Ray Lewis on leadership (Cowboys related)

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    I'm posting this because I found Interesting what Ray Lewis said (edit: he said it at media day today) about becoming a leader, only because much has been made on the Zone about the Cowboys not having enough leaders to win.

    Well Ray Lewis - who is one of the greatest team leaders thee are - said he did not become a leader UNTIL he won his first Super Bowl.

    He said that up until then he was just a follower. It's noteworthy since many here have said that Dallas needs leaders to get the big dance and win it, but Ray Lewis is basically saying that leadership is not what made him a Super Bowl winner, but rather that winning the Super Bowl made him a leader.

    Theres a lot of wisdom and irony - in that!

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    If we have a defense that can hold teams to 10.3 points per game and a 62.5 defensive passer rating the intangibles will come on their own
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    Skins on the wall carry weight.

    Once a team wins the Super Bowl, many players can become leaders that young guys can look up to.

    Because they have been there, they have won the big one. That means something whether you are a coach or a player.
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    That may have made "him" a leader but that doesn't mean that there weren't leaders on that team. I think that is the rub with the Cowboys....who are the leaders? I'm not sure if Romo, Ware and your superstars...like Lewis was pre SB..are always the ones. For them it could have been Shannon Sharpe, Sam Gash, Jonathan Ogden, Siragusa, Sharper or Rod Woodson.
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    Welp. Remember last year at the Pro Bowl when Ware and Ratliff said they met with Ray Lewis so he could give them tips of being leaders :laugh2: Good stuff Ratliff!
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    Suddenly Eli isn't looked at as a bad leader anymore. Funny how that works. When is the last time he's yelled at anything?

    On a side note I said this when Ray was a FA a couple of years ago we should have went all in. He would have changed this team dramatically. If you remember that's when Wade was here and we had no leaders.
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    Ray Lewis is a fluffer. I knew someone who made speeches and "motivated" people in my fraternity in a similiar fashion (saying such generic things as staying focus, being strong, and blah blah) but the guy was the biggest hypocrite ever. Irionically enough he was really good at IM football and he was involved in several altercations (none where anyone died) and was accused of taking steriods. Yeah I agree he is one of the best LB to ever play and yadda yadda but I would never hone his "leadership skills." If I ever had a kid who was playing football I would only advise on to watch Ray Lewis film to learn some of his moves/techniques on the field but I would never tell him to follow him as an example/leader/role model.

    my .02
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    we had leaders.

    We didnt have a head coach.

    then because of this nonsense we let owens and his crew ruin a great locker room.

    everything that happened in 08 was terrible for this organization. everything.
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    That's why We should have gone all in for Ray. He would have changed all of that.
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    he would have been gas on the fire.

    ray in Dallas would not be viewed as the man of the people, the william wallace if you will.

    he would have been viewed like a troublemaker with a big mouth and a phony.

    compounding the owens, bennett's, pacman, williams, williams, tank issue.
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    And we do now?
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    Ray Lewis has been a leader the day he stepped foot on the University of Miami campus. He was the clear leader on the ravens first title run and still is now. The man'a work ethic, desire, competiveness, and the ability to make other better is unquestionable. Nice story, but I'm not buying it one bit.
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    Thats why when we brought in Brookings he became a leader in about 2 minutes. :rolleyes:
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    The flaw here is that not all things are equal in this league. To assume because Ray Lewis thinks he was not a leader that every time it goes down like that is ridiculous.

    Sorry, but one size does not fit all.

    And as someone said, there were leaders on that team.

    And on the defense, the leader we truly have is Lee and he has been on the sidelines a lot.
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    This topic is about Ray Lewis' on-the-field leadership. If you disagree with that, then debate your opinion in that area. Leave the immature comments and references to off-the-field activity out of the discussion. If Ray Lewis' off-the-field history is very important to you, by all means go to the Off-topic Zone and create a thread there to discuss it as much as you want.


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    I think that when Garrett talks about having the right kind of guys who work hard, love football, and leave it all on the field he's talking about players like Ray Lewis.

    This Cowboys team has plenty of players that will the reason for victory, should this team be fortunate enough to win a Super Bowl.

    If this team is not loaded with leaders, it's loaded with leaders to be. All they need now to have Championship success is a solid supporting cast that will plug the current gaping holes on the roster, like at RT, C, FS, just to name a few.
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    Ray was never coming to Dallas. Get that thought out of your head. He USED Dallas to get leverage to get a better Deal from Baltimore. Jerry could have gone "All In" ( which is idiotic ) & he still wouldn't have snagged the guy who cursed as he yelled to tear Texas Stadium down after the Ravens beat us at home. Thankfully.
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    Ray didn't need to be a leader on that team it had Rod Woodson, Jonathan Ogden, Shannon Sharpe, Ben Coates and you could throw Trent Dilfer in there even though he was the weak link on the team but he knew his role and didn't deviate from it.
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    After his first SB.......whatever. Lewis is liar and marketing himself into the hall. Period. He could get there with talent alone. Give it a rest, Ray. You were VERY good at what you did on Sundays.
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    Do you guys think it was just coincidence that Dez really picked up his game at/just after the Ravens game? I remember hearing that Ray wanted to sit down with Dez to have a chat...it seemed soon after that Dez really started to ball....maybe just a coincidence but who knows...

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