Recap: RECAP: Goose with GaC on ESPN 103-Dallas (Julius Jones talk)

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Sep 13, 2006.

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    I got in after this started and all I got was the Julius jab...

    • If Julius Jones was running behind the same line that Emmitt did he would be a probowler. This line isn't great, it's not even good. I'm not sure he will finish the season if this OL doesn't improve. The only RB that could run behind this line is Barry Sanders who never followed blocking schemes anyway.
    • Julius can't be effective in this scheme as he is not a straight-ahead runner and that is what Parcells wants him to be. He will continue to run straight ahead because he knows it's the only way he will play. He can't go to the line and dance to the hole anymore and that's what he does best.
    • I have talked to others and Julius is a respected back around this league among NFL personnel. He had big games at ND and he has had some big games here. The only reason he slipped to the second round is because of injury concerns.
  2. Dale

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    Interesting, to say the least.
  3. gbrittain

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    Interesting and depressing!:banghead:
  4. silver

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    No way you can compare Julius with Emmitt. Not in college or the pros. To quote Nate Newton about Emmitt: "I'm a whole better player when he's in there." This was after the 2 game holdout in '93.
  5. demdcowboys#1

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    I want him to dance!!!!!

    Thats how he did so well his rookie season!
  6. ddh33

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    Isn't that a two-edged sword though? People want to blame Bill for not letting Julius dance, but if your OL is limited, you can't really afford to dance, can you? He's got to hit it up in there and get what he can...

    And I agree completely that Julius is a very good back. I think he's severely underrated around here.
  7. 2much2soon

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    Parcells is so uptight and stuck to his methodology that he can't handle the occasional negative play that would result from turning JJ loose and letting him do what he may do best.
    I think with a bad oline they need to let him free-lance more.
  8. Martice

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    Negative running play means that the next play is a pass play with 10+ yards to go, which means Leadsoe needs more time to pass, which means the same 'O' line needs to pass protect longer, which means a high probability of an interception or sack all while getting a free lesson on how to tap the arse of the pigskin dance.
  9. btcutter

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    ooommm....don't we get negative runs and 1-2 yarders now???? so what exactly do we have to lose? also, if JJ can really break alot of these 10-25 yarders by juking some....why not..... he will keep the D honest by staying closer to the line so when we do have play action, it will actually work!
  10. baj1dallas

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    Was it Childress they were paraphrasing to say that it's not the yards you get every run that makes it a good play, but rather you can keep getting the runs in there and still move the ball? That is that a two yard run right up the gut is more valuable than "the layperson" would believe, and this is why BP wants that style of running out of JJ?

    OTOH none of that seemed to keep him from breaking off a 20+ yard TD scamper the other night.
  11. Juke99

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    Been saying this for a while...Jones runs entirely differently than he did in his rookie season...and it's simply a matter of avoiding negative yardage plays.

    The entire team has been coach to fear negative plays and to not make mistakes.

    And then after every loss we hear about how the team made too many mistakes to win.

    Perhaps if we let players play more instinctively...more loosely..they might actually make up for a mistake or two with big plays.

    Instead we have the worst of both worlds. An ultra conservative approach on both sides of the ball...and mistakes are contantly being made anyway.
  12. SultanOfSix

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    Unfortunately, this seems to be quite true. I understand the injury issues we had last year, but the only time that the opposite of the ultraconservative approach seem to be implemented was the Philly game at home where we just absolutely came out firing at dominated them the entire game.

    Maybe I'm just misinterpreting outstanding execution and perfect playcalling, but I don't truly believe that is the case.
  13. Chocolate Lab

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    Very well said, Juke.

    I know some people think the idea is insane, but I do beleive that some of the instinctiveness has been coached out of Julius by Parcells.

    Obviously, Parcells wouldn't intentionally do that, but maybe in his mind he's just giving Julius pointers and Julius is so eager to please that he overdoes it.
  14. Juke99

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    I remember Jimmy Johnson saying that if he wanted his player to not fumble he'd say "Now remember, protect the ball" as opposed to "Don't fumble"

    Sounds like a minor difference but it's not.

    One statement is negative the other isn't.

    Johnson has his degree, from what I recall, in industrial psych. He understands.

    It's all conjecture but this looks like ONE UPTIGHT coach who constantly talks about mistakes "Don't be the guy to let your team down by making a mistake that cost us the game" is one of his sayings...That's uplifting.

    Ya know, it's no wonder we can't have a place kicker make a kick when we need it.

    I'm not at all objective about Parcells. But ya know, I don't think Merriman is a better player than Ware. And I'd bet a nickel that if Merriman played for the Cowboys he'd have no where near the impact that he does with the Chargers.

    And I'd bet that Ware would be a beast.
  15. Juke99

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    Well the bigger issue I have is, if Parcells wants his backs to run this way, then don't waste a draft pick on Jones...Take Stephen Jackson who is more of a straight line runner.

    Why take a guy with your fist pick and then change the way he plays?

    In fact, we chose Ware with our first pick and changed his position...and we did the same with Carpenter.

    Doesn't make a lot of sense to me...especially in today's nfl where high pick rookies are paid to contribute immediately.
  16. diehard2294

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    I think the only way we will see the rookie Jones is if, BP hangs it up after this year, or he plays out his contract and goes elsewere, to a coach who allows him to freelance when nothing there. It's a shame because the kid has alot of potential and has proved he can have big games in this league.
  17. BIGDen

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    Perfectly stated!
  18. CrazyCowboy

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    I sure hope that JJ keeps improving because the line is bad.....for sure!
  19. Everlastingxxx

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    Very good points Juke!
  20. rw54

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    I have to agree 100 percent with Juke here. But I also think that Parcells has always been this way. But in prior stops he had a balanced coaching staff that tried to be creative and tried to use the innate skills of their players. Parcells is best when he plays the role of the coach who keeps everyone's eye on the big picture. He keeps schemes and players in balance. He is the anti-Mike Martz. Martz gets so involved with using his players and coming up with new ways to use them that he forgets that players need simplicity sometimes. Parcells needs creative people around him and he gives them direction and structure. He makes football important to players and really motivates them to give all they have. A player can be highly motivated and still play like he is in a straight jacket.

    This I think is Parcells biggest problem in Dallas. The inability to attract and retain a top level staff. As good a coach as he is he can't out coach an entire staff by himself. I don't think anyone on this staff can argue a point with BP. No one can say to him, "Look JJ was better when he was a rookie, lets get him back to that. Lets do what he does well."

    I remember watching a show on Bret Favre. In one of the sideline segments Holmgren was about to rip Favre for a mistake he had made and Andy Reid said it was his (Reid's) fault and not Favre's. Holgrem looked at Reid and angrily walked away. Favre gave Reid a big smile like "Thanks!!!".

    We need a staff that knows when to step in and keep BP from going to far. We don't have it. Maybe someone, like Haley, will step up.

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