Rds 1-4 BP has done very well

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by burmafrd, Apr 23, 2006.

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    They must be ones that stick with the team. 1-2 rd picks should be at least starters or share starts; 3-4 at least good backups. 5-7 is for gambles and projects.
    SO FAR since BP came we have had 3 first rd picks and all are starters. Newman, Ware and Spears - Spears came on late last year and looks like he will start for good. the other two are pro bowl or close to it.

    2nd RD: JJ- needs better luck but has great ability.
    Johnson: 2 year starter bulking up and just might finally turn the corner into being a top 10 center.
    Burnett- showed talent but injured. Will see this year.
    Rogers- just wish we could have opened his lid and seen that the heart was missing. OUR BUST so far.

    3rd RD: Jason Witten- Pro BOwl- makes up for busting on Rogers.
    Peterman: we will see this year. Hopefull but he could be our second bust= BUT BP still seems to like him.

    4th Rd: Bradie James erupted last year and is now a solid starter.
    Thornton= as a pick a good one but BP gambled that he could get away with a roster move and Frisco grabbed him- but is a valid pick still.
    Barber: solid backup that can start.
    Canty: just might make it to the Pro Bowl and is our real steal of the BP era.

    Of the 13 players taken there is only ONE REAL bust at this time. One more possible, one that is gone but may start for anothe team. I am willing to bet that in the last 3 years no team has matched this success rate in rds 1-4.
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    And as regards 5-7: Ratlief looks to be a real find. Reeves and JOnes and Ryan are still here. Petitti started 16 games; Beriault has potential that we will look hard at this season. All these guys are really gravy- so the draft has been very good for us the last 3 years.
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    i feel like the only round they've screwed up on is round 2
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    same here...

    hopefully not this year though

    nice breakdown burmafrd
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    Rd 2: Gurode, Bryant, Johnson, Rogers, Jones, Burnett

    Gurode is a backup. Bryant was shipped for a WR we decided not to keep. Rogers was a bust. Jones is a starter; though injury prone.

    Burnett- too early to tell.

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