Twitter: RB Coach Gary Brown: Murray has only scratched the surface

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Apr 11, 2014.

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    It's not up to you to resign him. lol
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    That's not rookie money anymore. Here is last year's rookie numbers:

    2013 Rookie Pool Estimates Updated April 26-The following are my estimates for the current costs of the rookie pools for each NFL team. These estimates are based on the assumption that the salary cap will not rise by enough to create a material impact on the NFL rookie pool and that the league will continue to institutue a salary freeze on signing bonus money, rather than reducing it which seems to be their right under the current CBA. The chart is current through trades made in round 3

    The chart gives three categories to view. The Year One Pool is the cap allocation given to the team in 2013. Signing bonus allocations are the immediate cash that a team will likely need to use to sign their rookies. The total cap estimate is what it will cost the team in cap dollars to keep the players for four years not including the "proven performance escalator" that is available for rookies selected in rounds 3-7. Clicking on each team should take you to their individual cap page for pick by pick and yearly cap breakdowns. If you have any questions about the methodology used feel free to email me.

    I'm not going to put the chart up but the number one picks are in the low 20 mils for the life of the contract which is often 5 years not 4 for those out of round 1.

    So if Murray wants 6 mil per IMO he can walk and we can draft a RB in the next two drafts as well as gardner the required UDFAs. We're talking in the two mil range or less.
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    It's totally obvious. That said, I'm more likely to take a risk on an injured player I've seen deliver when healthy than I am on a developing guy who hasn't shown it yet. It's easy enough for an injury to two to be incidental but look like a trend.
    But at RB, where performance typically declines starting at 28, and where they can be replaced in the third round, there's just little point in extending a guy who's cheap to replace. Especially since you need more than one guy, anyway.
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    If Murray would re-sign for 2-3 perI would consider it, honestly, providing the team makes a commitment to the running game. If they're going operate as usual then there's really no point in the monetary investment.
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    Murray is young enough for the team to get value from a 2nd depends on the price-tag of course
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    There you have it, Jerry is taking a RB in the middle of the first.
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    Rb's are so replaceable until you find yourself starting Montario Hardesty
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    I'm done calling him glass. For now. And Murray has improved eqch year. I love the guys attitude. Team leader!
  9. bodi

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    sorry he history - IMO

    I think a we should sign RB each year

    let the best man win

    IMO missing a full season in 3 years does not cut it

    lets give Glasco Martin, , RB, 6-1 #220, Baylor the TD maker a try

    "Glasco is the back that people should really take heed of and watch," Seastrunk said at Big 12 media days. "He's the (person) that they should fear.

    At 6-foot-1 and 220 pounds, the punishing Martin was the thunder to Seastrunk's self-described lightning. Martin scored 15 rushing touchdowns last season, with nine coming in the final six games after Seastrunk became a bigger part of the offense.

    "There's no deviating, he is going to run over you," Seastrunk said. "He's going to make you so tired of seeing him you are going to jump out of the way."
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    I guess I must be referring to another player . The Murray I am referring to lowers his head and knocks down lots of defensive tacklers. Not taking hits on the sidelines can be smart.
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    I think it's more bad luck than a lack of durability . His first major injury was a 300 lb. Linemen falling awkwardly on both of his ankles. I don't think many ankles out there could withstand that
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    Murray turned 26 in February. I'm in favor of re-upping him at the right price. $3M+ per and I am listening hard. $4-5M maybe not so much. Depends on the structure. He's currently a valuable member of the team. Replacing him requires a draft pick AND making sure you hit on it. And obviously that's a pick that cannot be used to help us in other areas of need.

    RB's are not getting real big dollars right now so I am hoping we can keep this guy around at a very reasonable rate.
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    Exactly why I would resign him. When you have plenty of cap I'd say it's poor strategy to cut a guy like Murray over the minimal cap hit he'd take to resign.

    Yeah, Murray gets injured. Tends to happen to RB's in the NFL, guys that start every game at that position are the exception, not the rule. But he's proven to be a more than capable back when he's healthy, he can catch the ball out of the backfield, has shown he can block, and runs with authority.

    I like Demarco, and running backs are bargains in FA. Sign him to a cheap 2 year deal at ~5 million, and then grab another back, and I'm not talking about another Joseph Randle, to give us two RB's capable of toting the rock.

    It's nice to say that some 3-5 round pick is just going to come in and be as productive as Demarco, but he's not a slouch. I'm a fan of keeping cheap, productive players instead of cutting them because you *might* find a replaceable player in the draft. Why create a need when you have a player at the position who can play and will come cheap? We already have a black hole at the 2nd running back position. Sign Murray for cheap, find a capable #2, and worry about BPA the next few drafts.
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  14. Idgit

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    I do really like Murray. But I've seen enough charts that show RBs peaking in their later 20s. I'm leery of extending him, and I do want us to trust our ability to draft.

    If you know he's not ready to peak, it's one thing. Or on a two year or affordable deal it's a no brainer. But I think he's a player who has appeal in FA to teams, and I don't want to give market rate to a guy who'd be 27 at or near the start of the new deal.
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    Thank God for that. We'd have a team of 53, 350-pound defensive tackles.
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    I take the rented car approach. You all know you drive those rented cars like a bat out of hell till you return it. Thats how I use Murray. Run him for all he is worth. Dont fear the injury,and when his contract is up. Just turn him in. Unless he is just tearing up the yardage. Then see what he will resign for.
  17. nake

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    I think we should try to extend Murray sometime during the season with a contract for three years that is really 1 or 2, assuming he plays like he did last year. I can certainly understand the reluctance of other fans to extend him at all after what happened with MBIII.
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    Petition the league for extra downs and put in the wishbone and this plan might work. It'd be something like a 37 play 77 yd drive at about 2 yards per carry and forfeit all extra point attempts. You may want to have a talk with Jerry, he's started wearin his hat backwards again.
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    It would be nice if he were injured less but, hey, running backs get hurt,,, you've got to have at least two starting quality RBs every season and at least one of them can't be injury prone. Murray is a quality player that should be retainable for a decent price, IMO. I don't see anybody swooping in and overpaying the guy.

    The real question is, "what's up with Joseph Randle?" The Cowboys may need to bring in a new guy just just in case he doesn't pan out.
  20. big dog cowboy

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    Since he was so rarely used last year, hopefully the preseason will ofer some answers.

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