"Raw Brutality, and Brett Favre’s Class" Great Read

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    "I wrote this piece in January 2010, in the few days that followed the NFC Championship Game between the Vikings, where I was the backup quarterback, and the Saints. You may think this game is special for its place in the Saints’ bounty controversy, but to me it’s special for an entirely different reason: In all my experiences in professional football, it best encompasses the true soul of what the NFL is. For my own sanity, I wanted to express my thoughts on the game and take you inside what happened before, during and after it. "

    By Sage Rosenfels.

    Full Article: http://mmqb.si.com/2013/08/07/sage-rosenfels-brett-favre-saints-vikings/
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    Great stuff. Thanks for posting this.
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    Good stuff. I wonder if there's not a QB we all know pretty well who can identify with this:

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    That part hit at home for me.
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    Nice article. I found the part where he describe how Favre focused on the QB's movement and how those movements affect the defense very interesting.

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