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*** READ! *** The Market Zone Rules *** READ BEFORE POSTING! ***

Discussion in 'Market Zone' started by Reality, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Reality

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    Please read the following rules before posting! There will be no warnings given out for violating any of these rules!

    • You may only list physical items or services you, yourself, are buying, selling, trading or otherwise providing. You are personally responsible for anything you post in this forum!

    • You may only create one thread every 24 hours in this forum.

    • You may NOT relist or repost a specific product or service for at least 30 days once you have listed it in this forum.

    • You may NOT list products or services that involve other sites including but not limited to other auction or market sites such as Ebay, Craigslist.

    • You may NOT list, offer or include links to affiliate or commission-based programs, services or sites.

    • You may NOT post a link to any other Market Zone thread in a Market Zone thread.

    • You may NOT advertise or mention a Market Zone thread in any other forum on this site.

    • You may NOT advertise or mention a Market Zone thread in a private message to any other member unless you are contacted about it first.

    • You may NOT post any personal attacks, complaints or in any way harass another member in any Market Zone threads unless you were the buyer or seller for the item or service listed in the original post of the thread.

    • You may NOT use multiple accounts to list products or services in this forum.

    • You may NOT attempt to buy, sell, trade or otherwise promote or distribute obscene, dangerous or illegal products.

    • You may NOT attempt to buy, sell, trade or otherwise receive or distribute copyrighted or trademarked intellectual or physical property in which you do not own the legal rights.

    • You may NOT post fake, misleading or otherwise inaccurate posts in this forum.

    • You agree to not hold CowboysZone.com, its staff, its owner or its advertisers liable or responsible for any personal loss, damage, stress or legal fees for any reason.

    ... these rules are a work-in-progress and will be updated often!

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