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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Compacity, Mar 27, 2005.

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    I think the Cowboys will trade the 11th pick and next year 4th Round draft choice to Saints for Darren Howard and 16th pick.
    Then I think they will trade to St. Louis for their 19th pick and a 3rd Round.
    I think the Dallas Cowboys will trade their 20th pick down to Seattle for their 23 pick and their 3rd Round Draft choice....
    Then trade the 23rd pick to the new york jets for their 26th pick and a 3rd round...
    Then trade the 26th pick to the New Oleans Saints for their 3 second Round Draft choices...

    1st: Alex Barron OT Florida State
    2nda: Marlin Jackson CB/S Micigan
    2ndb: Darryl Blackstock LB Virginia
    2ndc: Brodney Pool S Oaklahoma
    2ndd: Chris Henry WR W. Virginia
    3rda: Chris Canty DE Virginia
    3rdb: Vernand Morency RB Oaklahoma State
    3rdc: Kevin Everett TE Miami
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    I think you should stop smoking whatever you are smoking.

    You might also want to at least look at a draft value chart.:rolleyes:
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    Man you are one sick puppy, if this happens i swear i will go shoot jones and BP in their head myslef
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    It's a pretty good draft if you ask me. It borders on insane since no team will hand out 3rd rounders like Halloween candy but I'd take it in a heartbeat.
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    That might be some kind of record for trading down.
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    your picture from extremeskins is hilarious

    Ive been trying to get video into my signature etc with no luck- any suggestions

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