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    • If I ever sign up to coach for another expansion team, call me and ask my what I'm doing. It took Coach Landry six years to win and the Houston management wanted to win now. It's history now and I've turned to the next page.
    • It doesn't seem that long ago I coached Drew in New England. He is much more mature now and has really worked hard to develop his body.
    • Like all of us, Drew has becoms much more opiniated. He has been in alot of systems and had alot of good coaches. He is a pro and wants to do the best that he can.
    • Tony is a guy that works very very hard at his profession. He has worked hard in the weight room and hard on his throwing. I don't think three or four days have gone by in the offseason that he hasn't been working with the WR's.
    • I'm not worried if we have to go with Tony if Drew were to go down. It is my job to define what Tony can do as opposed to Drew and use that to our advantage. They both do very different things well.
    • We drafted Henson in the 6th round in Houston. I was at all of his workouts. Drew (Henson) asked me yesterday what I thought was different about him now. NFLE definitely helped him. His release is quicker, he reads coverages better and is more mature. He will likely get some time in preseason.
    • Does Bill like Romo better? Hard to say. I think Tony has great savvy, understands and has been playing full time. I don't care what position you are playing. If you sit out 4 years it takes some time to get back.
    • Mroz is a tall lanky kid (sorry someone came in)
    • Everyone forgets it took Phil five years to develop with the Giants.
    • It's hard for kids right out of college to throw in the NFL. Football is a very complicated game, and it is much more so in the pros. That along with the speed of the game makes it a tough transition. People also don't realize how football smart these guys are in the NFL. Most know how to make adjustments to make the game that much harder on the opponent.
    • (A bunch of run and shoot questions) :rolleyes:
    • I think you run to win and throw to score. If you can be balanced, it keeps your defense off the field. If you can run well, you can win in this league.
    • TO is an outstanding player and I have been impressed with him in camp, but, you just don't throw it up to him when you are in trouble. It is important to systematically go through your reads.
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    Great read...thanks TB.
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    Great stuff. I forgot he was with Houston when they drafted Henson. I wonder if that's why he was brought in...:rolleyes:
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    I think the Cowboys are being more patient than fans are.
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    No question about that.
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    Thanks for the recap! I had been waiting for an interview with Palmer to hear his read on Romo and Henson. It's clear they're ready to push Romo now and still want to wait for Henson. I don't have a problem with this, as long as Romo is showing something. From the practice recaps, (which is not a true read of course), I don't see where Romo has separated himself from Henson. But guess we gotta trust the coaches. He says Romo has great savvy, that's good...but it I want to also hear he can make all the throws.
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    now that was a great post.....thank you
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    :laugh2: Aren't the owners the "win now" types? A little bit of role reversal, wouldn't you say?
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    I think you have to be a bit of both these days.
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    Sorry He still sucks and I hated the hire

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    I was in the minority in that I actually liked the hire. He had worked with Bill and Drew before, and it wasn't too long ago that he was very highly thought of. Of course, I liked Payton a lot too.
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    hmmm, it took Simms 5 years to develop

    that's the best piece I took from that recap
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    Interesting. Nice to hear that Tony has been developing a repor (SP) with the receivers. According the Aikman, that's key to success on the field.
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    At least he didn't say Romo had moxie, that indefinable term that is used to separate Romo from Henson.

    From what I am sensing, Romo may be in jeoaprdy of losing the #2 job to Henson. Reading the recaps of TC, it doesn't seem he is showing the skills that are needed, especially for someone that has worked so hard during the off season.

    BP has countered all the claims that he doesn't like Henson, and has started saying some kinder things about him.

    I just get a feeling that Romo is going to be pushed this camp.

    You never thought this wouldn't turn into a Henson v. Romo thread, did ya?Let the flaming begin!
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    I think this is Romo chance to show himself and he is getting every oppertunity to do so but in the end he has to produce if he doesn't, moxie or no moxie the job will be back up from grabs.
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    recaps like this makes u wanna miss the actuall interview!!!
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    I thought he had MOXIE.

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