tale of continuing relationships and reincarnation over lifetimes. Despite almost 3 hours of movie, it is never slow, boring, or just fluttering along. There is a LOT here, and to really catch the intricacies required multiple viewings (for me). Or maybe the multiple viewings was just an excuse to re-watch Halle Berry in those 70s hip hugger bell bottom jeans :) (wow!)

    I still haven't figured out what that light ray / beacon thingy on the Hawaiian mountain was. I must have missed something in the audio, which the soundtrack kind of consistently made hard to hear, or make out, even at very high volume. Hugo Weaving had a great moment in the film where he channeled his inner Agent Smith perfectly lol.

    Pretty spectacular performances by the entire cast. Just tremendous acting. My only complaint, really, is that this was a single movie. There is just so much here that it would have been perfect as a TV mini series of like, three episodes of three hours each, or something along those lines.

    9 out of 10
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  3. ctrous25

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    Anchorman 2. I thought it was very funny, not as good as the first one but I'd give it 8/10
  4. pjtoadie

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    I saw Frozen and give it a 9/10. My wife and two daughters loved it as well. It's the best Disney movie since The Lion King imo. If I didn't have kids I probably wouldn't have seen it right away but I am glad I did. I loved that it had so much music! I grew up doing musicals and I love to sing. I come from a big musical family so I love when the movies have lots of singing in it :D

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    Then you'd give the 1st one 9/10 or 10/10?
  6. dexternjack

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    My exact thoughts. Can't stand musicals but it was tolerable since it was a cartoon I guess.
  7. ctrous25

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    Yes. One of my all time favs my friend. . 9/10
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    It was good. I don't know for rankings though, me prob an 8.
  9. ctrous25

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    Well my friend in the words of Ron Burgandy,"Agree to disagree! " :-D
  10. WoodysGirl

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    Best Man Holiday 7/10

    I docked points for the cheesy football scene. Overall, it was a good reboot to an old movie.
  11. Ntegrase96

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    Thought this movie was pretty good. I've heard a lot of people talk bad about it a bit, but those people's complaints seemed to stem from "It wasn't as good as District 9", which was also directed by Neil Blomkamp. I'd agree, but at the same time I didn't try to look too hard for a deeper meaning in this film as some seemed to do because of D9.

    Visually it was incredible and the plot was pretty good. I didn't really think about some of the plot holes until a few hours later. Thought the performance by Damon was great as usual and Sharlto Copley (Wikus Van De Merwe, protagonist of District 9) was great as well.

    Definitely recommend it.
  12. FloridaRob

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    saw American Hustle Christmas Night. The actors were just outstanding in this film but the film itself was rather slow but I did like the ending. If it was not for the performances of Bale, Cooper, Lawrence, and especially Amy Adams, I might have left early but those guys made it worth it. Amy Adams and Christian Bale will probably be nominated for an Oscar for their performances but the film was not all that. Acting was 10/10-Film was 5 out of ten.
  13. DallasDomination

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    After Earth

    I was expecting a complete utter trash considering the reviews.. but I decided to watch it anyways..it's not nearly as bad ad people make it out to Be.. I enjoyed it actually.

  14. MichaelWinicki

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    "We're the Miller's"

    Terrific comedy. Not for youngsters. I laughed out loud from beginning to end.

    I'll probably watch it again to catch all the one-liners! I know I missed some from laughing too much.

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  15. Doomsday

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    47 Ronin - 8 /10
    American Hustle - 9/10

    Really enjoyed both of these movies.
  16. Bill Wooten

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    Saw American Hustle. I agree FloridaRob. Actors made the movie. Story was good, but did kind of drag in places. 7/10.

    Really enjoyed "We're the Millers" too. Probably put it in the 8/10 range for a comedy.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Elizabeth Shaw an David. Two of my all time favorite characters.

    10 out of 10 for me.

    Looking forward to their next adventure to find out..... Why?
  18. Tawney88

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    Wolverine, not great
  19. Tawney88

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    One of the funniest movies I've seen in awhile. Loved it.

    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    Hobbit 2. Ending was good. But everything before the dragon was boring. - 6/10

    Saving Mr Banks. Excellent. - 9/10

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