Ready for Parcells to call plays... again

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rathalarge, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. rathalarge

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    I don't know about some others, but it's time for Parcells to call plays again. Before I get beat up here, remember the half back option passes, and reverses called when Quincy was here. While we say Parcells is too conservative, it's also been written about his allowing Bledsoe to throw the ball for more than 600 attempts in New England. With the weapons we have , we need to do this more when it's first and goal, instead of running so much. That's how we won three games last season; at San Francisco, Kansas City, and at Carolina. All were on first and goal, eneven though they were with seconds on the clock.:suxskins:
  2. dbair1967

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    first of all we had 35 pass plays (33 attampts and 2 sacks) and only 22 runs...hows that conservative play calling?

    Also, we didnt have any goal to go plays this past week

  3. dmq

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    So why did we keep running right at the strength of the Jags defense? I still can't figure that out.
  4. CalMor

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    Its called playing from behind. If we had held the lead, that stat would be much different.
  5. dbair1967

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    Jacksonville didnt take the lead until about 11 minutes were left in the game...

    we ran 12 passes and 1 run after that point...the first drive after Jax we went 3 and out so that definitely limited the rush attempts...

    so before then then play calling was 23 passes and 21 runs...thats not conservative

  6. BigD_95

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    I didnt have problems with the play calling. I thought it was great!

    The problem was the QB. He couldnt find the right person to throw it too and when he did he missed them badly.

    Plus we ran the ball pretty good.

    The only one to blame is Bledsoe.
  7. dbair1967

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    I agree, the play calling wasnt that bad...seemed like they only wanted to run right on a majority of plays for whatever reason...but alot of the play calls didnt work because Bledsoe missed the open people badly

  8. Little Jr

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    Could be wrong but I looked it up the other day and in the last 7 minutes or so when we were down by 7 we threw the ball 13 times. 6 of them were in the last 3 minutes when were were down 14.

    I had 20 pasess and 21 rushes.
  9. conner01

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    i think we spend to much time looking for someone to blame.we ran the ball over 4 yds per carry. we had wr's open, we need to exacute not complain about what play was called.everyone loved the run when it broke for a td.but we had open recievers we have to hit, we had pass rushers who have to be stopped. it's about exacution folks
  10. Doomsday101

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    I think some are getting carried away with the play-calling aspect of this past game. There are always going to be some plays called that will get questioned if you lose but the bottom line is the players have to execute and the simple truth is our guys did not execute and if your not doing that then I don't care what the play that is called it will fail. There are no magic plays without execution. For our guys this past week reminds me of a qoute I once heard. When the coach was asked about his teams execution he said "he was all in favor of it." :laugh2:
  11. Sportsbabe

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    I hope somebody asks him his thoughts about the play calling from Sundays game. I was kind of disturbed about it in the 2nd half. When we got the running game working, we went to the well too often. We could have hit them with the play action and we never did. When we got behind we went to the passing game too late. It was all jacked up.
  12. CowboysRule

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    I think we had too many short passes.
  13. braw

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    The play calling was conservative not in the ratio of run and pass, but the attempts at downfield. This team is built like a Ferrari, you need to take it out on the autobohn not for a neighborhood drive.

    Case in point The Vikes took alot of shots downfield against the Skins. Thats what the Jags did, they let their recievers make the plays, even though they were covered.

    The Jags D is made to keep everything in front of them, about 10-15 yards from the LOS. They keep eveything within that distance and apply pressure with 5 or 6 players(less time to throw).

    So if you throw a few fade or go routes it gets the D playing back and not let the D control the game.
  14. Stautner

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    We threw the halfback option pass when Quincy was here because the halfback had a better arm than the QB......

    Trick plays aren't the answer for a team hoping to get to the Super Bowl - trick plays don't carry a team. They can provide an ocassional boost once in a while, but the fact is that this team is only going to be successful if we can execute the offense as designed.
  15. landryscorner

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    comeon we were playing catch up
  16. landryscorner

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    i agree 100% all the other teams i watched on sunday were attacking gonig for the endzone on second down with like 60 yards too go...on more than one occation, I think we have the weapons to do this...but out playcalling and scheming suckss!!!!!!!!!!!

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