RB Eric Johnson says he runs a 4.31/40 and can squat over 500 pounds.

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    Former All-America set to face former team
    Giants RB Johnson leads team against Reedley Saturday
    By DAMIAN MARQUEZ • dmarquez@visalia.gannett.com • November 4, 2010


    Allen says Johnson runs a 4.33-second, 40-yard dash, but Johnson says he runs a 4.31, 40-yard dash.
    Either way, one thing we do know: Johnson is extremely fast and difficult to catch on the football field.
    As fast as Johnson is, his strength is what might just be his biggest attribute on the field, because when he does get caught it doesn't necessarily mean he is going down.
    Johnson stands at a generous 5-foot-7 and weighs about 175 pounds, but he is a lot stronger than he looks. Johnson said he can squat over 500 pounds and he bench presses over 300 pounds.

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