Rate the rookie class.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboy Junkie, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. Cowboy Junkie

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    Now that the season is at the half way mark and we have a feel for the team.
    How would you rate our past draft?
  2. Da Hammer

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    I would give it an B+ for so far, i'd like to see what Burnett can do and if he gives us a contibrution in the 2nd half i'll give it an A. Ware has been fantastic and Spears has taken over the starting job. Also Barber is becoming a steal and should gives us a great 1-2 punch with him and Jones.
  3. SuspectCorner

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    it's early but i'll give it A-/B+ for now. this grade is sure to climb as we begin to get more contributions from Burnett and Beriault. the long-term prognosis is excellent.

    the 3-year grade is what's important. the instant dividends are just gravy.
  4. b_virtue

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    I think we have a "A", hands down. Look at what we have.

    SPEARS -> Starting
    WARE -> Starting (Future Probowl)
    CANTY -> Significant Minutes (He could be amazing. Wasnt even expected to play until late this season, but has found a way to be really effective)
    PETITTI -> Starting (Allowing Bledsoe the time he needs)
    BARBER -> Starting Temporarily (Doing better than Jones is)
    THOMPSON -> A great 3rd down back
    BURNETT -> Future Starter (Hes had a slow start, but lets see how he does no that Singleton is down)
    Johnson -> Solid backup (He is paying behind Glover and Fergison. So he isnt getting alot of playing time, but i hear he is really impressing Parcells, so thats good enough for me.)

    I'd say thats not bad. We havent had a class like this in years.
  5. watertown

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    what else but an A
  6. JackMagist

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    And don't forget that Ratliff was playing very well before he went down with the ankle.
  7. jazzcat22

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    Yes this is a great draft class so far. As well as the rookie FA's.
    As posted before, Ratliff was mentioned, and was doing well. Thompson was a FA signing and a great find.
  8. Dayton Cowboy

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    And lets not forget that Beriault was having a good camp as well before his injury. If he hadn't gone on IR as well, I dont think we'd be seeing Dixon or Scott back.
  9. Eskimo

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    I would give it a tentative A - A+ would require the development of at least one All-Pro caliber player.

    However, some caution must be applied because we all remember how good the 2002 class looked after the first year - 5 starters:

    Roy Williams
    Andre Gurode
    Antonio Bryant
    Derek Ross
    Tyson Walter

    I'm sure at least 3 of them made the All-Rookie team. There were also high hopes for Jamar Martin (injured) and Pete Hunter.
  10. poke

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    if this group doesnt rate an "A", then our previous drafts deserve grades
    that havent been invented yet. well maybe on some of my old high school
    physics tests.

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