Ratiing Quarterbacks I've seen so far

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by jrcowboys, Sep 14, 2005.

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    Of the quarterbacks I've seen so far, I rate them as follows:

    Brady: elite

    Bledsloe: good

    Vick: good and bad (poor thrower)-really don't know how to rate him

    McNabb: streaky, off in first game

    Loseman (Sp?): shows good potential

    Carr: seems to have regressed

    San Diego quarterback (brain fart can't remember name): pretty good, maybe better with good receivers and pro bowl tight end.

    Bottom Line: Bledsloe looked impressive in the first game, but Tom Brady is the only Quarterback I would really hang my hat on. Of course, I haven't seen all the quarterbacks.

    Note: Let's all hope Bledsloe can move into the elite class. He seems to have the tools, just needs to read defenses quicker and get rid of the ball. Maybe Parsells can move him up a notch.

    Also, let's hope the offensive line can handle Philidelphia's blitz, which looked pretty tough against Alanta.

  2. fortdick

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    Forgot one . . . . Manning
  3. jrcowboys

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    You are right. He looked great against Baltimore. Also, Boller appeared to be struggling.

    Note: I still think I would take Brady over Manning for one game. Or maybe it's Belichick plus Brady over Manning.

  4. burmafrd

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    Brady is a cool cat; Manning is great- sort of like the Young vs Montana or Montana vs Elway arguements of the past. ANd who was it that ended up with more rings?
    the cool cat. Take him every time.
  5. cowboyskid29

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    I'd take manning, i think hes the best in the league. if he can get a couple rings on his finger, i think he has the potential to be the best of all time.
  6. playit12

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    I'd take Manning in a heart beat. The guy is such a throw back to a time when the QB was the smartest man on the field. He commands the entire offense. He dirrects the linemen on the fly, changes patterns at will, and essentially calls the plays dynamically.

    Compare that to the rest of the leagues QBs who have to call a timeout if their helmet ear piece doesn't get the play in.

    They say the only way to stop Indy is to try to confuse Manning. You have to change the pre-snap look as often as possible to disguise the actual package. How many teams have defenders that are intelligent enough to move to 4 or 5 different positions before the snap and then remember what their actual responsibilites are? (Just one right now).

    As for Brady, you can gameplan against him and it doesn't involve wearing out your D before the snap.

    By the way... For anyone that watches these things closely... what really makes Peyton so impressive is in the result of his scheming. He almost always throws to ball to a guy thats either in single coverage or between defenders. That's really astounding when you realize he's throwing timing routes or hitting his 4th option. Most other passers are putting the ball in a catchable area and letting the WR and the Defender fight for it. Manning generally only throws passes that his player alone can catch. Sure he throws some picks when he miss reads a defender, but it's not like he's heaving it long and letting Marvin play jump ball. (Like Culpepper last year with Moss). That takes some skill.
  7. CowboyFan74

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    Brady is top notch and doesn't get the respect he deserves, whereas Peyton gets more than he should...
  8. Billy Bullocks

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    McNabb is up there. I don't like amditting it. Say what you want, 4 NFC Championship appearances, 1 SB appearance, he's good. He wasn't the same after he took that hit.
  9. joseephuss

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    I am not a Carr fan and did not think he was worthy of being the overall #1 pick of an expansion franchise, but I think judging him is difficult to do. The Texans have done a very poor job of giving him a decent offensive line. They are severly lacking in talent along the line. He rarely has any time to sit back and go through his read progressions.

    The line is also not good at run blocking. I can't tell if Dominick Davis has improved or regressed because of the same reasons. The line blocking is so poor, it is hard to evaluate the running back position. And without a running game, defenses can tee off on the QB.

    I also think Palmer is a poor offensive coordinator.

    Carr and Harrington will always be compared to each other, sort of like Bledsoe/Mirer and Manning/Leaf. The Lions have done a good job of getting Joey weapons, but more importantly a good offensive line.

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