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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. trickblue

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    • The reason so many people showed up at VY pro day is because rumor has it he is sliding. Teams last year at later picks didn't know anything about Aaron Rogers when he slid and were not prepared to draft him. If he does slide, teams want to know what they are getting.
    • Dallas could probably get the first WR taken. Jackson or Holmes. It's a little early for a LB. They may want Justice from USC.
    • Dallas could drop 10 spots and still get one of the top tackles.
    • If Dallas could trade and get a late 1 and a 3 that would be a deal worth doing.
    • I think the new playoff proposal has a slim chance of passing. There is some exclusivity in the NFL playoffs unlike the NBA. I think the NFL likes the 12 team bracket.
    • One problem is that at times you will get teams with a losing record. The NFL doesn't want that.
    • I believe probably realistically 2 or 3 teams were after Owens. I don't buy 8 teams unless 5 were in the CFL.
    • I think the Cowboys were the target team all along. Other teams were blown away by the high price of it. Jerry hasn't learned, he keeps paying age.
    • If Dallas had not signed him, he would likely have signed a one year deal with a contender.
    • If the Wonderlic didn't have merit, the NFL wouldn't use it. You want QB's in the 20's hopefully in the 30's. His score is one of the reasons he is sliding. The other is that he never takes snaps under center. It is a different perspective of the field under center.
    • Vanderjagt is a high maintenance; guy a different bird. He speaks his mind but he is a successful kicker although he did miss the biggest kick of his life last January. His big flaw is that he isn't a kick-off guy.
    • The proposal that all penalties will be reviewed by instant replay won't pass. I , for one, am not willing to sit through a 6 hour game. The NFL wants their games squeezed into a 3 hour space.
    • Dallas at Philly will likely be an early national game. The NFL wants it.
  2. speedkilz88

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    His only reasoning for calling Vanderjagt a "high maintenance" guy was the incident with Manning. What was that like 3 years ago?
  3. Gaede

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    Cool, thanks.

    I really like Justice. I think he's the best fit for our team
  4. Portland Fanatic

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    I'm surprised he called a particular OT out that we are interested in...anyways, he would be a good pick.
  5. Ken

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    I personally would take one of the Wrs or trade down for the extra 3.
  6. garrett316

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    Goose is unbelievable with his "age" thing. The Raiders went to the SB in 2002 with one of the oldest offenses in the NFL. The Pats defense two years ago started 5 or 6 guys on defense that were over 30.
    Just how old are the Cowboys? Rivera is old, Bledsoe, TO and Glenn are over 30. Flo will be 31. The defense with the exception of Ferguson and Henry who will turn 30 during the season is extremely young.
    Goose is good with the draft but he flat out sucks after that.
  7. Eskimo

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    I basically agree with Goose here - it is very unlikely that many teams were interested in TO and I doubt any of them were willing to pay even half of what Dallas eventually did.

    This only works out for Jones if TO plays hard and is not a distraction - I think it was a gamble taken by JJ and BP because BP's time window in closing and this team needed at least one more dynamic player on offense to give us a legit shot at contending for anything in the next couple of years. The notion that TO will be happier if he is paid fair market value may have some legitimacy and this probably did factor into JJ's decision.
  8. mwmilsted

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    I think the Cowboys will trade their #18 pick with Denver for their 22nd slot plus Denver's pick in the 3rd round. Then trade the 22nd pick with the Jets
    for their 29th wnd their 3rd round picks. This will give them 5 first day picks.
  9. conner01

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    good point. bill is getting too old to wait, he wants to win now. can't blame him, i'm ready to go fr it to. t.o. is a gamble but i think a gamble worth taking
  10. Eskimo

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    I don't have a problem with TO because of age - pretty healthy, very productive over the last several years with no signs of slowing down and keeps himself in tremendous shape (see Jerry Rice, Tim Brown, Marvin Harrison, etc).

    I do think some of the past moves have been very questionable where aged players were paid large salaries - Rivera and Ferguson from last season come to mind. I do think JJ is learning because Fabini was signed to a reasonable deal and most of the other FAs were fairly young.

    I do think BP and JJ have handled FA pretty well this year - probably their best overall job because they brought in some good bargains, didn't bring in too much age and made the hard decisions that needed to be made in terms of resource allocation (re: cutting Glover, LA, Campbell and letting Keyshawn seek alternative employment).
  11. speedkilz88

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    But Jerry did the smart thing by paying TO what he deserves rather than taking advantage of him because of his history. If TO feels that he has a great deal and can't find anything better he will be happy with the contract.

    Its also for only 3 years and almost 7 million of the cap hit is this year so it isn't a contract that can hurt you down the road like Aikman's.
  12. trickblue

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    That's the other view... which I happen to agree with...
  13. DBoys

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    I totally agree unless someone big drops but then again we could get more out of the trade :)
  14. HardHittin'Witten

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    thanks, trickblue.
  15. Idgit

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    You *pay* future ability. You don't *guarantee* money to aging players. There's a difference.
  16. DallasKen

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    There's a lot of things to complain about with TO...but age isn't one of them. Has Goose ever even seen TO? He's a freak of nature. He's in better condition than most guys in their mid 20's. "Paying age" as he puts it, is a ridiculous argument in TO's case.
  17. trickblue

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    I agree here (I still don't like TO). Owens has the ability and physical conditioning of a 26-28 year old... he truly is a freak of nature...
  18. speedkilz88

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    Yes, and if Jerry gave him 15 million in bonus then Goose would have a point, but at 5 million there is little downside.
  19. ravidubey

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    Holmes would be nice insurance in case Glenn got hurt. He'd also be great long term.
  20. trickblue

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    But given size... wouldn't you rather take the next potential TO (future abilty-wise) in Jackson?

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