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    Please remember that this is a FAMILY-FRIENDLY site.

    We understand that emotions run high after a game. We understand that the debates here can get heated.

    But please remember this is a family-friendly site.

    In the past, if the language filter has been circumvented, we have sent out warnings or infractions. We have also made the mistake of saying to just type out the word and let the language filter do it's job.

    But now we have gone from an occasional mess up to way too many posts with a bunch of filtered words in it and it is more than obvious what is being implied.

    From this point forward, please don't type out the word, don't circumvent the language filter, and be mindful of the family-friendly goal of this site.

    Therefore, please post your thoughts without the inappropriate language in the future.

    This site was set up so Cowboys fans could meet, talk cowboys, but in a family-friendly environment.

    Whether you agree or disagree, please respect the rules of the site and help keep it family-friendly.

    Remember there are people here who have children and these people with children like to share things with their children concerning the cowboys. There are times that the children view this site with their parents. This site is to be family friendly and the parents should not have to explain what someone means when they are going on some profanity laced rant.

    Again this is a Family Friendly site...please help keep it that way.

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