Really, you can't pump your own gas in NJ and OR?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by DallasCowpoke, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. DallasCowpoke

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    Maybe this is common knowledge, but this really dumbfounded me.

    I picked-up a high school friend and his wife who moved to upstate NJ back in 86, at DFW airport earlier today. On the way home, I stopped to fill-up and his wife SHOT out of the backseat exclaiming, "Oh cool, self-serve. I wanna do it!"

    I looked at her husband puzzled, and he explained that other than a few times on vacation or when she happened to be in NY or PA, she hadn't pumped her own gas since they moved, then explained why.

    Love the gal to death, but I couldn't resist sliding out of the driver's seat and ambling back to the rear of the truck, pretending to check the "latch security" of the tailgate and whatnot, All the time, giving her the skunk-eye, wondering if the NJ Supreme Court knew something I didn't. :D

    Man, talk about a Union strong arm! You're trying to tell me some 16 yr old snot-nose making minimum wage, is going to take more caution sticking a gas nozzle into MY vehicle than I am? Ridiculous!
  2. joseephuss

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    I have been to the one place in Oregon where it is self service. Mazama Village near Crater Lake has a gas station with self-service pumps. Everywhere else, there are people paid to pump the gas for you. A lot of people would lose their jobs if they did away with it. By the way, I recommend visiting Crater Lake. Quite beautiful.
  3. vta

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    Yeah pretty silly. I like the self-service of other states. I do finish it off if the guy is wondering around somewhere when it's done filling, because I don't feel like waiting.
  4. Faerluna

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    Yes, and it's awesome. Whenever I have to go to NY for work, I always try to have enough gas to get to NJ to fill up. Not only are they full serve but their prices are always significantly lower.
  5. CanadianCowboysFan

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    Oregon has "mini serve" and full serve. Mini serve, they pretty much don't much other than fill tank.

    We have a municipality here that does the same, no self-serve.
  6. Shadowy329

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    I always find it funny when I see a car with jersey plates at any of my local gas stations they always take forever figuring out what to do or the even more fun of watching them ask the person inside or someone around them how to work the pump.

    We have 2 or 3 full serves around which is a nice convenience when the weather is crap but I never fully trust the barely old enough to drive kid with securing my gas cap its a 50/50 chance of the light on my dash coming on later in the day when I go to one.
  7. StanleySpadowski

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    The other part of the no self-serve in NJ is they also have very few 24 hour stations. God forbid there's an accident on the GW Bridge after a late Yankee game or road construction on 80 (NJ does it at night, 4 lanes down to 1) if you're trying to get to PA. Coasted on fumes through the Delaware Water Gap on more that a few occasions.
  8. WPBCowboysFan

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    Crater Lake is awesome. Much more impressive than you would imagine. Its a must see.
  9. 67CowboysFan

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    Buy a car without a gas cap. I'm not kidding, my 2012 Ford Focus does not have a gas cap.
  10. TheCount

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    Not a lot of snot nosed 16 year olds pumping gas in NJ.

    As far as NJ gas stations not being open 24 hours, I'm there all the time and can't remember not being able to find an open gas station regardless of the time of day.

    As Faerluna said, not only are they all full serve but the gas is much cheaper than in NY. I enjoy my NJ fillups. :)
  11. Jammer

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    Last year I was in OR and I drove about 50 miles in a rental car. I stopped by a gas station to fill my car and the guy pumped in $1.25 and that was it. He wouldn't pump any more because that's where the nozzle shut off. I had to turn the car in at the airport and I was afraid I would have to pay the high gas price if the tank didn't register full at the rental drop off, so I wanted to top off the tank to give me some play room. He wouldn't budge.

    Of course when I got to the airport the fuel level was below "F" so I had to pay double what I should have. I felt like I got ripped off needlesly. I got all kind of grief at work about pumping only $1.25 the day before, when the next day I had to pay about $7 extra at the airport when I shouldn't have.
  12. Yeagermeister

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    My 2009 Escape doesn't have one
  13. Vtwin

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    I've had some interesting experiences gassing up my bike in NJ. I'm not letting some kid near my tank with a nozzle.
  14. TheCount

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    Gassing a bike up can be a real adventure. I don't let strangers do it for me either.
  15. Phoenix

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    First time I went to NJ...had a rental car for the week. End of week I stopped at a gas station, got out, started to gas up before driving to turn in my rental car.

    Me: pumping gas

    Attendant: walks up, says "You can't do that"

    M: Do what?

    A: Pump gas

    M: What? (not understanding)

    A: Pump gas. It's illegal.

    M: WHAT?!

    A: Yep, We have to do it for you.

    M: *dazed, not really believing*...Uh okay, fine, but I'm not going to tip you.

    A: ...

    M: So what's the deal, did you go to school and get special training for pumping gas?

    A: ...

    M: So what happens when people here go to another state? Do they know how to pump their own gas?

    A: ...

    I was just dumbfounded.
  16. TheCount

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    I like the part where you belittle the guy for wanting to help you out and do his job, like he wrote NJ law. :rolleyes:
  17. ShiningStar

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    this is true and it keeps people employed, and its defintely wonderful during the winter.
  18. a_minimalist

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    There is no law that says you can't pump your own gas in NJ. People work there and will pump it for you but you can get out and beat them to it.
  19. Phoenix

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    I wasn't belittling him. I was joking with him.
  20. phildominator

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    So those were tears from laughter that the boy had. Got it.

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