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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by XxTDxX, Mar 17, 2014.

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    The Jets just lost out on DRC and have a major hole to fill at CB.. Right now they have 6'6 275 lb Quinton Coples playing OLB.. He is a natural fit for a 4-3 defensive end.. Cowboys could possibly trade Claiborne to the Jets for Coples and maybe also get a pick. The deal would fill holes on both teams and potentially make both teams better.. Only downside is it would create a hole for the Cowboys at CB but in this scheme I think the pass rush is more important.

    Obviously this is not something that has been even been discussed so please don't take it as me saying that this will happen but my friend is a huge Jets fan and is freaking out about the CB position as well as Coples untapped potential and poor fit for their scheme
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    Coples was actually even more effective as a 3 tech DT at North Carolina. But the guy is so athletic that he could be a good fit all along a 4-3 DL. I would do this trade in a heartbeat. Another pass rusher I would trade Claiborne for is Miami's Dion Jordan.
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    I would do this straight up. In the Tampa 2 you can find CBs in the mid rounds. A player like Roby or Verrett in the 2nd would be fine in this scheme.
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    Interesting idea...I like Mo a lot, and there aren't many guys I would want in return...but, Coples is one of them....I can't agree on Dion Jordan though (for Mo)...
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    If I were a Jets' fan, I wouldn't be too confident trucking out Millner and Claiborne as my two starting CBs

    And trading Claiborne might be a pretty big cap hit for us, I think.
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    every time I see a trade proposal thread I brace myself for disaster...but this one was not bad. Good deal for both trades. Claiborne gets to start over and is more suited for Rex Ryan's defense than our current scheme

    Cap wise...
    Trading Claiborne would cost an additional $5.175M in cap room plus Coples $1.19M base. So this move would take an additional $6.365M in cap room. It would cost the Jets around $4.6M in cap room. So unfortunately not realistic but maybe something that can be revisited in a year.
    Next year, trading/releasing Claiborne breaks even on the cap and the same goes for the Jets with Coples. The teams would just be assuming the base salaries of the newly acquired player.
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    I'd likely do it, but they probably wouldn't.

    Crazy to think that we would've been better off just keeping Newman and Jenkins these past few years lol. We all got that one wrong.

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