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Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by yeahyeah, Aug 12, 2008.

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    This something to consider If you think the Republican decision to open more areas is a viable one. Interesting read.

    How Much Oil May Be in the OCS?
    From the EIA 2007 Annual Energy Outlooki (AEO) and the 2007 reportii issued by the National Petroleum Council (NPC) we learn that there may be about 60 billion barrels of undiscovered but "technically recoverable" oil resources in the lower 48 OCS. Only about 19 billion barrels of these oil resources are in moratoria areas (in the Atlantic, Pacific, Eastern Gulf of Mexico and off the shore of Alaska) precluded by law or public policy from leasing and development. The other 41 billion barrels of undiscovered oil resources, or almost 70% of the undiscovered OCS oil resources, are in areas that are open to leasing and development.
    We should keep in mind that the term "undiscovered technically recoverable oil resources" means that this oil has not been discovered yet. The expectation is that this oil will be recoverable with available technology, but it is not certain that it will be economically recoverable. We should also keep in mind that offshore oil is expensive.

    This is what every intelligent person has been saying..its expensive..its impact willbe minimal and there are vast areas (70%) that are already open to drilling, yet they are not drilled.
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    That's the whole thing about offshore drilling. Even McCain admits, it really doesn't have a payoff for us and it could even potentially cost more to get out than we'd yield from obtaining it.

    My petroleum engineer ex-girlfriend could tell you all about this..... It's a crap shoot when you're looking for places to drill. But where she comes from (Malaysia), the government owns the means of oil production and distribution...
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    Malaysia...nice Ben...I was in Penang a couple years back..its really nice there...very layed back..pretty women;)

    As for the offshore is..they like to pen the "Libs" as tree huggers and all that but it really makes no sense and to make matters worse they play on the average American's lack of knowledge on topic.
    Its sad.
    I actually applaud Pelosi for showing a little spine for once.
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    Panang is the capital, I think. That's where she's at now. I haven't heard from her since the gov. there is pretty strict.

    But she was a riot while she was here--the brightest of the bright and a ball of energy. She's now fulfilling a 10 year contract to work for Malaysia's government as a petroleum engineer. But I hear it's pretty nice in some places.

    As far as offshore drilling: we could be doing it now and would if it was worthwhile. It's just right wing rhetoric that the mean ol tree huggers won't let them drill. Fact is, they've got plenty of offshore drilling they COULD be doing. But they're not.
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    Another thread here outlined why there is not more drilling.
    And another thread showed that a lot of the sources for the Dems claim about drilling comes from data more then 30 years old. But go one living in La La land.
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    :bang2: EXXON!!!!!!!!
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    Let me try and teach yeah yeah a few things. Probably not going to happen but I will try.

    Every report for the last 50 years about what is there and what is recoverable has been LOW. EVERY SINGLE ONE. When the actual drilling happens and they are able to test the area, they have ALWAYS found more, quite often a LOT more, then the earlier estimates .

    The only WAY to know FOR CERTAIN is to drill. Anything else is virtually tea leaves type of estimates.

    Technology keeps advancing. We are finding out ways to get more oil out of fields in a big way then they knew 20 years ago. Even 10 Years ago.

    The world is going to need a lot of oil for the next 50 years AT THE LEAST.
    Probably 100. We will HAVE TO GET IT out of the ground SOONER OR LATER.

    When gas gets to $5 or $6 a gallon- which as long as the idiots keep fighting
    to NOT drill WILL HAPPEN- then there will be so much political and public pressure that the drilling WILL HAPPEN.

    Alternative energy- promises that keep going unfulfilled. All over the world billions are spent each year looking into alternative energy. Where are the big breathroughs that the wacko's have been promising for the last 20 years?
    Still could happen- BUT ONLY FOOLS WOULD COUNT ON THEM.

    I hope you have learned something. But I doubt it.
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    They are only "intelligent" becuase they agree with your view point.

    I can play that game too...every intelligent person has been saying supply and demand dictates that we drill off shore...see there now your article is pointless because obviously it was not written by intelligent people.

    I don't know why you really care...if its expensive, well thats the oil companies problem and as a liberal you are required to blindly hate big oil. If the impact will be minimal, well another plus for you as a liberal, becuase obviously you and your liberal congressmen want the price of oil and gas to remain high. And the whole lots of space open to drilling not being drilled issue is stupid...there is no oil where people are not drilling even if it is open, that is common sense even you can understand.

    So, If there is no oil there why do oil companies want to drill there????? (Do you know that most democrats want to open off shore drilling now as well, not just Republicans?)

    But answer me this...what right does the government have to keep us from drilling? If the American people want off shore drilling to bring down the price of gas and the oil companies want to do it (why the hell would they want to do it if there was no oil there?????????????) then the government has NO RIGHT to keep it from being done. This is America, not mother Russia.
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    I guess those idiots from China, who want to drill right off our shores in the Florida region didn't read the memo. Mexicans aren't too bright either with those off shore wells in the Gulf of Mexico...

    All these idiots around the world with off shore drilling riggs must have missed your memo also.

    Since we have the biggest and baddest military in the world, we should just blow up every off shore rigg out there, clear the oceans of these riggs :).

    Thats the one thing I don't understand about Libercons is that they don't want the US to drill off shore, but don't seem to protest other countries from doing the same thing.
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    I'm not surprised. :D
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    I am surprised if anyone would believe anything that guy says by this point.

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