Rather than down I would like Dallas to move

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by mmillman, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. mmillman

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    up in front of Seattle and KC unless they have three guys at that point they really like. Unfortunately for us both of these teams have some similar needs and I would rather see Dallas move ahead of them to get who they like rather than hold their breath and wait.
  2. fortdick

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    Who would be available that be worth spending that much on? We would at least have to give up our second to move up, and probably more.

    Who do you want to pick that is worth that much?
  3. mmillman

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    you don't need to give up that much to move from 14 to 10. I didn't say the first round either. Both teams have similar needs and draft just before Dallas in both rounds. It could be heartbreaking that they lose out on Ingram or Decastro for example if that is their target. If they get snagged right before them I would agree with the move down crowd..
  4. Zimmy Lives

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    Contrary to what most believe, there will be impact talent available at 14. I see no reason for the Cowboys to move up for one specific player unless it's Luck or Griffin.

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