Recap: RECAP: Jerry Jones on Roy Williams, TO comments

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Aug 2, 2006.

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    do bradie james , yes, there is a chance we will do something

    to conversation, yeah, we need to get familar with each other, to & bledsoe,

    more x & o, little everything, football, diet, all across the board, im good, he just tells me what he does, he is slimmed down even from mini camp

    chemistry wise, were getting there, takes awhile once season starts, i think we will be ready, yeah timing drills are for that,

    hard not to notice 81, yeah, i should get the ball alot

    offense to mesh, every day a day improvement, sometimes we take a step back, and build on those next day, no reason to panic, for younger guys to get familar with offense

    roy williams live, actually real blessing to receive this, i take my hats off to jerry and them, they got a big belief on this deal,

    did you think about being a free agent, no, i didnt question my past, and pastor prayed on it and its done, that jerry stepped up and took care of me, its not big numbers like some, but its a blessing, its very fair, in year for i will make more money than ed reed, safety, i dont have to answer questions about getting deal done,

    love to be a cowboy for life, no doubt about it, definnng top safeties, i really dont know what was negotiated, my agent got best deal for roy, dont worry about someone else, i have felt that pressure since darren woodson showed up,

    sorry guys missed jerry comments, ticket ws buffering on me
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    interesting that he'll be making more money every year of his deal than Ed Reed
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    Roys comments seem very mature, he did what was best for him not what the media or fans though he should have done. This team is lucky to have him as a player.
    sorry guys missed jerry comments, ticket ws buffering on me[/quote]

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    nice read...thx

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