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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by trickblue, Aug 17, 2006.

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    • We prefer two-a-days because there are no night meetings. On one-a-days we have meetings all day and are not done til like 9:45pm or so.
    • We go to one big meeting, then we go to our own position meetings, then individual meetings. You have to take notes
    • We feel good about this unit. We did what we are supposed to do in the offseason.
    • I like the 4-3 because it is a one-gap system. The 3-4 is more of a mirror system. There is alot more work for the guy in the middle. It is the same thing for me every down, I get swallowed up by the C and G on every play. I have to control both sides in the 3-4. You take on the center then here comes the guard, every play. You can't be selfish in this defense, if you go for the sack or rb then you open up lanes for them.
    • The guys are all stepping up and playing the defense well. There is really alot of improvement from last year.
    • We have lots of nicknames for the guys but I'm not sure I can say them on the air. They are really dirty. We do call Keith Davis "Killer". (laughing)
    • Anthony Henry is called "Black". WHY? Cause he ain't no other shade of color. (laughing)
    • (Marco Rivera accused Ferguson of being the biggest farter on the team). I am not the worst farter on this team but when we are in meetings I let one go because the players can't move or acknowledge it because the coaches get mad. I sit over there and say "Ohh... look at his face"...
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    The guy just sounds like a fun guy. Always laughing and easy to talk to from what it sounded like on the interview.
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    I am not the worst farter on this team but when we are in meetings I let one go because the players can't move or acknowledge it because the coaches get mad. I sit over there and say "Ohh... look at his face"...

    That is pretty funny for some reason
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    OK, for that reason only he might be my favorite player.
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    Now I know why Latuna used to call him Giggles. That's some hilarious stuff, right there... :p:
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    Thanks trickblue.
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    I didn't even come close to getting it all, because it was rapid fire back and forth...

    How many different ways to you line up?
    | play head up on every single play. Even when we move to a 4 man line I play headup. I get the center and the guard on pretty much every play.

    Your stats suffer in that kind of system. Does that bother you that you don’t get stats?
    No, it would have bothered me earlier before this last contract, but I’m good now. You can’t get selfiish in this defense.

    You got young guys next to you on both sides. Last year none of them really know what they were doing. Did that hurt you?
    When Canty came in he knew more about the 3-4 than the vets. We were like “Where have you been?”. Of course he was playing under Al Groh. Marcus is learning. Kenyon and Ratliff are stepping up. We’ve been there 2 years now. A man once told me to surround yourself with young people, old people will bring you down.

    We’ve been talking about nicknames, can you tell us a few of them?
    Well … a lot of them we can’t say on the air. They’re dirty.

    Isn’t Keith called Dirty?
    I thought he was called Killer.

    A listener said he should be called He Shoot Me.
    Ohh man.

    What’s Anthony Henry’s nickname?

    Why is that?
    Have you seen him?

    What other nicknames?
    Parcells calls Thomas Johnson “Pepper”. I call him Black Chief, because of the way he looks in the face. That’s my boy so I give it to him pretty hard, but he gives it back though.

    I asked Marco Rivera about flatuance. I heard he was the worst farter on the team, but he said it was you. A couple of other players have said that about you.
    Marco aint even in the room when I be blowing it up. I do it in position meetings because you’re in a small room with the coach and the players, and you just have to sit there quietly and can’t say anything, so I just let it go and see the look on their face.
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    Maybe we can sticky this so that we don't continually have to explain the 3-4 to folks who say Fergi sucks
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    I think we are in for quite a treat from Mr. Canty this season. Opposing offenses can forget about running on their left side this year. He more than held his own against Walter Jones in this past game, he even whipped him pretty badly on one play to stop Alexander dead in his tracks for no gain. Talk about highway robbery in terms of where we picked him up in the draft.

    Thanks for the recap trickblue and Inman.
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    I tend to think we weren't getting a 100% Fergy last year.
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    That is pretty funny.
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    I heard a different interview yesterday, he was seriously giggling with every answer. Sounds like a total goofball but then he mentioned once he gets on the field he's completely serious because he doesn't want to screw up and he's "harder on (himself) than anybody else".
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    I was watching the game a bit last night and saw that play, That was a GREAT play by Canty!

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