Ratliff and Jerry Jones in face to face argument

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cajuncowboy, Dec 9, 2012.

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    Going to have to disagree here - he is a contracted professional, he is not Jerry's property. Jerry bought his services, he didn't buy HIM. It's hard to say who was truly out of line since we don't have direct observation of what happened, but I don't buy this notion that a highly trained professional has to take unconditional crap from his employer. If Rat was in the wrong, then he is wrong, but if Jerry is, then that doesn't make Rat's role that of sitting there and taking it.

    If Ratliff overreacted, that's on him. If Jerry instigated Rat with his general nincompoopery then that's on him.

    Either way, I don't think the owner/GM needs to be in the locker room in general, unless it's to pop champagne over a Lombardi.
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    I don't think it is the GM's responsibility to tell a guy where he is going to play. That is the coach's decision. This is just a microcosm of what is wrong with this team.
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    Great post, Venger! I hate the way JJ is in the locker room after a game, that's the time for players to get exposure not for him to get more.

    This situation is like the old saying "the truth is probably somewhere in the middle". Both men allowed this to flare up, probably. JJ, being the mature one, should have walked away before emotions got out of hand.
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    Jerry is lucky that Jay did not rip off his wig.
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    Someone finally stands up to Jerry and he gets bashed.
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    I think you confuse "boss" with "guy who makes the personnel decisions" -- Jerry does not tell the players what to do. That is not his job. Ratliff's bosses are Garrett, Ryan, and possibly (depending on how the staff runs things) Brian Baker.
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    Unfortunately, yes, I think Jerry will still be on the team next year.
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    :laugh2: :bow: :bang2:
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    That's just weird.

    Who needs the draft? Jerry's got a wand.
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    Post of the year!!! :lmao2:
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    On one hand, Ratliff can't act this way towards any coach or executive, but on the other, the owner simply can't walk into the lockerroom and question the integrity of a player. My guess is that a significant # if not a majority of professional athletes would've reacted similarly to Ratliff.

    I think Ratliff is severely worn down, nearing the end, and will only provide us glimpses of the player he was, but I don't think he's one to fake it either.

    Just another day in Jerryland.
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    Remember though, Jerry Jones isn't just the owner/dicatator, the GM, the dance team coach, the PA announcer, the interim head coach, the grounds keeper for the stadium and security. Let him tell it, he's is the powers that be for the Cowboys.
    He must have made Jay really mad. I worked with Jay at the Chris Canty Camp, here in Charlotte for three days a couple of years ago. He's very nice, easy going and down to earth but like with anyone and especially a football player, they have their limits.
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    We needed Ratliff to throw one punch and knock Jerry out so he could forget he is GM
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    Several reports coming out of the Dallas camp indicate that after the Cowboys' win over Philadelphia last Sunday, team owner Jerry Jones and nose tackle Jay Ratliff got into a verbal confrontation so severe that team personnel had to separate the two. Jones, who has a habit of talking to players in the locker room after games to offer encouragement or prodding, apparently walked up to the oft-injured Ratliff and said just three words: "We need you."

    Ratliff then got to his feet and an argument ensued. Credit Jones; the 70-year-old didn't back down from the 6-foot-4, 300-pound lineman (though the fact that Jones signs Ratliff's checks might have had something to do with it). Team officials had to separate what one individual called a "volcanic" confrontation.

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    Give me a break. Jay has been paid very well by that owner/dictator, and like all his teammates treated first class by Jones. If this was a corporate environment he would be out on his arse looking for a job right now.
    Maybe Jay was being defensive because Jerry was not far off questioning his injury, either way seems like the act of a fake tough guy bully to me.
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    Oh no Oh no! Did you not get the memo earlier in this thread? Football is a business to make money but it really isn't a normal business. The man who pays you cannot just walk up and have a discussion about the investment.

    Its a different world we live in. DOWN WITH THE MAN!!

    Even though the man pays my salary....down w/ him.

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