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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboysLaw87, Feb 7, 2013.

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    I like Pugh a lot in a ZBS. He's got position flex (OT/OG), and if you play him at OG that hides the short arms. He was a very good LT at Syracuse. He's not big/strong enough to be a man blocker, but as a 6'5 301 lb. 22-year old with plus athleticism, I see him as a perfect fit in the 3rd round for a ZB team.
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    Berny has more position flexibility (OG/C), upside (only 1 year starting), youth, is cheaper, and made some clear improvement in the last 6 games or so IMO.
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    Appreciate the time it took to put that plan together, great job. As for FA...unless it is for Henry Melton I would prefer to not go after a big ticket FA. I think we are going to have to spread what little money we have around and hope that some of those low risk gambles pay off.

    Some guys I would be interested in on the defensive side of the ball, hopefully getting them on the cheaper side.

    DEs: Wallace Gilberry, Lawrence Jackson, Frostee Rucker, and Trevor Scott

    DTs: Amobi Okoye, Sammie Lee Hill, Rocky Bernard, Ron Brace

    LBs: Michael Boley, Geno Hayes, Nick Roach, Phillip Wheeler

    Ss: Jim Leonhard, Patrick Chung, Darcel McBath

    I don't want all of them, but I think they could be cheaper alternatives for the team and they could excel in the right situation.
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    You're probably not going to like my OL rankings:

    Tier 1:
    6'6 310 OT Luke Joeckel Texas A&M
    6'6 302 OT Lane Johnson Oklahoma
    6'7 305 OT Eric Fisher Central Michigan
    6'2 322 OG Chance Warmack Alabama
    6'3 310 OG Jonathan Cooper North Carolina

    Tier 2:
    6'5 308 OG Dallas Thomas Tennessee
    6'3 333 OG Larry Warford Kentucky
    6'3 305 OC Khaled Holmes Southern California
    6'4 305 OC Barrett Jones Alabama
    6'4 338 OC Travis Frederick Wisconsin

    Tier 3:
    6'5 355 OG D.J. Fluker Alabama
    6'5 310 OG Oday Aboushi Virginia
    6'5 320 OT Menelik Watson Florida State
    6'7 315 OT Brennan Williams North Carolina
    6'4 310 OG Brian Winters Kent State
    6'5 323 OT Chris Faulk LSU
    6'4 295 OT David Bakhtiari Colorado
    6'5 315 OG Alvin Bailey Arkansas
    6'3 313 OG Hugh Thornton Illinois
    6'5 304 OT Terron Armstead Arkansas-Pine Bluff
    6'6 304 OG Kyle Long Oregon
    6'5 333 OT Manase Foketi West Texas A&M
    6'3 302 OG Omoregie Uzzi Georgia Tech

    Tier 4:
    6'3 307 OC Brian Schwenke California
    6'2 312 OC Patrick Lewis Texas A&M
    6'3 310 OC Ivory Wade Baylor
    6'8 312 OT Luke Marquardt Azusa Pacific
    6'3 304 OC Braxston Cave Notre Dame

    Tier 5:
    6'4 302 OG J.C. Tretter Cornell
    6'6 311 OT Xavier Nixon Florida
    6'5 294 OT David Quessenberry San Jose State
    6'4 300 OG Earl Watford James Madison
    6'5 301 OG Justin Pugh Syracuse
    6'6 310 OT Rick Wagner Wisconsin
    6'6 340 OG Travis Bond North Carolina
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    I don't think livings is going anywhere. I doubt the team wants to franchise spencer again. I think they will let him walk unless they get a steal of a deal for him

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