Recap: RECAP: Akin Ayodele on Sirius this morning...

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dr_hefley, Dec 8, 2006.

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    He's a regular guest on Fridays. Not much to say, but here's a brief recap.

    Lots of players at TO's party. Didn't give the impression it was a wild event, just a lot of people hanging out having a good time.

    Reggie Bush is coming into his own; more dangerous as a receiver than a running back because some of his running plays (reverses...) take longer to develop than the draws the Saints run with Deuce. May have to cover him with a DB.

    Brees makes everybody play better and harder. Much the same way Romo has done for Dallas.

    NO offense is explosive like the Colts. Can score at any time from anywhere on the field.

    BP never lets you think you're good. The speech TO fell asleep in was a "don't read your press clippings, don't eat the cheese" kind of speech.

    The host also predicted that sometime this year Bush will throw a touchdown off a reverse.
  2. SupermanXx

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    Damn, he's up pretty early....

    I can't wait to get off work.. I'm going straight to bed

    3 hours sleep after almost a 12 pack last night
  3. CrazyCowboy

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    He is really playing good LB position for us.....maybe the BEST over the past 3 games.
  4. SupermanXx

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    crazycowboy, how did you manage to get a smile out of Jerry in 2004?

    any owner of a team with Vinny Testaturnover as your starting quarterback would be on painkillers and horse tranquilizers
  5. sago1

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    Knocking Vinny is no longer good form; he helped turned Romo into the great QB he on his way to becoming. Hail the great Vinny.
  6. sago1

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    Forget to mention in last posting how much I agree with assessment of Ayodale. Earlier in the season there was a lot of criticizing of his play but apparently all he needed was to become really familiar with the 3-4 defensive scheme and also playing as an ILB rather then the OLB he was in the 4-3. Now if Bradie James picked up his play as a complement to Ayodale, we might have the 2 best ILBs in the NFL & Ayodale seems be able bring some pressure.
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    I think that smile is so being forced ... :eek::
  8. Galian Beast

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    We have some really serious talent on our lb corps. Ware, James, Ayodele... I just think we need another catalytic player on that strong side. And our line needs to start playing better too.
  9. JPM

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    He's probably thinking about his bank account. I'd be smiling 24/7 with his money....
  10. 1fisher

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    look at crazycowboys mask..... that's why he's smirking...:lmao2:
  11. Chuck 54

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    According to reports, only 3 Cowboys made the trip for T.O.'s party.
  12. dr_hefley

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    I know Ayodele and another linebacker (James?) were there. But also some people from other circles, entertainment, sports, athletics...

    Just sounded like a good time. Glad they didn't invite Sean Taylor or Ray Lewis. Coulda been a different story!

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