News: Raymond Radway struggled after injury

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    RVING, Texas -- With the Cowboys releasing eight players on Monday morning, the name Raymond Radway stuck out the most.

    Radway was a wide receiver who made the team in 2011, but a fractured leg in the final preseason game at Miami ended his season. It set the speedy Radway back in his development, and he might have lost some speed because of the leg injury.

    Radway was inconsistent in this summer's practices, dropping passes, lining up the wrong way and not getting open enough. The McKinney North product still flashed that dazzling speed of his, blowing by cornerback Morris Claiborne on a deep route during training camp.
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    I like this kid. I hope he makes it onto an NFL team. That injury was one of the most misfortunate events I've seen in a while.

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